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Naruto Porn Story: Pile Of Lemons – Chapter 10

Naruto Porn Story: Pile Of Lemons – Chapter 10

_-_-_-_-_The Next Day_-_7:A.M._-_-_-_

Naruto and Hinata were still sound asleep, but this time it was Naruto who awoke first. He raised his head and saw his arms were still wrapped around his favorite Hyuuga. Feeling a pleasant warmth on his dick he lifted the blankets carefully and looked down. Only to find that Hinata had positioned herself in her sleep so his morning wood was nestled in the crack of her large ass, almost completely hiding his entire length from view. Resisting the urge to wake her up by simply pulling back a little bit and thrusting forward into her tight ass, as she most likely needed her sleep, he laid his head down, setting the blankets over them as well, and thought about what, and how, he would go about seeing Tsunade today.

He was just in the middle of deciding if he would take the scenic route or just head straight there when he found himself in a familiar cozy cabin sitting in a wooden chair with a very nice padded seat.

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Naru Enjoy Two: This time Naruto will drill Sakura in utter color!

Naru Enjoy Two: This time Naruto will drill Sakura in utter color!
Get yourself ready to see pics with lots of sexy large eyed half naked Naruto chicks with big tits bouncing everywhere that will have your cock swollen to its limits… Naruto taking all of her clothes off and pumping her moistened cooze with a red dildo… Enjoy seeing those sweet babes from Naruto naked in the way you have never seen them this way.

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Hinata not only have immense bosoms – she is also very insatiable and ready to plow with Naruto all the time!

Hentai Video: Hinata not only have immense bosoms – she is also very insatiable and ready to plow with Naruto all the time!

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Saboten Nindou -Ibun- (NARUTO) (deutsch): Always wanted to see curvy Sakura gets hard fucked? This hentai manga is your chance!

Naruto Hentai Porn DoujinshiNaruto Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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Naruto Porn Story: ANBU Hime – Chapter 2

Naruto Porn Story: ANBU Hime – Chapter 2

This is written by BastardOmega on fanfiction.net

Sunrise was peeking over the hills and treetops of Konogakure and the village was just starting to stir. Stores was starting to open, people was getting ready to go to work and some like our blond little ‘man’ was just lying in bed dreaming about… Hmm things!

The sun was peeking into the room where Naruto was lying in between the two lovely ladies he had spent a night of passion with. The sun hit his eyes making him stir to awakening, at first he didn’t want to move, but the light was to annoying. He opened his eyes slowly to get used to the light, when he did he took a look around the room.

As he looked around the room he came to the conclusion that…’WHERE THE FUCK AM I’ he didn’t know there the fuck he was! Inside his head he heard the Kyuubi snickering at the situation, before he could ask why she cut him off by saying “feel anything out of the ordinary kit?”

‘What are you talking about I feel fi…’ he thought as he tried to get up, and froze his thought when he couldn’t. He looked down to find out why he couldn’t and the rest of his person froze at what he saw. There on him lay the two most beautiful creatures he had ever seen in his whole life, if he didn’t know any better he would say that there was a pair of angels lying on his chest.

Then the memories kicked in and his brain began to process the situation. ‘Two angels… two very hot, sexy, lovely,…NAKED angels! Th…tha…that I had ‘gulp’ sex with last night! I HAD SEX LAST NIGHT!’ System overload, emergency shutdown engaged and he passed out…again.


Inside the cage sat a human Kyuubi on a bed panting as strands of liquid flowed down from her legs and onto the bed. It was a king sized bed similar to Anko’s, but bigger with thin silk like curtains flowing over the poles overhead. The only thing different was that this bed was overflowed by her juices and it was dripping down from the edges onto the floor.

Kyuubi saw this and sighted once more and then she could not help but think that her being horny was getting out of hand. The reason was simple: she had already overflowed the seemingly endless halls with 10 inch with pussy juices! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Ten minutes later the sun was working its magic and Naruto’s eyes opened…AGAIN. This time he remembered everything that happened and he looked down at the two sleeping beauties on his chest. A lot calmer now, he took in their peaceful features and couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

He stayed there just looking at them for the longest time, just watching them sleep soundly thinking how beautiful the two of them looked. Then his thoughts took a turn for the worst.

‘What will they think after they wake up, will they regret what they did? Will they toss me out on my ass? Or more importantly… was I any good?’ Just to say the least many questions were flowing through his head at that moment.

‘Damn, I need to get away from here before they wake up, I can’t take it if I see regret plastered on their faces when they wake up and look at me!’

With that thought he closed his eyes and focused for a few minutes and with a poof there was a kage bunshin standing at the edge of the bed. Doing a quick kawarimi with the bunshin he changed places with it and looked at the two girls for any signs of awakening. Finding none he smiled before getting dressed and reapplied the genjutsu that hid his animal features before walking towards the door.

The bunshin went up in smoke without a sound making the girls groan as they lost their warm chest pillow, but after some fumbling they found each other and got comfortable. As he reached for the door he stopped with the hand on the handle and turned to look at his angels again.

He felt that it would be wrong to just leave without at least saying ‘thank you’ for the best night he ever had and possibly ever will have. With that he went through the bedroom door and into the kitchen.

After an hour or so he came out from the kitchen, in his hands were two plates with toasted bread, eggs, bacon and sausages. Behind him came a Bunshin with a plate of newly made dango and two glasses with pressed juice. He went into the bedroom and set down the breakfast at the edge of the bed on the floor. The Bunshin went up in smoke after having completed its task.

The bed was a queen sized western bed that had four poles on each edge going up to just under the ceiling and connected with each other with another four poles. The feet were cut off making it so it was on the level with the floor like a futon but with wood around the edges.

Naruto smiled a little when he saw the pieces of rope on the poles that held him down last night. He looked back at the girls and smiled a real smile for once and turned before walking out of the room. After the door was closed Anko opened her eyes and saw the food lying there on the floor and her eyes landed on the dango. Being the sucker for the food she took a rice ball off its skewer of wood and ate it.

Anko’s eyes widened at the taste and shot up from the bed and out of the bedroom making Hana awaken from the amount of noise and movement. Grumbling a bit she tried to go to sleep again until her nose started doing it’s magic and caught the whiff of food. Opening her eyes she saw the food at the edge of the bed and began to drool at the sight. That food was not going to be there for very long!

Naruto had just got his boots on and was half way out the door when he was dragged inside again by his clothes and into someone’s embrace. “What the hell?” He tried to turn around, but to no avail. He froze when he felt a woman’s chest and a warm mouth nibbling on his right ear. “And where the hell do you think you’re going, I haven’t had my fill yet!” A whispering voice sang its way into his ear.

Naruto could not stop himself from shivering from the amount of lust hidden in the voice. Then he grinned and said “aww, I already made breakfast for you and Hana!”

“Do you really think that am talking about food?” Anko responded with a smirk on her face.

“Nope!” Naruto said, but on the inside he was bouncing up and down screaming ‘I WAS THAT GOOD, I WAS THAT GOOD, I AM THE BEST!’

“Besides am not going to let a man who can make dango better than my usual hangout, get away from me!” And with that said she dragged him inside for some real breakfast Anko style.

Uzuki Yugao is a kunoichi with many talents, kenjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, and being an ANBU captain, but there one thing she didn’t excel at. And that was patience, and that thin line was now cut by her subordinate’s insubordination. Hebi and Inu was supposed to be on standby yesterday and till today.

Yugao herself was supposed to be with them so she even brought food for them all and dango for Hebi a.k.a. Anko. Then they had the nerve to disappear from their post, she could expect this from Hebi, but from Inu ‘a.k.a. Hana’ as well that was what she least expected.

Now she was racing through the streets of Konoha towards Anko’s apartment, she checked the Inuzuka compound and asked Tsume if Hana was there. After Tsume said that she hadn’t seen her, she decided that they had to be at Anko’s place.

A little down the road she met Ayame the ramen girl walking down the streets plotting the demise of someone, but it didn’t sound painfully! More like perverted than anything else, but she stopped when she heard Ayame say “I can’t wait until Hana-chan and that Mitarashi chick find him, then I can tie him to a bed and have my wicked way with him!”

Having heard that sentence she was wondering if Ayame knew where Hana and Anko was, giving it a small thought she yelled to get the young girl’s attention. “Ayame-san!” Ayame turned to see who was yelling her name and saw a dark purple haired neko masked ANBU running up to her.

“Huh. Yes, can I help you ANBU-san?” Ayame asked curiously, it wasn’t everyday you were approached by ANBU. “Yes, I could not help but to overhear you talking about Hana and Anko, have you seen them lately?” This brought forth a scarlet blush on the young girl’s face as her intimate thoughts had been overheard by the seemingly mature young woman.

“Well I saw them yesterday running through the streets, but I think they went to Anko’s place!” Before she could say anything more Yugao was gone. “Hope she didn’t hear the entire conversation I had with myself… am talking to myself now, damn that Naruto for messing up my head.” Then she sighed and said “and still I want him to mess up something else entirely!” and with that she went back to the ramen stand for her shift.

Yugao had just arrived at Anko’s apartment complex where she ran into Kakashi coming out of his apartment. “Yo, Yugao-san, where are you going this early morning?” Yugao just looked at Kakashi strangely. She starred at him for a long while making Kakashi just a little uncomfortable, till he couldn’t take it anymore. “What?” She just sighed and said in an annoyed voice “Kakashi-sempai, its noon and you just got up!” Kakashi was quick to defend himself however “Hey I would be up earlier if it wasn’t for Anko and whoever she had with her last night, they kept me up until 5 am in the morning.”

“Anko had a party last night!” Yugao asked almost enraged ‘and I wasn’t invited!’ “Well, it was more like party for two if you catch my meaning!” Kakashi after seeing she did not understand sighed and took forth his Icha Icha book. “What happens in this book, happened up in Anko’s apartment!” With that Yugao’s eyebrows raised as she understood what he was getting at. Still one thing was not right “ANKO HAD SEX LAST NIGHT! Are you sure we are talking about the same Anko here?” Yugao could not believe her ears, Anko had proclaimed to never bed anyone that didn’t deserve it. So far no one had never even come close, so who in the seven hells had Anko approved of?

“Well the ruckus was right above my apartment so yes I believe we are talking about the same Anko!” Now she was really interested, so she decided to surprise Anko by dropping inn unannounced and meet this mystery guy. “I really need to meet this guy, if not am going to die of curiosity. C ya around sempai!” and with that she went up to Anko’s apartment.

When she got to Anko’s door she noticed that it was locked and she remembered that Anko had like 8 different locks on the damned thing so the door was no option. Besides she wanted to catch the guy she was screwing too so she had to find another way in so she went in search for an open window.

Finding one she went inside and found herself inside Anko’s living room. No one was there, but the sounds coming from the bedroom also stated that the apartment was far from empty. Moaning, groaning, screams and skin slapping against each other was constantly coming from the bedroom. ‘Man, she is really going at it!’ Yugao was now standing with her ear against the bedroom door listening on the ruckus on the other side.

“YEEEEES HARDER, PLEASE HARDER OH GOD YESSSS! AHHH….why did you stoo…AHHH NOT THERE PLEAHHH OH GOOD GOD!” Yugao’s eyebrows rose when she noticed that it wasn’t Anko’s voice and she voiced it low enough as to not alert the ones in the bedroom.

“That’s not Anko’s voice, sounded more like…” Yugao’s eyes rose even more when she understood who was actually in there. ‘Hana!’

“Hey you, what are you doing?” The sudden voice startled Yugao and she spun around to see Anko standing there, stark nude, glisten in sweat and holding onto a box of strawberry ice cream. “Wow that is a sight you do not see every day!” Exclaimed Yugao.

Now it was Anko’s turn be surprised, there was her captain and also the one she and Hana left at the ANBU HQ to take the shift…alone. Now here she was at the door of her room listening on Hana having sex with Naruto, this was bad and she knew it!

Anko while giggling a bit nervously started to try to find a way out of the catastrophe that could happen at any moment now, It clearly wasn’t everyday she had sex with a minor. Now she was only seconds away from being caught in the act, so to speak, and by her boss no less.

“OH KAMI YES, I’M CUMMING!” Hana screamed out to the havens above and blasted the bubble that was Yugao’s curiosity. She turned to the door again and slid it open; the sight that greeted her was that she only half expected. Sure there was Hana lying in bed with her hair all shriveled up in a beautiful mess, her body drenched in sweat and completely naked as the day she was born.

What she did not count on was the person that was lying next to her with his cock lodged inside her back entrance. Hearing the door opening Hana grinned and said while turning towards the door. “Anko, have you tried to take Naru-kun up the ass, he is like a bea…O shit!”

Hearing Hana curse Naruto too looked at the door and paled a bit, before he uttered without thinking. “Damn it Anko, you could have at least warned me you were inviting someone else!” Hana got off of Naruto and covered herself up with the sheets exposing Naruto’s dick to the cold air.

Everyone just turned to look at Naruto stupidly, one blushing more than the other and Yugao was the worst, blushing like a cherry. Naruto took in her looks and could not help admire her, flowing long purple hair, perfect sized pouty lips, lovely hourglass figure. Positively a body most women would kill for, guessing from her ANBU captain attire, she probably did kill for it!

“Naruto, I did not invite her!” Anko said breaking everyone out of their thoughts and Yugao’s face turned serious. She scowled a bit before turning on her heel saying “I have to report this to the Hokage!”

Before Anko or Hana could react Naruto appeared in front of Yugao in the blink of an eye stating one simple thing.

“I won’t let you!”

Naruto leveled her with ice cold stare and with his reptilian eyes it actually made her shiver a bit. He was dead serious about this and she saw it in not only his eyes, but his whole body looked like it was determent.

Yugao gave him a glare of her own and said “Why and how would you stop me?”

“I won’t let them get in trouble because of me, they did me a favor even if it was just to satisfy their own sexual desires and for that I am eternally grateful. As for how am supposed to stop you, I don’t know yet…maybe I’ll…” Naruto smelled the air searching for something to stop her with only to freeze in his spot with his eyes wide. There was arousal in the air and it wasn’t from Anko or Hana.

Yugao was trying her best to remain stoic, even though she was horny as hell from watching Hana and Naruto together. Now he was standing naked as the day he was born, his cock standing firmly at attention and staring at her defiantly. She always admired people who could stand up for him/herself, and…let just say he really was standing up for himself in more ways than one.

Yugao had not got laid ever in her life! She was too wrapped up in her job to even bother to pursue a relationship with anyone. (A/N: Yugao had not dated Hayate this time around, well not here anyway!) And now, right in front of her was a boy ready to be ravished in any way she could possibly want and it was oh so tempting. She was struggling between her morals and the wanting to be filled and this time around it was the moral side that seemed to be winning, but that was before Naruto had anything to say about it!

Naruto saw the beautiful woman shiver a bit and took a few whiffs again from the air just to be sure seeing her lost in her thoughts. The arousal was still there and it was purely from the woman standing in front of him. She came back to her senses and focused her eyes on him again with a little more strengthen resolve.

“Am reporting this to the Hokage, end of discussion. Now get out of my way!” Yugao said as she was pushing him aside to walk past him and towards the exit. Just as she reached the door Naruto struck. He shunpoed behind her taking a hold of her, pulled her to the side and slammed her into the wall beside the door. Just as she was about to retaliate, she felt Naruto’s lips against her own, slipped a hand under her ANBU-garbs and grabbed her left breast massaging it with circulating motion.

Naruto was sweating bullets now, but he kept going, not wanting her to go to the Hokage and expose his new activities. Then he could keep it secret for a while longer at the very least. He took a nipple between two of his fingers and pinched before twisting it, making her moan into his mouth. He took that opportunity to dive his tongue into her mouth and funniest part was that she was responding to his ministrations.

Yugao didn’t know what came over her as she started kissing him back, it just felt so good, she could not help herself. She had neglected her body for so very long it felt so good to just let go and let the pleasure take its course.

Meanwhile the two was going at it, Anko and Hana was staring with wide eyes at the scene. It was not every day you saw one of the ‘Ice Queens of Konoha’ second only to Kurenai, melt at the hands of a teenage boy. “Is she enjoying it?” Hana said dumbstruck, “Looks like!” Anko responded with an equal surprised look. Seconds later Anko’s face broke into a wide grin as she thought of all the possibilities.

‘Blackmail material on her own boss, having sex with her own boss, foursome with her boss, teammate and a teenager, hell maybe using Naruto to break in Kurenai.’ the thoughts left Anko all giddy and….very horny!

The kiss between Yugao and Naruto finally came to an end from what seemed like hours. They probably would have stayed lip locked for longer, but air was needed for both sides. They broke apart panting for much needed air, foreheads touching one another and eyes staring into each other.

“Still going to report me to the Hokage?” Naruto asked while still holding Yugao up against the wall.

Yugao didn’t answer; she just looked at him like he was stupid. Then she kissed him again and took the opportunity to dive her tongue into his mouth as he gasped from surprise. Two point five seconds later he was kissing her back with even more ferocity than before and the both of them were enjoying it to the fullest. Even the spectators loved every minute of it.

Hana was just sitting there with her jaw on the floor looking at the two of them in a heated make out session. Anko on the other hand was sitting next to Hana with a shit eating grin on her face holding the ice cream in one hand and a video camera in the other. She was feeling like Christmas came early while she thought ‘precious blackmail, ku ku ku ku ku!’

When they broke apart for the second time they both were panting hard and just enjoying the feel of each other’s body, pressing against one another. Naruto started to kiss down her neck, making Yugao close her eyes and moan out loud as his hands went down her sides to the straps of her grey body-armor. He undid the straps and as he was still in hanyou form he slashed the two top straps going over her shoulders.

Naruto then attacked the now woundable skin with his mouth, kissing and nibbling, while he threw the Kevlar away in some corner. Yugao wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and let him carry her to the bedroom with Anko and Hana.

Naruto lied her down on the bed with him on top of her again while thinking ‘here we go again!’ then he started on what he didn’t get to finish with Hana!

Yugao lay under him just enjoying everything he did to her body, kissing, nibbling, sucking, licking and god knows what! She loved all of it and felt completely satisfied that he took control of her body in the way he did. She felt him kiss his way to her collarbone and down to her nipples and took her left one in his mouth and the right one in between his finger gently pinching and twisting while suckling on the other one.

After giving the other nipple the same treatment he went even lower, making his tongue longer than a normal human and trailed a fine long snakelike line of saliva down to her navel. From there again down to her womanhood. “No not there, that’s disgusting. Please no!” Yugao’s plea fell on deaf ears as Naruto just responded with “Nothing about you can even be remotely disgusting, this least of all!” With that he dived his long tongue inside her vagina, making her scream out his name in ecstasy!

Not long after Yugao came with an earth-shattering scream, her hands clinging to the bed sheets for her dear life. Standing on the edge of the bed where Hana and Anko filming the entire scene…well Anko were, Hana just stood there gaping like a fish out of water.

“Hana, do you think this will beat Jiraya’s Icha Icha movies?” Anko asked the woman that stood beside her. “…..” no response! Anko looked at Hana who were just standing there all hypnotized. She was about to ask again when Hana crawled on the bed up to Yugao’s face and started kissing her and drowning Yugao’s moans in her own throat. Hana then moved to straddle Yugao’s lower belly still kissing her and started to knead Yugao’s breasts.

Naruto who were still lapping up Yugao’s nectar, saw the glistening hole of Hana right in front of him and plunged three of his fingers inside of her making her break the kiss with Yugao and scream out to the ceiling. Hana grabbed the bed sheets, fisting them with all her might at the sudden penetration.

‘He sure knows how to keep someone on her toes!’ Hana thought as got used to his fingers, only to be given a forth finger like he read her mind. ‘KAMI! He really does know how to make it as tormenting as possible!’

Yugao finally came down from her high and lay there basking in the afterglow of her own orgasm. Still feeling Naruto lapping at her entrance she looked up at Hana’s face contorted in a mix of pain and pleasure. Wanting to not just be idle, Yugao lifted herself up to the level of Hana’s breasts and grabbed them both and latched her mouth on her left one.

Anko was looking franticly around for something she could place the camera on that would give a good angle the bed. She was running around the room dripping as she went, after a little while she found out that her dresser gave the best view. By now she was trembling in excitement at what was too come, having been only watching the other two getting themselves served by Naruto.

Anko grabbed the ice cream and got to the side of the bed next to Hana. She scooped up a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, grabbed a fistful of Hana’s hair pulling her head back and kissed her. They stayed lip locked for a while, sharing the cream between them until they broke for air.

Anko took another spoonful, put it on Hana’s chest and let the cream slide down into the awaiting mouth of Yugao. Yugao took the ice cream and started sucking on Hana’s right breast making her nipple harden instantly at the cool cream.

“Hmmm, ice cream with a cherry on top! My favorite thing!” Yugao exclaimed after she dislodged herself from Hana’s nipple. ‘Cherry?’ Hana thought just before Yugao dove back at her nipple and bit it and made her yelp. Anko smirked and took some ice cream herself and did the same to the other nipple! Hearing the same yelp when she bit down on the appendage she left Hana’s breast and grabbed Yugao’s face and kissed her.

The tongue battle was raging on for a while, giving Naruto a chance to come up behind the heavy panting Hana. He took his arms around her and leaned his head at the crook of her neck next to her ear. “Want to pick up where we left of before?” Naruto said while raking his claws up and down her sides making her shiver in delight.

At her nod he slid his twitching dick a few times in and out of her pussy, getting it coated with her slick juices before plunging inside her anal opening. “OOO GAWD, I love it” she exclaimed out to everyone that could be listening without a care in the world.

“You and me both bitch, now scream for me!” Naruto said in a little strained voice. She was so god damned tight it was almost unbearable, just the way he liked it! Scream she did as she felt the thing in her actually enlarging, stretching her to the limit and beyond. Still Hana felt like she was given a piece of heaven and she loved it.

After Yugao and Anko broke for air they saw Hana getting it in the behind like she was before Yugao interrupted them. Anko as looking longingly at Naruto as he rode Hana too her next orgasm, Yugao noticed it and laughed at her friend’s predicament. Anko turned to her with a look and Yugao said “here I thought you would never let a man touch you, much less have sex with you!” Anko just smirked at her boss.

“Well if you go technical about it than it is still true, Naruto told us that one time he got beaten so bad that even his healing factor could not save him. So Kyuubi gave him a choice, die or be turned into a half demon and live.” Anko said seriously.

Yugao looked back at Naruto and said “and by the looks of it he chose life!”

“Yes, but I have no objections to it.” Yugao turned back to Anko with a raised eyebrow! “What, don’t look at me like that. Got two words for you ‘demon stamina’, you can’t find anything better than that. Well it helps with the size of his cock, he is very well equipped for his age and he is still growing!” Anko finished with her tongue hanging out from the side of her mouth emphasizing a love struck fool. ‘Hum, maybe I am one?’

Yugao’s eyes went wide with shock when she realized what that meant. Soon after a dreamy look like Anko’s crawled up on her face as she realized the implications of what she meant.

“OOOO GAWD, this is fucking great!” The scream from Hana shook them out of their thoughts. While they had been busy thinking, Naruto had reversed their positions and was now pounding Hana down into the covers of the bed. Her face contorted into a silent scream on her face as she was pounded faster, harder and deeper with each thrust. Let’s just say she was not thinking about anything other than the pleasure she was receiving.

Anko saw that the both of them were hanging on by their last grasp, each trying to make the other cum before the other. A grin like no other than Anko could muster spread over her face as she leaned in against Yugao’s ear and whispered something. They pulled apart with Yugao blushing like a mad woman and Anko wearing a downright wicked smirk.

They both neared the couple that was crying out in the leaps of passion as they were just about to burst. Yugao sat down on her knees in front of Hana and Anko went behind Naruto and sat on the bed. Anko nodded at Yugao whose face turned bright red before she gave a nod back at Anko.

Yugao grabbed a fistful of Hana’s hair, yanked her head up from the madras and kissed her hard pushing her over the edge. Anko gave Naruto’s balls a nice squeeze and nibbled on his right earlobe. Combined with the stimulation from Anko and Hana’s ass squeezing the ever living shit out of him, made him spurt in Hana’s ass with a growl. Hana being finally satisfied passed out like a light and fell asleep next to them.

Naruto grabbed Anko’s hand that was currently fondling his balls with his tail and swung her around to face him. Anko was a little dumbstruck at the pure strength of his tail was caught unprepared when he grabbed her hair much in the same manor Yugao had and kissed her.

Anko moaned into the kiss, Naruto was a very fast learner and it made it oh so much more enjoyable. Their tongues battled for dominance until Anko made hers longer than normal, startling Naruto for just a moment. It was enough for Anko to take charge of the make out session and utterly dominate his little world.

Naruto was currently stuck inside Hana’s ass since he was too big to be removed from her anal passage. It took almost three minutes until he got it out of her and when he did he got jumped by Anko getting another hot kiss.

Feeling his erect cock snug inn between her ass-cheeks as she straddled him, she almost plugged herself on him until she saw Yugao. ‘Maybe I’ll give Yugao a go at him, she need him more than I do’ Anko thought seeing Yugao fidgeting a bit.

“Yugao, get over here and take him for a test drive. You need it more than I do!” Anko told Yugao. At this Yugao bristled at her blunt exclamation and even worse, it was probably true! She settled for a glare at her friend and crawled over to them getting more nervous each time she moved closer to them.

Anko got off Naruto and watched Yugao shaking hand reaching out to travel her hand down Naruto’s abs. Seeing Yugao act like this he took her hand that was traveling down his abs in his and cupped her cheek in the other, while looking straight into her eyes.

“Yugao, you don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to!” Naruto said while looking deep into her eyes and stroking her left cheek. She unconsciously leaned into his hand and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. “It’s ok, nice to know that my first time is going to be with someone considered and kind, and well, like Anko so bluntly put it I NEED this. I won’t have any regrets!” They starred in each other’s eyes seeing no lies and deceptions and smiled.

“Which brings me to my other questions 1) are you for real and 2) Anko how the fuck did you find such a perfect specimen of the male species?” she asked in a half mocking tone!

“I do my best!” Anko replied striking a peace pose.

Naruto snorted “You kidnapped me in the middle of the street, if anything you did your worst!” Naruto added to her vague explanation. Making Anko smirk at him almost evilly, she crawled up next to him and kissed him using her abnormally long tongue in the kiss.

“Well did you mind?” she asked already knowing the answer to her own question.

Naruto grinned at her and grabbed one of her dangling tits and pinching her nipple making her moan. Once she did he took full advantage of it and kissed her using the same tongue technique she did making her eyes go wide for a split second.

They broke apart and Naruto stated “if you didn’t already know the answer to that question then that’s your answer!” Anko just smirked and leaned in against his ear whispering something while shooting glances at Yugao making her very curious.

Anko leaned back again and they gave each other a nod while grinning like mad. “Ooooh Yugao dearest” Anko said in a sing like voice making Yugao freeze at the tone she just knew was bad. “Y..ye…yes?” The battle hardened kunoichi was sweating and visually shaking under the hungry gaze of the snake mistress and with good reason.

Not a second later Naruto used Shunpo to tackle her down to the bed before he swapped places with Anko using the Kawarimi no jutsu (body-switching technique). The result was Anko straddling Yugao’s waist and rubbing their bodies against each other. “Now you’re all ours Yugao-chan” Anko cooed before she kissed her hard.

Naruto came up beside them and leaned in against Yugao’s ear and whispered “Brace yourself!” After he said that he nibbled on her ear and grabbed one of her breasts making her moan to witch Anko took full advantage of, pushing her tongue into her mouth.

Soon after Naruto disappeared from her sight and that made her a little worried ‘he did say brace yourself and I don’t think that was it!’ Then she felt it, something that felt like fingers fondling her wet snatch. Anko finally stopped kissing Yugao, air came to a shortage with the two kunoichi making them break apart for much need air.

Anko was grinning like the mad woman she was and Yugao was flustered beyond recognition at feeling Naruto’s fingers rubbing, prodding and pinching her pussy. ‘Why do I feel like am robbing the cradle’ Yugao thought thinking that Naruto was still only 13 and was not aware that Naruto was technically considered an adult being a genin.

Those thoughts shot out of her mind when Naruto used his en-lengthened tongue on her pussy and making her arch her back. Well as much as she could with Anko straddling her waist, her eyes wide in apparent shock and mouth open in a silent scream. Anko, not wanting to be left out, took both of Yugao’s breasts in her hands and started fondling them.

With all the attention she was receiving, Yugao was fast approaching her climax and she knew she would not last much longer. They had been at it for 10 minutes already and it flew by so fast, Naruto eating her out and Anko kneading her breast while exchanging on sucking on each nipple.

Seeing Yugao shudder Anko knew she was close to coming and gave Naruto the notice making him smirk. Right after he dove straight on her clit and bit down on it with one of his canine teeth, granted not too hard to only cause pain, but enough to cause Yugao to scream her climax out. She saw nothing but white and would have thought she was in heaven if not for the slight pain she felt from the bite making her mewl with her eyes closed.

Anko snickered at the sounds coming from her superior and could not help thinking ‘guess the cat mask isn’t just for show!’

Naruto greedily drank what he could from her nectar, but saved the last mouthful, got up and around Anko. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her away from Yugao’s breasts and kissed her letting a trail of Yugao cum into her mouth making her groan.

Yugao came down from her high and was greeted with this sight and more when Naruto pulled away from her mouth, letting the last remnants of cum pour into Anko’s awaiting mouth below.

While Anko was enjoying the taste Naruto saw that Yugao had come down from her high, leaned down to her lips and kissed them softly letting her taste what was left of herself on his lips. He broke away from her and smiled at her before leaning down again, this time against her ear and spoke in barely a whisper.

“You taste great Yugao-hime, like bitter-sweet vanilla!” Yugao was blushing like mad because he hit the nail on the head with that one. It was exactly what she tasted on Naruto’s lips and it only got worse seeing Anko giggling like a little girl in a candy shop looking at her expression.

“Ah all the blackmail material I get from this is priceless!” cooed Anko grinning widely at the fearful look on Yugao’s face.

“You taste like dango with a tint of sake, so don’t think you’re off the hook either!” Naruto said with a devilish smirk on his face making Anko actually blush a nice shade of pink.

In retaliation Anko shoved Naruto on his back and crawled on top of him, kissing his chest then trailing kisses downwards to his aching member. Yugao was studying Anko’s every move, storing what made him moan and groan the loudest. Anko was enjoying herself immensely and by the sounds of it so was Naruto, she fund it funny when she hit a spot that felt particularly good he would growl instead of moan.

Guessing that his animal side was showing she kept going and saw Yugao looking like she was entranced with what she was doing to the boy. She was storing every piece of information about what Anko was doing and what made Naruto groan the loudest.

This made Anko feel proud of herself that she could teach HER captain something! Even if it was something she could not brag about. It felt goooood!

“GOD Anko, stop teasing me already!” Naruto whimpered out, Anko just smiled even more and took him inside her mouth. After a few dips Anko noticed Yugao reaching for the dick she was sucking on, but could not dare too actually grab it. Getting fed up with it Anko beaconed Yugao to approach, when she did she got closer to her and whispered something in her ear.

Naruto was looking on intently trying to figure out what they could be talking about; when he saw that they broke apart he got very curious to what they were going to do. Let’s just say when both went down on him his brain stopped working and the pleasure started pouring.

“O-shit, keep going that feels so good!” Naruto managed to gasp out between moans and growls. First they both licked his shaft up and down, after that they exchanged between sucking him of, but the real thing that blew his load sky high was when they started kissing each other with his cock in the middle.

Naruto getting a front seat view seeing his dick getting sandwiched by both chicks did not last long and with a growl he came and shot his load onto both their faces. Some of it got into Yugao’s mouth; she was so surprised that she swallowed a good mouthful on accident. Anko on the other hand was eagerly scooping what cum that had landed on her into her mouth, even going so far as to savor the taste.

Yugao on the other hand was so embarrassed she averted her eyes from the two while blushing furiously thinking ‘how could I have done such a thing, it’s so degrading’. Anko saw the look on Yugao’s face and could not help but rolling her eyes at the captain. Hurrying over to her before Naruto regained his bearings, she tackled Yugao to the bed and started to lick up the cum on her body.

Yugao wanted to yell at Anko to stop, but could not get the words out and settled for watching Anko clean her with her tongue. Anko now with a mouthful of cum, came up to Yugao’s face and put her lips on Yugao’s, not getting her to open up Anko pinched a nipple to open her mouth. After that task was done she poured the cum she had in her mouth into Yugao’s and kept her own closed over hers so she could not spit it out.

Not given any other choice Yugao swallowed everything she was given and Anko’s snake like tongue was checking that everything went down. After finding nothing the tongue left Yugao’s mouth and went back into its master’s mouth. Anko then leaned against Yugao’s ear and whispered softly “It may not have the best taste, but it’s the least you can do to return the favor! Besides it gets him going knowing we swallowed his seed and believe me when I tell you I tell you no one here will think any less of you!”

After Anko said that she pulled back to gaze at her captain’s face and smiled, after a little while so did Yugao and she nodded at Anko. “Good, now I believe you owe it to yourself to get that virginity removed, you are 21 years old for fuck sake!” Anko said with a plain wicked smile plastered on her face.

“I guess your right!” Yugao said meekly, still very embarrassed.

“Good!” Anko turned to Naruto. “I believe she is ready for you now!”

Naruto was watching the whole ordeal and saw that Yugao still was a little uncertain, he saw her lie down on top of the damp bed sheets with a small blush on her cheeks apparently waiting for him.

He climbed on top of her naked form and stopped when he was looking into her lovely eyes. He cupped her left cheek and kissed her softly on the lips before he said “if you are still uncertain or don’t want to do it I won’t force you too, this is the last stop and from here on end there is no turning back. Are you sure that you want this?”

His words stopped her dead in her tracks and she found herself looking deep into his eyes that were gazing at hers with worry, expectation and respect! ‘He actually cares about what my feelings, where the hell did you get a hold of this guy Anko’ Yugao thought with a chuckle.

Gazing back into his eyes she smiled and kissed him like she would a lover, before she broke apart and said “I am sure, but please be gentle with me!” He aligned his cock at her entrance and slid in slowly so his head was inside. She shuddered at the feeling of finally being penetrated for the first time, she felt him stop and she could feel his breath on her ear.

“I am sorry”

‘What is he sorry for?’ Was all she could think of before he kissed her hard and rammed through her virginity. Her scream was swallowed by the mouth covering her and her nails pierced the skin on his back. She could feel every inch of him and the throbbing of both genitals pulsating wildly; it felt like she was in heaven and hell at the same time.

Naruto keep still or almost, he was still rocking a bit to let her get used to him faster. ‘Shit, she is so unbelievably tight, any tighter and she would squeeze my dick off!’ He thought as he was stroking her sides in an attempt to comfort her and to get his mind of the almost painful tightness.

After a little while he left her lips and saw her dazed expression, she was shaking a bit with a few tears traveling down the sides of her face. Whipping her tears away he left his hand at the side of her face before leaning down and kissing her again slowly.

“Are you OK?” Naruto asked when they parted for air.

Yugao looked into his eyes and just nodded and then grabbed him in a hug squishing their bodies flush against each other.

“Thank you!” He barely heard her whisper the words into his ears, the normally tough kunoichi was now turned into the shivering form of a woman. A woman that was a little frighten, insecure, but most of all grateful. Grateful for this moment of weakness and someone special to share it with.

Naruto pulled back to look her in the eyes, their eyes met and everything else vanished from the face of the earth. Electric blue met chocolate brown as they both gazed into each other’s souls. (Am not sure about Yugao’s actual eye color, I think they are black, but here they are brown!)

They got closer bit by bit, until their lips met and they kissed again. Anko who was looking at the two didn’t quite believe that she was seeing two people having a good time with each other. No, this was a moment between lovers and she felt a bit jealous of Yugao, but she knew it would not actually come to pass. Well who knows!

Yugao moaned at the feeling of Naruto inside her, and after a few kisses she signaled him to start moving. He started out slowly and gaining more momentum after a while, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out. Naruto thought he would be going mad at the pressure she squeezing him with, ANBU women where no joke!

“Oh Kami-sama, Naruto it’s really starting to feel good! Ahh, fuck me, ooooh mmh! Please, go faster!” He did and she loved him for it! Anko was fidgeting while she was watching the two go at it, and when the blood from the broken hymen started slipping out she almost lost it. Anko had an unhealthy, well for others anyway, addiction towards blood! For some reason it made her like a horny, giggling little schoolgirl.

Anko was watching very intently on the blood at the connecting point and the couple doing the sideway mambo. She was rubbing her legs together to relive the tension only to make it worse.

Naruto saw Anko’s predicament decided to do something about it, rolling over on his back with Yugao still connected making her the one on top. He rammed up inside Yugao when she came down and somehow got even deeper inside her. “AAAAaahhh” The moan or half scream covered the entire room as she came from the new intrusion.

“WILL YOU GIVE IT A REST ALREADY?” A shout came from one of the people living in the apartment complex! Yugao didn’t register it in her orgasmic haze that someone was shouting small curses at them from the neighboring apartments, but the same could not be said for Naruto and Anko!

Naruto was sporting a nice blush on his face at being heard and complained about by the others in the complex. Anko had a smaller blush, but instead of the look of embarrassment she had a mischievous smirk grazing her face.

Naruto and Anko shared a look before they broke out laughing. The blushing face that Naruto had fell from his face and took on the same smirk as Anko. She was without a doubt having her influence on him, but if that was going to be a good thing was another story altogether.

Yugao finally came to and was lying on Naruto’s chest. She could still feel the length of him inside her and it felt great just to lie there and bask in the afterglow of her own orgasm. Deciding that Anko was probably waiting to have her turn she moved to get of him reluctantly, but was stopped short when a pair of hands held her down.

Yugao’s eyes shot towards Naruto and he smiled at her, before showing amazing agility by bending so his head was beside hers. “I’m not done with you yet!” He whispered huskily into her ear while his hands was stroking her sides and cupping her breasts now and then making her shiver.

Lying back down he beaconed Anko too come over to him, when she did he told her to sit on his face and be serviced. Giving him one of her wicked smirks she did as he asked and she felt his tongue tease her folds making her moan out.

“You like that don’t you!” Naruto stated more then asked as he slipped his tongue in-between Anko’s folds and trusted up with his hips into Yugao’s dripping snatch. His received responses from the two were a “yessss” hiss from Anko and a yelp from Yugao as he licked and trusted. Anko being her playful self turned her attention on Yugao and started to kneed and suck on her breasts.

It did not take long before Yugao started to tremble in the face of her own orgasm, with the combined stimulation from both parts she could not last long. 20 min later she came, she came hard arching her back and screamed to the heavens! Squeezing Naruto with everything she got as she did, it proved the pressure was too much for him and he came inside her with a groan. It only served to prolong Yugao’s orgasm even more, not that she minded much. (Or even capable to)

After the mind-blowing orgasm Yugao collapsed against Anko’s twins and muttered “Thank you both!” before she passed out with a content smile on her face. Anko just petted the head resting on her chest, Naruto got out from underneath them and left Yugao’s glistening folds. They laid her down next to Hana who somehow slept through all the moaning, bed-vibration and screaming.

Yugao instantly grabbed a hold of Hana when the other two left her side and Naruto could not help the comment that slipped out. “Aww, look how cute they are! Hehe. My hime-chans!” He looked at Anko who smiled…before both cracked and started laughing. He looked back at his two sleeping beauties and he smiled again before leaning down kissing them both on their foreheads. It was funny seeing them smile contently after he did it and snuggled deeper into each other’s embrace.

Naruto felt a pair of arms encircle him he looked over his shoulder at Anko, her smile now turned wicked as she leaned in against him. “You know, I still have not repaid you for what you did last night!” She said against his ear while Naruto had a flashback of what he had done.

**”ARRRRRRRG, Naruto am going to kill you, but first rape my ass with that 10 inch pole of yours?”**

Flashback ended with Naruto’s eyes as big as saucers as he tried and failed to get out of Anko’s grasp. ‘I’m so screwed’

The Hokage Tower a little earlier.

Sarutobi was still fighting the Hokage’s worst nightmare, the damned paperwork when a knock on the door disturbed him from his concentration.

“Come inn!” the elderly Hokage said. Iruka came in and sat down in one of the chairs. “Ah, Iruka-kun, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

Iruka leveled a stare towards the Hokage and said one name witch turned the Hokage from the happy man, to a serious shinobi. “Naruto!”

Pausing for a few seconds he elaborated with “What are your intentions regarding him, without a team to be placed on he will need to wait until someone dies or get’s off active duty. What did you tell him when he got here yesterday?”

The elder Hokage sighed and said “I know of your concerns Iruka-kun, but the fact is what it is that Naruto will have to wait until a team loses a member or if he gets taken as an apprentice by a jounin or higher ranked ninja!” He stopped for a bit to let it sink in. “Until then Naruto will not be accounted for as an active ninja inn this village and hopefully still train until he can be placed on a team.”

Iruka looked somber for a moment before asking “How did he take it?”

The Hokage looked puzzled at Iruka, he had not talked to the boy in a few days now and voiced it too the chuunin. “What do you mean by that, I have not seen him since the day before yesterday?” Now Iruka was curious, Naruto said he would visit the Hokage about his situation yesterday. “Are you sure, he told me he would come to see you after class. That’s weird, maybe he dozed off at his apartment before he could! Anyway, that’s not all I wanted to discus! As you know Naruto is more powerful than I gave him credit for, after the incident with Mizuki he has showed more skills then a normal genin or even a few chuunin should have. So my question is have Naruto been trained by someone or have you arranged something in the shadows?”

After Iruka finished voicing his suspicions Sarutobi looked almost offended at the accusations from the younger chuunin. “No I have not had Naruto trained by anyone! He must have gotten that powerful by himself, during the years when he started training to be a ninja he have gotten better at evading the ANBU I placed to watch over him. Even going so far that they have lost track of him quite a few times, which if he trained during those times he could be stronger then what we first suspected!”

Back at Anko’s apartment

“Ah yesss, give it to me harder!” Anko was with her back against the wall of her shower with the water pouring down on her and Naruto as he pounded into her pussy. “Urg, we were supposed to clean ourselves not get it on in the shower! Not that I’m complaining much hehe!” They kept it up for a while until they both felt the end was at a moment’s notice.

“I’m going to blow!” Naruto said as a warning before trying to pull out. Anko was not having any of it so she crocked her legs behind him and kept him inside. “Don’t even think about pulling out, I want all of it!” Not being able to stop he shot his life giving seeds into her waiting womb.

“Ahh Kami-sama that felt good!” Anko exclaimed after she came out of her orgasm and slid of Naruto’s pole. Naruto was thanking Kami-sama for letting demons control if they wanted to give of life giving seed or not, otherwise all the women he slept with would be pregnant. That and the tiny detail that he would have to mark them before they could be receptive of his sperm…which Naruto did not know about.

Kyuubi in her cage was snickering at Naruto’s thought and made a mental note to teach Naruto more about mating habits. ‘Maybe even go as far to have some fun while am at it.’

After he gained control of his mind again he said that they should get cleaned up and dressed. “I still need to find out what I’m going to do about not getting into a team!” He said with a downtrodden look on his face. Anko lifted his chin and gave him a kiss. After they parted for air she looked in his eyes and said “If you want some extra training come and seek us out, we are ANBU after all!” Naruto gave her one of his loving foxy smiles and nodded his head in the affirmative.

After they got out of the shower with their bodies clean and their minds dirty they got dressed and Naruto left for the Hokage tower, but not before getting a mind-blowing kiss from Anko at the front door. When Anko could not see him anymore she went back inside to try to get the other two up and out of bed, they still had ANBU duties to perform.

Stepping around the plates on the floor after Naruto’s delicious breakfast and the long forgotten ice-cream she tried to shake the other two awake. Only to be grabbed by Hana and dragged down to the bed thus joining them in their cuddling.

When Naruto got to the tower it was already 4pm so it meant the Hokage was on a brake and was able to talk. After he got up the stairs he heard his sensei Iruka and the Hokage talking about him and his abilities that no genin should be capable of. Deciding to just get that subject over with he used a flame shunshin to get inside the office startling the two occupants inside for a moment before they recognized the intruder.

“Ah, Naruto how nice of you to join us, we were just talking about you!” Sarutobi said while offering to sit down in the chair next to Iruka with his hand. “So I heard!” Naruto responded while waking up to the chair next to Iruka before sitting down.

As he walked up to the chair Iruka spotted the tail sprouting out from Naruto’s backside and got up before moving a few steps away from him. “Naruto, what the hell is that!” Iruka said obviously disturbed while pointing at Naruto’s tale. The Hokage also stood up from his chair and noticed the other changes the boy had, the whiskers on his face was deeper, his eyes was now a mix of purple and the pupil was like a reptilians. Now adorned with claws and canines prodding out from his upper lip, he looked more like a demon than a 13 year old boy.

“I decided that I would stop hiding what I really am now that my cover is pretty much blown, and the council can’t touch me now that I am a ninja of the leaf. From now on I fall under your jurisdiction and not the civilian council’s.” Stopping to let the information sink in he started again “You wanted to know the existent of my abilities, well I can tell you now that if not for some altering of grades probably by Mizuki I would have easily passed the exams with just the barest of minimums. I do not like showing off what am capable of or brag about it, but I would say that I am above that of a normal chuunin if what happened with Mizuki is anything to go by!”

Iruka leveled a hard glare at the boy he thought he knew before stating the obvious. “That does not explain your current appearance!” Naruto looked at Iruka noticing that the chuunin was ready to leap at him at a moment’s notice. “I am a demon!” Naruto said it like he was talking about the everyday weather. He saw Iruka tense the moment the words left his mouth, but before Iruka did something that he would later regret Naruto stopped him by saying “well half demon anyway!”

Iruka and Sarutobi just looked at Naruto like he had lost his marbles, but could not rule out the possibility. Seeing their reaction he told them of what happened the day he was almost killed and what the Kyuubi did to prevent it. To say it shook their world would be the understatement of the year.

“So now the question is, what will you do about this information?” Naruto asked the two who both looked like they were solving a hard math problem.

In the end it was Sarutobi that made up his mind and said “while I don’t care for this much I will go along with it and say that you are telling the truth!” Naruto gave of a smile at the one person he considered a grandfather of sorts. “BUT! What did you think to accomplish with sharing this information now?”

Naruto had to give him credit for seeing trough his little ploy, he gave a smile at Sarutobi and stated “You saw right trough me huh!” His face went from a smile to downright serious before he made his suggestion.

“I want to join the ANBU black ops!”

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