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Buxom Tsunade rails this manhood like mischievous!

Naruto And Sakura Xxx

Hentai Picture: Buxom Tsunade rails this manhood like mischievous!
It staggers belief, but these warragal corking drafted Naruto heroes are aware worlds about codding team creams, they are not as sackless as you surmised when you get a load of them on TV. Fuckable Tsunade sucking cock with lots of pleasure and enjoys getting creampied in her shaved pussy! You always had this fantasy to watch the Naruto sluts who are ever hungry for cocks most of all!

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Naruto Porn Story: Gaara the best kazekage 3

Naruto Porn Story: Gaara the best kazekage 3

On Gaara’s day off he went for a walk through the sand village. As he was walking a hawk flew down carring a message from the leaf village, It was from sakura asking him to come to the hidden leaf village and that it was emergency. Gaara rushed to the leaf Village when he got there he met kakashi “well hello” said kakashi “what is the kazekage of the sand village doing here?” he asked “ Sakura called and said it was an emergency” said Gaara, “Well alright then I don’t want to keep her waiting” said Kakashi. When Gaara got to Sakura house he rang the the door bell but no one answered. As he was walking away he heard a noise coming from inside he was about to knock on the door he saw a shiny key in the grass. Gaara picked up the key and used it to open the door. As he came in he heard the noise coming from the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door and saw Sakura fingering herself. “oohh Gaara you made it.” Said Sakura. “You said there was an emergency” said Gaara “yes there is” said Sakura “what is the Emergency” said Gaara. “I’m horny” said Sakura “and I want to be fucked,” “ OK” said Gaara “since you are already wet i’ll just start off by fucking your pussy.” “ Oh yes” said Sakura “fuck me I have been waiting for this” said Sakura” we haven’t cum yet so we are not done” said Gaara “please finish fucking me. Please i’ll do any thing” said Sakura “any thing” said Gaara “yes” said Sakura “ok then” said Gaara” let me watch you pee”said Gaara “what no” said Sakura “ok then i’ll be going now” said Gaara “nooo i’ll do it” said Sakura she went to the toilet and sat on it “you know Iwas just kidding right?” said Sakura but she was already peeing as she said that. “You suck Gaara Of the Sand. Now you have to finish fucking me and do one more thing” said Sakura. “What why?” said Gaara “because you watched me pee”said sakura. She got on all four and Gaara started to fuck her Pussy “I’m going to cum” said sakura “me too” said Gaara as he said that he came inside of her “ok we’re done” said Gaara “no” said Sakura as she was getting on top of him “why aren’t we done?” said Gaara “you saw me pee” said Sakura “so I get a bonus.” “but i was just kidding” said Gaara. “No you still saw” said Sakura “fine i’ll do it” said Gaara “good” said Sakura “now you fuck my ass” said Sakura “alright” said Gaara Sakura put Gaara’s dick inside her ass and started to move” ooohhh yes this feels so good Gaara.” Gaara watched as Sakura moved up and down “im cumming again” said Gaara Sakura came and also peed a little: ohh im sorry” said Sakura “it’s fine” said Gaara. “Here lets take a shower to clean you up” said Sakura “alright” said Gaara. They steped into the shower and began to wash themselves. They got out of the Shower. “Here i’ll buy you lunch” said Sakura “alright” said Gaara so they went to ichiraku ramen. Then Gaara sent a hawk to the Sand village with a note saying that he’ll be staying at the leaf Village for 3 more days.
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