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Naruto Porno Story: Plenty of Of Lemons chapter Nine

Naruto Porno Story: Plenty of Of Lemons chapter Nine

_-_-_-_-_The Next Morning_-_6:00 A.M._-_-_-_

Naruto and Hinata were still asleep after their vigorous love making the previous night.

_-_-_-_-_Two Hours Later_-_-_-_-_

Hinata finally started to stir. Fully awakening she noticed that Naruto was still sleeping and that he had gone soft within her, although that was rapidly changing as her muscles subconsciously milked him.. ‘Look at him, he looks so cute when he sleeps. I wish we could stay like this for a little while longer. But I want to give my Naruto-kun a surprise when he wakes up. I think I’ll make him some homemade Ramen, and hopefully he gives me a present too.’ Hinata pondered as she thought of all the dirty thing he’d do to her.

So she slowly pulled the covers back and lifted herself off of his hardening member, barely holding in a moan as he slipped out of her. She started for her closet when she noticed she was nude, remembering how she ripped her nightgown in half because it was in the way the night before she surmised she would need some clothes. No one but her Naruto-kun would see her naked. She got a pair of her regular silk pajamas, fixed her hair a little, and went downstairs. When she got to the kitchen however she noticed a note on the refrigerator. Plucking the shuriken shaped magnet from over it she caught it with her free hand as it fell and started reading.

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