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Naruto Porno Story: Being Honest

Naruto Porno Story: Being Honest

Itachi wiped his mouth as the cock in front of him disappeared. This was his job. He worked in a gay bar, behind a wooden wall with a hole in it where horny, drunken men thrust their manhoods through to be pleasured.



There were eight different holes along the wall, but dividers separated one worker from the next. Itachi worked there half-days (well, half-nights) whenever he wasn’t on a mission. He wasn’t like the others. He didn’t jack himself off at the same time, or derive any pleasure from it at all. He just gave guys blowjobs.



Itachi stood up, releasing himself from his kneeling position. His time was almost up there. As he turned to leave, he caught sight of another cock filling the hole. He froze where he was , breath leaving him as his chest constricted.

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Karin and Sakura love lesbo joy

Cardcaptor Sakura Porn

Hentai Picture: Karin and Sakura love lesbo joy
Take a look at how stocky Naruto ginches got iced in sores, water, scum and are forced in any way of dimple-dizzy entertainment! We are anxious to fill up this well-endowed Naruto slut with her ass cheeks so hot and a fuck-ready snatch. A thick dong drilling Sakura’s anus and poke hole makes her cum time after time…

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