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This flick may be done in CG but that doesn’t make Tsunade and Hinata lesser whores!

Hentai Video: This flick may be done in CG but that doesn’t make Tsunade and Hinata lesser whores!

Look at mock-obedient and courteous females of Naruto laying astraddle to show their smooth and soft tresure and reddish bones-like pivots slapping their huge ball sacks against mouth-watering soft buttocks… Lusty Naruto alley cat dreams for this awesome black tool pushed al the way down into her butt snatch, and then eat it till it sprays jizz giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on! Sexually eager Tsunade relishes a sloppy blowjob and gets shagged the hard way by her well-hung lover on cam.

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Naruto Porn Story: anything is a go

Naruto Porn Story: anything is a go

Title Anything is a go
show: Naruto
author’s notes—I dont own naruto.
here is a long fic. dont worry it gets better as it goes along.

all characters that are used are
at least 18.
{At the ninja academy on the final day of classes.}
Iraka: ?class, I am very proud of you all for passing the chuunin exams. As a
reward for your hard work I would like you all to head to the gym to
participate in one last match for the heck of it.?
Sakura: ?why one? Why not two??
Iraka: ?the reason is Sakura is we don?t have time for two or more. After the
match school would be close to being over.?
Sakura: ?I guess your right?
The class heads down to the gym. After five minutes go by they arrive in the
Hayate: ?all right, settle down everyone. I know you?re excited about the match
but before we can begin let us have two volunteers. {No one volunteers} don?t
all volunteer at once now.?
Ino pinches Sakura?s left arm.
Sakura: ?hey!? she said frustrated
Hayate: ?ah, a volunteer, thank you. Now you can pick your opponent.?
Sakura: ?I choose?..?
Naruto: ?pick me, pick me? he said constantly trying to draw Sakura?s attention
over to him.
Sakura: ? Ino?
Naruto: ?awww!? he said disappointedly.
Ino: ?alright, I accept. Prepare to lose Sakura?
Sakura: ?will just see about that!?
Hayate: ?alright, everyone else on the balcony?
Everyone gets in his or her positions. Sakura and Ino on the battle field. The
battlefield looking like an ordinary basketball court except with a small
platform hanging 12 feet above the mid-section of the court. That is where
everyone else was. Except Hayate, who was in-between the space of Ino and
Hyate: ?alright, begin!? he then made his way off the court and onto the
platform. So that he could observe everything without getting hurt.
Both contests glared at the other. Waiting for one to make the first move.
Ino: ?what?s the matter Sakura? Are you afraid to attack me?? she teased
Sakura: ?no, I?m just waiting to do your move? she said with up most
Ino: ?since you want me to make the first move, I will?
After she that she then charged at Sakura. But Sakura just took a step to the
left and dodges the attack.
Naruto: ?alright, good going?
Sasuke: ?chill Naruto, the match hasn?t really begun yet. It has only been one
move and your already cheering?
Naruto: ?so??
Sasuke: ?never mind, you do what you want?
Naruto: ?you can do it Sakura!?
Ino: ?nice dodge, but can you dodge these?? she says while she starting
throwing punches.
Sakura quickly blocks each and every one of them with her arms. As soon as Ino
was done, it was Sakura?s turn to fight back. Sakura jumped on the ground and
balanced herself with her hands. As she swung her legs around, that was beneath
her in an attempt to knock Ino off her feet. But Ino saw it coming and jumped
out of the way. Then Sakura quickly got back on her feet and tried a spinning
kick in the air at Ino. Her first spin around hit Ino across the face. But as
Sakura spun around the second time. Ino grabbed her foot in the air and threw
Sakura on to the other side of the court. As soon as Sakura hit the ground at
got on her feet she said.
Sakura: ?ha Ino were evenly matched. There is no way your going to beat me!?
She said so sure of herself.
Ino: ?I wouldn?t be so sure, if I were you. Mind transfer jutsu.?
Ino?s mind was transferred into Sakura?s body.
Ino: ?I?m going to make you give up now that I?m in your body?
But Sakura was still hanging inside her body.
Sakura: ?I won?t let you!? she then focused all her energy on her mouth to stop
Ino: ?its no use. That want work. I Sakura here by..?
Sakura had managed to find a way to tap into her mind to close her mouth. So
Ino would talk through it.
Naruto: ?hey what going on??
Sasuke: ?its easy, Ino was going to talk through Sakura. To make her give up
the battle. But before Ino managed to accomplish the task Sakura must have
found a way to tap in her brain to keep her mouth closed, so Ino would make
Sakura forfeit.?
Naruto: ?oh I knew that, I was uh?just testing you. And you passed.?
Sasuke: ?sure, you were? he said sarcastically.
Naruto: ?of course I was?..hey!
{mean while Sakura and Ino are talking inside Sakura?s body}
Sakura: ?give it up, I found a way to keep you from talking for me. Now there
is no way for you to win. So get out of my body!!!!!
Ino realizing that Sakura was right left Sakura?s body and reentered hers.
Sakura: ?thank you, now can you give it up and spare your self some
embarrassment, or do I have to beat it out of you.
Ino thinks and idea comes to her. Ino quickly talks inside her head.
Ino: ?embarrassment now there is an idea?
Sakura: ?quick talking inside your head and tell what?s it going to be!?
Ino: ?alright, mind transfer jutsu?
As soon as Ino arrived inside Sakura?s head, Sakura immediately did the same
thing she did before to stop Ino from talking for her.
{Ino and Sakura have a little talk inside Sakura?s head.}
Ino: ?give it up?
Sakura: ?or else what? Incase you haven?t learned anything from your last try ,
you can?t talk for me.?
Ino: ?I?m well aware of that but I can still move your body and hands without
your control?
As soon as Ino said that Ino started to move Sakura arms around.
Ino: ?go ahead and try to stop me from moving your hands?
Sakura tries but no luck.
Sakura: ?so, I can?t stop you from moving my body and arms around big deal.
What are you going to do me, punch myself until I give up?? she said
Ino: ?no, I have a better idea I?m going to use you hands to remove your
clothes. Now I don?t think you want Sasuke to see you naked. Now all you have
to do to prevent me from removing your clothes is to forfeit the match.?
Sakura: ?you?re bluffing!? she said calling Ino out.
Ino: ?am I?? she then place Sakura?s hands at the hem of Sakura shirt and
Sakura was helpless to stop her.
Ino: ?well, are you going to give up??
Sakura trapped with no other option said.
Sakura: ?yes, ill give up?
Ino: ?good, now make sure you do after I leave your mind?
Sakura: ?why not now? And what makes you so sure ill give up as soon as you
Ino: ?one, I want everyone to see you say it. So they can?t say that I forced
you to say it. Also, it?s more fun if you say it yourself and I watch. And
second of all if you don?t give up after I leave. Ill come back right inside
you mind again and take off all your clothes until your bare naked?
Sakura: ?I understand,? she said realizing that once again she was trapped.
Ino: ?good? she said as she left Sakura?s body and reentered her own.
Ino: ?Sakura, go ahead and forfeit like a wuss. Or fight me.?
Sakura sighed and said
Sakura: ?I Sakura submit defeat?
The whole audience wondered what Ino must of said to make Sakura quit.
Hayate: ?alright due to a forfeit, I present Ino the winner of the match.?
Ino: ?good job wuss giving up like that? she laughed
Sakura was hurt by those words and the threat Ino gave her if she didn?t.
Sakura: ?I hate you? she said as Sakura walked away.
Ino: ?now don?t be a sore loser Sakura!? she yelled to Sakura.
Sakura: ?like I had a choice? she said to her self.
Naruto: ?Sakura, what happened?? he said as raced up to Sakura
Sakura: ?leave me alone Naruto?
Sasuke: ?Sakura, come on and tell us what happened.?
Naruto: ?I got it Ino must have threaten to choke you to death. Is that right?
Because I saw your hands go up to your collar of your shirt.?
Sakura takes minute to stop to answer their question.
Sakura: ?yeah, that was it? she lied
Naruto: ?that?s so cheap of Ino do to.?
Sasuke: ?sorry for questing your judgement.?
Sakura in her mind.
?Its okay Sasuke there is no reason for you to apologize. I love the fact
you?re concerned about me.?
Sasuke and Naruto leave Sakura alone as they venture off to their own homes.
Then Sakura turned around and made her way to her house.
Sakura: ?Naruto, I just wish death was the case? she said under breath.
Sakura arrives at her house}
She then opens the door and steps in. Then she made her way upstairs into her
bedroom. Once she was in she closed the door behind her as well as closed her
window and put down the blinds. She then takes off all her clothes and puts it
in a pile on the ground. She then climes on her queen bed with pink sheets and
starts remembering the incident today where Ino threatened to take off all her
clothes, if she didn?t surrender. That made Sakura really mad. She then kept
thinking of ways to get back at Ino. And then thoughts after a while started to
get dirty. Then her dirty thoughts turned into a dirty dream. She then started
talking to her self out loud out of her dreams and speaking for all the
characters she dreamed about.
Author?s notes— even though Sakura is dead asleep and is unknowingly talking
out loud out of her dream. I?m not going to write the characters she dreams
about saying that this is ?Sakura talking for Naruto?. But instead I will right
who is talking. Just keep in mind that all the character voices are going to be
said out of Sakura?s dream and in her voice.
Sakura: ?hey Ino, how about you surrender or I remove all of your clothes? she
Ino: ?you wouldn?t dare!? she said matching Ino?s voice ever so perfectly.
Sakura: ?try me and call my bluff.? She said with utmost confidence.
Naruto: ?yeah, Sakura, do it!? she said knowing that Naruto was a pervert.
Ino: ?ok I call your bluff!?
Sakura: ?good, I was hoping you would say that. Fast pace jutsus.?
And then quicker then a blink of an eye she ran towards Ino and quickly torn
off all Ino?s clothes. Leaving Ino completely bare-naked.
When Sakura thought of Ino naked she felt a small rush of pleasure go through
her body. Which she just shake off.
Sakura as Ino stood there frozen in complete shock that Sakura did that to her.
All the men in the audience: started yelling ?whoop, whoop, whoop?.
That is except naruto and sasuke.
Hinita: ?wow, Ino?s breasts are way bigger than mine. I hope naruto doesn?t
care about size.
Naruto: ?now that?s what I?m talking about, oh yeah! Good job Sakura?
Sasuke: ?so that?s what Ino looks like, whatever? he said coolly as he glance
up at down Ino?s naked body.
Ino who saw sasuke looking at her covered her breasts with one arm while she
used her right hand to cover her butt. All as an effort to prevent the guys
from looking at her in her birthday suit especially sasuke.
Ino in her mind: ?sasuke please don?t look at me? as soon as she said that she
started to blush knowing now that sasuke had look at her.
Sensei talking to hayate: ?are you going to stop this match??
Hayate: ?heavens no!?
Sensei: ?great!?
Anko: ?looks like she has already blossomed.?
Sakura: ?what?s the matter Ino why are you blushing? Are you embarrassed?? she
Ino: who got the courage to say, ?I?m not?
Sakura: ?then why are you covering your self??
Ino: ?ok so I?m a little embarrassed, okay! She said admitting to the truth.
Sakura who was happy that Ino admitted the truth knocked down Ino on her back.
Ino: ?why did you do that?? she said on her back.
Sakura: ?so I can do this? she opens Ino?s legs and starts to finger fuck Ino
with one finger.
Back in the real world
Then with out thinking Sakura?s hand travels down to her minge. She then
penetrates her folds with her index finger on her right hand. And starts to
finger fuck her self slowly.
Back in her dream
Ino who now realized what Sakura was doing to her yelled to Sakura.
Ino: ?Sakura, stop this right now!? she said angrily
While she tried to close her legs, but Sakura manages to stop her by using her
left hand to keep Ino?s legs open.
Ino: ?Sakura, let me close my legs!?
Sakura: ?no!?
Sakura than enters another finger in Ino?s virginia.
This makes all the males and adult males pass out.
Ino: ?Sakura, please stop you?re starting to hurt me!?
Sakura then pushes in a third finger in Ino?s cunt and increased her pace both
in the dream and out of the pace.
Back in the real world
Ino felt sorry for what she said to Sakura if she didn?t forfeit. So she walked
all the way to Sakura?s house. But when there she saw the door was in and
walked inside.
Ino: ?is anybody home? You left the door open.?
Ino then closes the door behind her. She then hears groans upstairs. So she
quietly started to make her way upstairs. Interested to who the groans were
coming from.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?are you starting to feel the pleasure??
Ino: trying hard to keep her composure said, ?no, I don?t feel pleasure from
Sakura: ?you sure about that Ino??
Ino: ?yes, why??
Sakura: ?because your dripping wet pussy is telling me otherwise.?
Ino realizing that she was caught didn?t comment.
Sakura: ?what?s the mater cat got your tongue? Or you bummed that I caught you
lying to me??
Ino was too ashamed to say anything.
Sakura: ?not talking to me, I guess I will just have to fix that.? She added
another finger to her snatch in the real world and in to Ino in her dream. She
then doubles the pace on her and Ino.
Back in the real world.
Sakura started really spreading her legs open. Her entire body was dripping
with sweat and shacking uncontrollably. Ino was climbing the stairs finally
made it up stairs. Ino then listened again to where the groans were coming
from. As they suddenly started to increase Ino turned around to her left that
it was coming from Sakura?s room. She made the detection that it was Sakura?s
room on the account it said Sakura on the door. Ino then decided it was best to
knock on the door before entering.
Ino: ?is everything all right in there??
She then waited for an answer. But all she heard was Sakura?s voice.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?be a good girl Ino and come for me already.?
Back in the real world
Ino was shocked that Sakura?s was talking about her. So in opened Sakura?s door
only to find Sakura naked on her masturbating. Then a thought came to Ino?s
head as she replayed the sentence she had just heard Sakura say.
Ino thought in her head: ?when Sakura said ?be a good girl Ino and come for me
already.? Does that mean she is dreaming about fucking me??
So she decided to keep listing to Sakura to find out.
But before Ino went on to listen to Sakura, she decided to help Sakura reach an
orgasm because she felt sorry that she threatened Sakura. So Ino climbed on the
bed and made her way in-between Sakura?s legs. She then quickly removed
Sakura?s hand out of her minge and replaced it with her mouth. So fast that
Sakura didn?t realize the change. Ino satisfied that Sakura didn?t wake up yet
started to lick Sakura?s pussy. Earning a couple of great moans from Sakura.
While Ino did this she then decided to listen to Sakura.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura enters in all five of her fingers in Ino?s cunt. Now Ino?s body was
bouncing up and down with tempo of Sakura?s finger fucking speed. In a
desperate attempt for a quick relief.
Ino: ?Sakura, {oh} why {oh} are {oh} you {oh} doing {oh} this to me??
Sakura: ?I?m doing this for two reasons. First, you always treat me like dirt.?
Back in the real world
Ino who knew that was true decided to make up for it, by increasing her tongue
pace and then proceed to wiggle her tongue inside Sakura?s cunt.
Back in Sakura?s dream
Sakura: ?and secondly for threat you gave me?
Back in the real world
As Ino continued her duties she thought to her self.
Ino: ?so Sakura is mad about that?
Back in Sakura?s dream
Ino: ?I?m {pant, pant} sorry {pant, pant}? Ino said right before she had a big
Sakura satisfied that Ino orgasmed and apologized she removed her hand out of
Ino?s pussy and said.
Sakura: ?I knew you had a thing for girls! I am glad I don?t!?
Back in the real world
Ino said in her head
Ino: ?you be surprised to know your wrong.?
Sakura than had a big orgasm that helped her wake up.
Ino in her head: ?she must be awake now?
Sakura now awake said ?boy, that was intestine?
She then looked down in-between her legs only to see Ino?s head. So in shock
Sakura: ?ahhh, Ino what in the world are you thinking!??
Ino who was done lapping up all of Sakura?s juices not missing a drop said to
Ino: ?well I originally decided to come here to apologize to you for threading
you in battle today. But then the door was open and I heard moaning and
groaning upstairs. So I decided to investigate but when I made my upstairs and
entered your room and saw you masturbating and talking in your sleep. I decided
to repay you by helping you reach a climax.? She said explaing her self.
Sakura: ?is that it?? she said still shocked.
Ino: ?yep, and the fact that you taste better than any thing I have ever tasted
in my life? he said as she licked her lips.
Sakura blushed
Sakura: ?thanks, so we are even now.?
Ino: ?not quite, I just saw you orgasm plus as added bonus you were dreaming
about fucking me.?
Sakura: ?oh no!? she said realizing where this was going.
Ino: ?now unless you want me to tell the whole world this especially sasuke.
You will do what I say got it?? she said with a very proud smirk on her face.
Sakura: ?please don?t, my reputation along with my chance with sasuke would be
ruined. Ill due any thing you say as long as you keep quite about this.?
Ino: ?I was hoping you would say that. Now I will for give you for fucking me
if you will allow me to fuck you now.?
Sakura gulps.
Ino: ?before I fuck you, I want you to do something for me.?
Sakura: ?what is that?? she gulped
Ino: ?its nothing big. All you have to do is face the wall and get on your
hands and knees and shake that cute little but of yours.?
Ino reaches her left hand over towards sakura?s butt and gives it a playful
Sakura: ?ouch?
Sakura then gets into her position according to Ino?s specific orders. She then
starts to slowly move her butt round and round in circles. Like a welcome mat
before a door.
Ino enjoying sakura?s humiliation as well as her nice-slender body.
Ino: ?doesn?t this make you feel good Sakura?? she sighed
Sakura: ?no, it doesn?t. I feel slightly mortified.? She said a small blush
formed upon her flawless face.
Ino: ?and that is half the reason I like?
Sakura not stopping her but swaying asked a question.
Sakura: ?okay, then what is the other half? Let me guess it?s the torture
you?re going to put me through.?
Ino: ?that?s great in all but not what I had enjoyed?
Sakura: ?then what exactly did you also enjoy??
Ino: ?your sexy body of course. I think its safe to say now that you have
finally blossomed into a flower?
Sakura: ?wow, that was really nice ino. Probably the nicest thing you have ever
said to me. And of course if it wasn?t for this humiliating thing you are
having me do for you, I would be more than happy to thank you for it.?
Ino: ?isn?t that what you are doing for me??
Sakura: ?I don?t follow?
Ino: she sighs in frustration ?you see since you?re repaying me, it?s almost
like you are thanking me?
Sakura: ?I knew that, I was just kidding with you?
Sakura inner being: ?idiot, idiot, Sakura, absolute idiot?
Ino: ?that?s enough with but dance you can stop now.?
Sakura: ?great, I was starting to get tired?
Ino: ?now, without further ado, let us proceed with your fucking?
Outside Sakura window in her room, she and ino hear a voice yell.
Naruto: ?hey Sakura, are you in there?? he yelled from right out of her house.
Sakura: ?thank you Naruto! Sorry ino but there wont be any fucking today.?
Sakura: ?then starts getting dressed by putting on her socks and shoes. As soon
as she finished that and was about to finish getting dressed when ino grabbed
both of sakura?s boobs with both of her hands.
Ino: ?don?t you start thinking that you are off the hook you still owe me.?
Sakura: ?I know I still have to repay you for seeing me orgasm and that?s not
Ino: ?err wrong, you still have to repay me for fucking me.?
Sakura: ? what?! I thought I repaid you for that with my booty shake?
Ino: ?nope, that doesn?t cover it. It makes you feel any better think of it as
one of your many tips you will be giving in the future.?
Sakura: ?what, that?s no fair!? she wined
Ino: ?I?m the boss and I say it is? she then let go off sakura?s breasts so she
could finish changing.
Ino: ?and Sakura what would be unfair, is if I had you fuck Naruto as one of
your two payments to me.?
Sakura: ?what are you crazy ino?! Fucking Naruto would be worse not being
fucked at all.? she said after finished getting dressed
Ino: ?hey, it was just a thought. Although to be honest with you I would not
have, you do that. Even I am not that evil.?
Sakura: ?yeah you are!?
Ino: ?hey, don?t make me regret by telling you that you didn?t have to fuck
Sakura: ?I?m, sorry Ino.
Ino: ?I?m not so sure you meant that.?
Sakura: ?but I did.?
Ino: ?do not argue with me; now bend over?
Sakura: ?why??
Ino: ?don?t question my order?
Sakura: ?yes Ino? she then bends over.
Ino then brings her left hand sailing down fast on to Sakura?s butt.
Sakura: ?owww!?
Ino: ?now, you are sorry.?
Naruto yells again from outside.
Naruto: ?hello, is anyone in there?
Sakura: ?yes, I?m here Naruto I?m here. Just give me a couple minutes and then ill
be right out.? She yelled out of the window.
As Sakura and Ino make, their way down stairs Sakura starts to talk to Ino.
Sakura: ?I can?t believed you spanked me. No one has other than you or should
ever be allowed to spank me.
Ino: ?really is that so?? she then gives Sakura another spank across Sakura?s
rear. 13 times more hard than the first one.
Which hurt so bad Sakura started to cry from the pain.
Sakura: ?owe!?
Ino: ?now, who is allowed to spank you??
Sakura: ?you are.? she whimpered
Ino: ?good girl?
Sakura opens the front door only to see Naruto waiting patiently on the front
step of her porch.
Naruto: ?hey, what is Ino doing her at your home.?
Sakura thought fast but Ino took this as her opportunity to speak.
Ino: ?I came here to apologize to Sakura is all.?
Which actually true and false; she did in fact came here to apologize that part
is true. What was false was when she said, ?is all?.
Naruto: ?oh, ok?
Naruto: ?like I was saying, Sakura I was wondering if you want to come and
train with me. After all, we are still a team. So what do you say??
Sakura stutters on what to say as a response. On one hand she could say no,
because the last thing she wants to do is hang with Naruto. On the other hand,
if she does not agree to the answer Ino wants her to say. She would be surely
in due for another spanking. In addition, knowing how hard Ino hits from
personal experience she decided to see what Ino had to say.
As she glanced over to Ino. Ino said absolutely nothing and just silently
nodded. Then Sakura faces Naruto again.
Sakura: ?sure ill come with you and train.?
Ino: ?well, bye guys I got to go. I?m looking forward to seeing you again
Sakura gulped and shuttered at the thought of meeting again with Ino. As she
walked off down the street with Naruto to the gym.
As Ino watched, them leave she left to in the opposite direction heading home
to get some sleep. AS she walked she could not help but giggle at how much
Sakura would kill her self over hanging around with Naruto.
After a serious workout in the gym, both Naruto and Sakura decided to head home
to get some sleep. Sure everyone was going to get some sleep tonight, except
Sakura and another person. As sleepy Sakura opened her door and then closed it
behind her as soon as she was in. she walked up the stairs completely ready to
get some sleep. Before Sakura opened her door, she saw a note on her door.
The note said ?hey Sakura,
Before I headed off to my house to get some sleep, I did a couple things. First
off, I met a person on my stroll. I will not say whom but ill say just this you
know her and no thanks to our agreement, which she will tell you about. She is
going to get to know you even more. The second thing I did was I came back to
your house and installed a dozen hidden cameras in your home. So good luck and
getting some sleep tonight.
From, Ino?
Sakura: ?oh great, I wonder what Ino did now. Nevertheless, ill figures that
out tomorrow when I talk to her. Because right now {yawn} I?m very tired.?
She then opens her door only to be completely surprised. On the edge of her bed
sat Temari who was reading a book. However, stopped reading and faced Sakura
when she saw Sakura in the corner of her eyes.
Sakura: ?what are you doing her?!? she screamed in utter shock
Temari: ?nice to see you to?
Sakura who had inkling to why she was here thought she should check it out to
be sure.
Sakura: ? are you the person Ino talked to? And if so what was the deal you two
Temari: ?easy there, one question at a time please. Yes, I am the person Ino
talked to today. And as for the deal it was a simple one.?
Sakura: ?go on?
Temari: ?first off, she was she told me what was going on between you to as of
Sakura: ?there is nothing going on!? she said upset
Temari: ?that?s not how she told it. Anyway, the deal was to rape you and in
return you are to give me two oral orgasms.?
Sakura: ?no way! There is no way I?m going to let you rape me or give you two
oral orgasms.?
Temari: ?Ino thought you were going to say that, so she said consider this as
another tip for her. However, if you would have kept your big mouth shut. It
would have counted as one of the two payments you owe her. Nevertheless, oh
well. Now lets get to work.
In quick flash Temari waves, her big fan and soon enough Temari clothes were
all discarded on to a big pile on the floor. In addition, all that she had on
was a big-blue 10-inch strap on attached to her.
Temari: ?so what do you want to do first, the rape or the orgasms?
Sakura: ?the orgasms? she said giving up.
Temari: ?okay, then?
Temari then sits down Sakura?s bed with her back against Sakura?s pillows. She
then spread her legs apart so Sakura could get access to her snatch. Then
Sakura climbs on her bed, gets in between Temari?s legs, and places her mouth
against Temari?s cunt entrance. The cold touch sent shivers down Temari?s
Temari: ?get going,? she said impatiently
Sakura: ?alright? she whimpered in fear.
Sakura then opened her cute mouth and started to slowly lick Temari?s cunt
lips. This started to shake Temari?s body with pleasure. Although Temari was
enjoying the pleasure, she told Sakura.
Temari: ?enough with the teasing, get to the main event.?
Sakura gulped. Then she took two fingers from both of her hands and spread
apart Temari?s cunt lips. Then plunged her tongue into Temari?s snatch and
after a couple of licking and swishing movement with her tongue on the inside
walls in Temari?s cunt. Before Temari was close to an orgasm.
Temari: ?ah, oh, I?m going to cum?
In addition, shortly after she did. In addition, it was the biggest one she had
ever had in her whole life.
Temari?s cum ended of covering Sakura?s face but she just ignored it and kept
on licking.
It was not long after that when Sakura found Temari?s secret button. That
allows women and women only, to have multiple orgasms at once. Sakura then
placed tender lick around it. This earned a few groans from Temari. Sakura then
place the button in her mouth and slowly sucked on it. That really did it for
Temari. Her whole body was shacking wildly her hips her bucking uncontrollably
and sweat dripped down her face.
Temari: ?I?m coming?
Sakura stopped her licking knowing this is her second time coming. Then Temari
came for a second time and she came repeatedly, equaling the equivalency of
eight orgasms.
Temari: ?that{pant} was {pant} unbelievable. Wait until I tell Ino that she got
a great catch.?
Author?s notes —- for those who did not get that line. I just said with
Temari that Sakura was so good with the oral sex and since she was working for
Ino. Ino would be in for a real treat. Something along those lines.
After Sakura was finished licking and swallowing the cum off her face not
missing a drop she asked Temari a question.
Sakura: ?was I really that good??
Temari: ?you sure were, heck you were even 100 times better then my vibrator at
Sakura: ?was good enough to not have to get rapped? she said with hope.
Temari: ?if I had a say in the matter you would be. But sadly I?m not, so
you?re still getting raped.?
Sakura: ?oh great? she said with a drag.
Temari: ?so where do you want to get fucked the ass or your virginia??
Sakura: ?let me think. Hmmm??
Temari: ?times up. Now I get to choose?
Sakura: ?hey, that?s no fair?
Temari: ?well your not in charge, I am.?
Sakura: ?hmff? she pouted as she sat down on her bed Indian style
Temari: ?tough, deal with it.?
After moments of thinking, Temari thought of which one she was going to fuck.
Temari: ?after thinking really hard on this situation I settle on the decision
to go with?.your ass.?
Sakura: ?no not my butt? she said as she got on her hands and knees to rub her
butt with her hands.
Temari: ?that?s my answer and I?m not changing it. The question know is should
I go into it with a lubed or non-lubed strap on??
To avoid some of the pain she said.
Sakura: ?lubed? she sighed
Temari: ?okay?
She then made her way to Sakura?s mouth.
Temari: ?put this in your mouth Sakura and suck on it?
Sakura: ?why??
Temari: ?you wanted lubrication and your saliva?s going to be the lube.?
Sakura then inserted half of the fake cock inside her mouth. Then she slowly
slid her tongue all around it. Making sure it was very wet.
Temari: ?ok you can stop. I?m pretty sure that?s good enough?
Temari then walked behind Sakura. So that the fake cock was at the entrance of
Sakura?s butt hole.
Temari: ?are you ready??
Sakura: ?no? she said in fear.
Temari: ?to bad because here I come.? she said eargerly
Temari wasted to time and stuck the whole fake cock in at once. That really
hurt Sakura.
Sakura: ?stop it the pain is too much for me to handle!? she begged
Temari: ?do not worry your pain will go away and pleasure will take its place.?
Sakura: ?if you say so? she cried
Soon enough after a couple rams in her butt with that fake cock Sakura?s pain
turned into pleasure. Boy oh boy was Sakura enjoying the pleasure that she was
Sakura: ?oh yeah Temari stick that big thing in me.?
Temari: ?I am?
Sakura: ?faster!? her mouth was agape like someone who was tired after running
a marathon.
Temari: ?I am glad you are liking this? she said still ramming into her.?
Sakura: ?I?m so close go faster?
Temari: ?no problem she said doubling her current pace.
The sweat was really starting to pour from Sakura?s face although Temari was
doing all the work.
In addition, with out warning Sakura came so much and so powerful her orgasm
knocked her out into a deep sleep. Then Sakura?s come slowly slid down Sakura?s
Then Temari slid her hand down in-between Sakura?s legs and brought a finger
full of cum into Temari?s mouth.
Temari: ?yum, yum, this way sweater then pumpkin pie?
Temari knowing Sakura would get cold if she did not have covers to cover her
with warm. She would be miserable. Therefore, Temari picked her up carefully
and gently placed her under her covers. After that she kissed her on the
forehead and said.
Temari: ?get some good sleep you earned it? she said that and left.
Soon enough night turned into morning. It was 6:00 am time for Ino?s plan to be
put into action. So, Ino made her way over from her house to Sakura?s. Then
made her way into Sakura?s room. Only to find that Sakura was still asleep. Now
Ino?s plan was not going to work if Sakura was still asleep. So, she had to
wake her up. But how, was the question. Then an idea came to her. Boy was it a
dirty idea. She then decided if nothing else worked, she would do it. First
off, she tried talking to Sakura.
Ino: ?wake up Sakura. Wake up.?
But Sakura would not budge. So, Ino then decided to say it again with the only
one difference. While she talked to Sakura, she would also start shaking
Sakura?s body to try to get up.
Ino: ?wake up Sakura. Wake up.? She said while she gently shook her.
At this time, she was desperate to wake her up. So, she then decided that it
was a good time to use her dirty idea.
Ino: ?alright Sakura, are you ready to be woken up?? she said taking Sakura?s
silence as a yes.
Ino: ?alright get ready.?
Ino then proceeded to go to the side of the bed Sakura was facing. Then Ino
bent down and placed a small kiss on Sakura?s lips and this time she got a
reaction out of Sakura. But not an awake one.
Sakura: ?oh, Sasuke you kiss so good.? She said through her sleep.
Ino could not help but to giggle and smile at that comment. Ino had to smile
due to the fact Sakura complemented her on her kissing. She also giggled
because Sakura thought in her sleepy state of mind that Ino was Sasuke. So, Ino
thought it would be fun to play along.
Ino: ?oh Sakura, I love you ever so much? she said while suppressing her giggle
and trying to maintain a voice like Sasuke?s.
Sakura: ?I love you too. Kiss me again honey.?
Ino: ?okay? she said and then went to kiss Sakura again and held it this time.
Then kiss went further and both girls opened their mouth having both or their
tongue slowly massaging the other. Then Sakura realizing that kissed a little
too real for a dream woke up. Only to find out that she was locking tongues
with Ino her most hated rival.
Sakura: ?ahhh Ino you little bitch, what are you doing her!?? she yelled
breaking the long moist kiss she was sharing with Ino.
Ino: ?that is no way to talk to a friend.?
Sakura: ?Ino? she said a little tempered.
Ino: ?well besides sharing a kiss with you. A nice one as a matter of fact. Was
to offer you a deal.?
Sakura: ?what kind of deal?? she asked.
Ino: ?it?s a rather simple one. I set up a special match with you and another
person. If you win consider us even and I won?t ever ask you again for another
Sakura: ?and if I loose??
Ino: ?nothing at all, except you stay in the same situation you are now. With
owing me two things and tons of tips I might ask of you.?
Sakura: ?so, if I loose. My life won?t be different.?
Ino: ?exactly. So what do you say, will you accept my deal??
Sakura: ?sure?
Ino: ?good?
Sakura: ?so, when does this battle start??
Ino: ?in ten minutes?
Sakura: ?then I must hurry and put on some clothes fast.?
Both girls get off the bed and stand off.
Ino: ?Sakura, wait before you put on some clothes I have a question.?
Sakura: ?cant it wait till I?m dressed??
Ino: ?no, it cant?
Sakura: ?okay, what is your question??
Ino: ?did you honestly like kissing me??
Sakura: ?no? she lied
Ino: ?then why did your pussy get wet after I asked you? Hmm??
Sakura: ?fine, you caught me. So I like it big frigin deal. Are you happy??
Ino: ?yep, you can know get changed now. But hurry up the battle begins in
eight minutes.?
Sakura: ?um, Ino could you face my wall until I get changed please.?
Ino: ?why??
Sakura: ?I?m not comfortable with someone looking at my naked body while I?m
Ino: ?oh, you are shy. Okay than ill face the wall and not look but only
because you asked so nicely. By the way you better hurry you only have 6
minutes left.?
Ino faces the wall and then Sakura starts putting on some clothes at rapid
speed. Then Sakura finishes getting dressed.
Sakura: ?okay you can look now.?
Ino: ?great lets get going we don?t want you to be late.?
They both leave the room and then the house and made their way to the match.
This was going to be at the gym.
Author?s notes?during the big hurry Sakura forgot something and you would find
out what it was later in the story.
They both arrive at the entrance of the gym.
Sakura: ?its around 6:08 how do you expect to get in? Plus since its Sunday the
gym stays locked.?
Ino: ?let?s just say the person is going to be judging your match lent me an
extra key.?
Ino unlocks the door to the gym and as both girls step in Ino locks it behind
Sakura: ?why did you lock the door??
Ino: ?so no one can disturb your match and besides like you said before the gym
is locked on Sunday?s.?
Sakura: ?ok, I guess that makes sense.
Sakura then notices she cannot see because there is no light in the gym.
Sakura: ?where is the light switch??
Ino: ?don?t worry I got it.?
Ino then flipped the light switch. This brightened up the gym.
Sakura: ?good I can see now but where is my opponent and the judge??
Ino: ?just wait and see? she said then made aloud whistle noise with two of her
fingers in her mouth.
This signal made the judge come out.
Kurenai: ?oh, hello Ino. Glad to see you came on time.?
Ino: ?hi, is the opponent here??
Kurenai: ?yep, my student is in the training room of the gym?
The training room was located at the far end of the gym behind a red door.
Ino: ?good, ok Sakura get on the playing field.?
This was at the direct center of the gym.
Sakura made her way onto the playing field. While Ino made her way onto the
balcony. Lastly, the judge Kurenai sat on the bleachers, which was away from
the playing field against a wall. This way she could observe the whole battle.
Kurenai: so Sakura, are you ready to meet you are opponent or should I say one
of my three students.
Sakura was thinking who could her opponent be. She knew thanks to Kurenai?s
hint that it was one of her ?students?. This meant her opponent could be Kiba,
Hinita, or Shino. If it was Shino, the fight not only would creepy but also
hard. Then on the other hand if it was Kiba she would in for a howling time.
Then if it was Hinita the battle would be a quick one and she would win easily
because Hinita would probably be to shy to fight. Knowing that Hinita is shy,
she doubted that she would even agree to a battle with her so Sakura ruled her
out. Now that Sakura knew the possible opponents she could face she knew she
was ready.
Sakura: ?ok, I?m ready.?
Kurenai: ?ok, Hinita come on in.?
As Hinita made her way to the opposite side of the playing field from Sakura,
Sakura was in shock. The only person she believed would not show and she did.
Sakura: ?is this some kind of joke Ino? No offence Hinita.?
Hinita: ?none taken?
Ino: ?nope it?s the real deal,? she yelled to Sakura from the balcony.
Sakura: ?but why here??
Ino: ?your battling her because she thinks for some reason by battling against
you, you?re going to cure her shyness.?
Kurenai: ?now that both opponents are set and before I begin the battle. I must
tell you the rules for the this battle. There are two rules. First rule is
there are no limit of time, weapons, heath, and so on that you can use. The
second rule is that to win the match you have to make the other fighter given
in a way. That is all. One, two, three, begin!?
This time Sakura did not make the first move Hinita did. Hinita ran towards
Sakura and did a spinning leg kick at her but Sakura managed to jump out of the
way. Sakura seeing Hinita coming charging at her. Had through a shinobi knife
but it missed Hinita. Then Hinita through a shuriken which Sakura avoided by
leaning against a wall.
Sakura: ?ha, you missed me?
Hinita: ?not quite?
The two shinobi knifes that were hiding in the shadow of the shuriken had
managed to pin down Sakura arms. That is because as the shinobi knifes headed
to Sakura she did not react. So the shinobi knifes went into the wall and
caught both of Sakura?s sleeves in the process. That is how Sakura got her arms
pinned against the wall.
Sakura: ?hey, I can?t move my arms?
Kurenai in her head: ?very clever move Hinita.?
As Sakura shook her legs trying to get free, Hinita through two more shinobi
knifes that pinned Sakura by the socks. Leaving Sakura pinned up against the
wall in a x position. Now Sakura was completely defenseless. Hinita then walked
up to Sakura.
Sakura: ?go ahead hit me but I won?t give in.?
Hinita: ?silly Sakura I?m not going to do that?
Sakura: ?so, you?re going to let me go then??
Hinita: ?I?m not doing that either.?
Sakura: ?then what are you going to do with me??
Hinita: ?you will see?
Ino in her head: ?good job Hinita sticking with the plan I told you. Now make
her give into you.?
Hinita then ripped Sakura?s shirt down the middle, exposing Sakura?s red bra.
Sakura: ?no anything but this? she said knowing what Hinita had in plan for
Then Hinita ripped off Sakura?s bra and the whole ripped bra fell.
Sakura: ?judge please tell me she can?t do this? she said in a desperate plea.
Kurenai: ?I cant it?s against the rules. Also I?m enjoying the sight of your
well devolved b breasts.?
Sakura: ?great. Oh no I think I forgot my??
Hinita then rips off Sakura black shorts.
Sakura: ?underwear? she said finishing her sentence
Hinita: ?save your self the embarrassment and give into me now.?
Sakura: ?no I wont?
Hinita: ?suite you?re self. Then I will make you.?
Hinita then surrounded her mouth around Sakura left nipple and started a slow
sucking sensation.
Sakura: ?oh? she groaned
Ino could not stop fidgeting at watching this scene unfold before her.
Therefore, she decided to get rid of it. She then places her left hand down
into her pants and into her underwear. Then inserted two fingers in her
virginia and gradually began to finger fuck her self as she watched Sakura and
Hinita getting it on. Ino started to groan a lot from the pleasure. Therefore,
Kurenai glanced up at Ino.
Kurenai in her head: ?you could stop your self, could you.? She said then
redirected her attention on Sakura and Hinita.
Sakura?s and Ino?s pussy?s were getting really wet. Then Hinita started
flickering her tongue on Sakura?s left small nipple. Earning even more groans
from Sakura. Both Sakura?s and Ino?s faces were starting to get red. then
Hinita switch to Sakura?s right breast because her left nipple was now erect.
Then Hinita while sucking Sakura nipple used three of her fingers and finger
fucked Sakura?s minge.
Hinita: ?are you ready to give in to me now??
Sakura: ?no? she said fighting back all the great pleasure, she was receiving.
Hinita: ?ok then?
She tripled the speed of her finger fucking on Sakura as well as doubling that
speed with her sucking on Sakura?s nipple.
Sakura: ?ahh that fell wonderful I?m going to..?
Hinita: ?yes??
Sakura: ?give in? and she orgasm 3 times in a row. While Ino who was, still
watching them still had not had even one orgasm yet.
Kurenai: ?I?m proud to say Hinita is the winner. Sorry Sakura your still in
Ino?s control?
Sakura in her head: ?how did she know that, unless Ino told her before the
match started. Yeah, she figured that it.
Hinita: ?Sakura, thanks for helping me loose my shyness.?
Sakura: ?your welcomed. Now get me down from here.? She said out of breath.
Hinita then got her down.
Sakura: ?thanks.?
Ino while still finger fucking her made her way down to Sakura.
Ino: ?ok Sakura, since you lost you can start by laying down.?
Sakura laid down on her back.
Then Ino remover fingers from her pussy. Then used both hands and pulled down
her pants and underwear.
Ino: ?now, help me reach a climax? she said impatiently at then placed her
virgina on Sakura mouth.
Then Sakura starting her tongue in and out of Ino?s pussy and then after a
couple darts and wiggles of the tongue Ino orgasm all over Sakura?s face.
Sakura and Ino both wake up after a three-hour sleep. Ino stands up and pulls
up her underwear and pants.
Sakura: ?hey Ino?
Ino: ?yes?
Sakura: ?by any chance, did you bring me an extra pair of clothes did change
into? Because I really want to go home now and take a long soothing shower.?
Ino: ?as a matter of fact I did.? She then makes her way over to the bleachers,
reaches underneath one of the seats, grabs the clothes, and made her way back
to Sakura.
Ino: ? here you go,? she says as she hands the clothes over to Sakura.
Sakura: ?thank you. However, could not you get me something different from what
I normally where? Instead of the same thing I have on, except its not ripped
Ino: ? hey, if your going to complain. Ill be more than gladly to take back
what I had generously given. Then try and go home while walking down the
streets while guys looking at your naked body through your ripped clothes you
have on.?
Sakura: ?on second thought I couldn?t be happier with these extra clothes.?
Ino: ?that?s what I thought you would say.?
Sakura then takes off all her clothes that she was wearing leaving her naked.
Ino was getting a little horny as she watched Sakura strip naked but she did
not show it. Then Sakura redressed herself with the clothes that Ino gave her.
Sakura: ?Alright now that I?m dressed I?m going home.?
Ino: ?ok, good luck, five, four, three, two, one?
Sakura: ?hey Ino, the door is locked. Do you mind unlocking it?? she said
complete forgetting that she watched Ino lock the door earlier on today.
Ino: ?no, I don?t mind? she unlocks the door and then opens the door for
Sakura. Then after Sakura and her exited she closed the door.
Sakura: ?bye Ino? she said as she departed down the street to her home.
Ino: ?bye?
As soon as Sakura was no longer in sight Ino took out her cell from her left
pant pocket. Called a number and said, ?proceed as planned? and then hung up,
then shoved the phone back into her pocket. Ino then satisfied, made her way
Once Sakura was home and in her room, she stripped off all her clothes. Then
made her way to her bathroom located in her room and shut the door behind her.
After that Sakura then opened her sliding glass door to her shower and stepped
inside. Before she turned on the shower she closed the glass door, then proceed
to shampoo her hair. All of a sudden, Sakura felt a surge of pleasure start
rippling through her body. Almost as if there was a person in there with her
slowly caressing her naked body but as she looked around her she saw no one. So
seeing no one she decided to ignore it and continued rubbing shampoo in her
hair. Then out of no where she feels like she was just kissed and again she
looked around but no one was there.
Sakura: ?ok, I?m a little creeped out her?
Despite her fears she finished shampooing, her hair was about to rub soap all
over body but could not find it. Then she felt something in-between her legs.
As she looked down, she saw it was the soap floating in mid air cleaning her
legs. Now she was pretty-darn sure some one was in there with her. Her first
thought was that it was Naruto using an invisible jutsu.
Sakura: ?alright, Naruto you had your fun. Now show yourself you little pervert.
Therefore, I can totally kick your ass!
After Sakura said that she, her someone says, ?reappear?. But she was
completely shocked to find out it wasn?t in their with her it was another girl,
who was completely naked.
Sakura: ?Tsuchi what on earth are you doing her in my shower. Scratch that, are
you here because of Ino??
Tsuchi: ?yes, I am.?
Sakura: ?oh great!? she said sarcastically
Tsuchi: ?I was sent her by Ino to rape you? she said
Sakura: ?I have to get rapped again? Ohh.? she faints from shock.
After 10 minutes, Sakura wakes up only to find Tsuchi still with her in the
Sakura: ?so, what exactly do I get out of this?? she asks
Tsuchi: ?to repay Ino for one of the two payments you owe her?
Sakura: ?that?s great in all; but do you really have to rape me? I was already
rapped by Temari.? She said
Tsuchi: ?yes and no?
Sakura: ?what do you mean??
Tsuchi: ?what I mean to say is that I could just have easy calm sex with you
instead of hard brutal sex like Ino wanted me to do; but I still would have to take
your remaining virginity in your pussy. You understand??
Sakura: ?yes I do?
Tsuchi: ?so, which one do you want me to do my version of the job or Ino?s with
the rough sex??
Sakura: ?yours?
Tsuchi: ?now that that sorted out, the only remaining question is, do you want
me to take your virginity first or start off with easy going sex??
Sakura: ?let me think??
Sakura thinks for a while and comes to an answer.
Sakura: ?before I give you my answer I have a question.?
Tsuchi: ?yes??
Sakura: ?can I start off with some easy going sex, then you take my virginity,
and we finish off with easy going sex??
Tsuchi: ?if that is what you want sure.?
Sakura: ?great?
Tsuchi with out warning pushes Sakura up against the shower wall. Then started
placing kisses on Sakura?s mouth and traveled to her neck. Sakura threw her
head back in pleasure. Then Tsuchi made her way south to Sakura?s breasts. She
placed her mouth on Sakura right nipple and started a powerful sucking motion
with her mouth.
Sakura: ?boy Tsuchi {pant}, you are really good {pant}.?
Tsuchi taking quick break from her sucking said.
Tsuchi: ?In my home land love making is something you need to be perfect at.?
Tsuchi then continued Sakura?s right nipple although it was erect now. Then
Tsuchi took her left hand, brought it to Sakura?s left breast, and began to
slowly massage it. Then after a while Tsuchi then began to slowly bite Sakura?s
right nipple. Earning more groans from Sakura. Then while she was teething on
Sakura a little Tsuchi stopped massaging Sakura?s left boob and instead took
her index and thumb from her left hand and placed them on Sakura?s left nipple.
Then casually began to play with it. She started with a gentle squeezing then
started twisting it a little. Sakura was really, I mean really enjoying the
sensation that she was receiving. Then Tsuchi stopped what she was doing with
Sakura?s boobs, looked at the inside of Sakura?s legs through the water, and
saw that Sakura?s pussy was wet.
Tsuchi: ?ok you are officially ready for me to take your virginity now.?
Sakura: ?now? Cant we keep going for a little while longer?? she said pleading
Tsuchi: ?no.?
Sakura groaned in disappointment.
Sakura: ?how can you take my virginity when you don?t even have a strap on??
Tsuchi: ?that easy ill start off by slowly finger fucking you slowly adding in
all of my finger from my left hand. Then when they are all in I will shove my
whole fist in your snatch. That will surly take away your virginity for sure.?
Sakura: ?that will really hurt. I have never been fist fucked before.?
Tsuchi: ?too bad for you?
Tsuchi than started off with a three finger fuck. In and out they went. This
was driving Sakura mad with pleasure. Then Tsuchi added her four fingers and
quickened her pace. Now Sakura sweat was starting to really downpour off her
face. Then Tsuchi placed in her last finger in Sakura?s minge. Now Sakura knew
this was the last finger before the fist invasion. Soon enough after five
minutes of intensive five finger fucking Tsuchi?s fist slipped in Sakura?s
Sakura: ?owww!? she screamed.
Tsuchi: ?do not worry the pain will go away soon?.
A little blood was starting to fall out of Sakura?s virginia only to be washed
away by the water. Then after a couple fists slamming Sakura?s virginia stopped
bleeding and hurting her.
Sakura: ?wow this feels great,? she said now enjoying the fist fucking.
Sakura was moaning unbelievably now. Tsuchi after a couple more rams with her
fist she when removed it from Sakura?s pussy. As soon Tsuchi took out Sakura?s
pussy made a wet popping noise. Then Tsuchi left her hand in the water. So that
Sakura?s blood that was on her, hand would slide off. Then as soon as her hand
was cleaned Tsuchi asked Sakura a question.
Tsuchi: ?how was it??
Sakura: ?Better than a dildo that?s for sure?
Tsuchi: ?I?m glad you liked it.?
Then Tsuchi pushed Sakura?s body one again against the wall. Then she started
to grind her naked body against Sakura?s. Now for once both girls were feeling
Tsuchi: ?ohh Sakura your body feel so nice and warm?
Sakura: ?thanks? she said then blushed.
Then Sakura had an idea to repay Tsuchi back for all that pleasure she gave
her. She grabbed the showerhead and gently held in place in between Tsuchi?s
Tsuchi: ?thank you Sakura?
Sakura: ?my pleasure?
After 40 minutes of feeling the water shoot out towards Tsuchi?s pussy plus the
grinding she at last orgasm. Then thanked Sakura with a long kiss on the lips.
That kiss helped Sakura reach her orgasm as well. Then after they both finished
orgasming they took turns using the showerhead to clean them self?s off. Then
thy both stepped out the shower and dried off, before they entered Sakura?s
Sakura: ?will you tell Ino I only owe her one thing now??
Tsuchi: ?will do? and with that she blew a kiss to Sakura. Then turned back
into being invisible and left Sakura?s house threw Sakura?s window.
Sakura: ?that was fun,? she said before she went off to sleep.
After eight hours of sleep, Sakura is wakened up a phone call. So, she then
turns over in her bed and reaches over to answer the phone.
Ino: ?good morning Sakura. I?m glad to hear you?re awake.? She said over the
Sakura: ?go get sleep Ino I?m still tired from fucking Tsuchi?
Ino: ?I bet you are. She told me you did a good job on her too. So, by having
sex with her you made up for me seeing you masturbate. But you still owe me for
dreaming of fucking me.?
Sakura: ?I know can I get some sleep now.?
Ino: ?sure if you want. But I just called to let you know I have Sasuke at my
Sakura?s ears perked up at the sound of Sasuke.
Sakura: ?what about Sasuke?? she said now more awake.
Ino: ?oh nothing except he asked me to call you so you could come over and fuck
Before Ino could finish that sentence Sakura hung up and got out of bed. Then
at lighting speed got dressed and made her way over to Ino?s home.
Ino now realizing she heard a phone hung up.
Ino: ?hello Sakura, are you still on the line? Hello? she said over the phone.
But heard no reply so hung up.
Ino: ?sorry Sasuke, she hung up on me. How ever I?m available to be fucked by
Sasuke: ?sorry Ino. My offer only goes out to Sakura.?
Ino in her head: ?Sakura I?m going to kill you for this.? She said feeling her
heart being ripped out.
Then Ino heard a nock on her front door, exited her room, and went down stairs to
answer it. Ino opened the door. But was shocked to see that it was Sakura.
Ino: ?boy, that was fast?
Sakura: ?can I come in?? she said a little winded
Ino: ?sure?
Ino closes the door as soon as Sakura enters.
Sakura: ?were is Sasuke??
Ino: ?he is in my room?
Sakura: ?which is??
Ino: ?just go up these stairs and it is the second door on your left.?
Again before she could finish Sakura bolted up the stairs and headed to Ino?s
Sakura: ?Sasuke I?m coming? she said still climbing the stairs.
Ino then suddenly thought she could not afford to miss seeing Sasuke naked. So,
she also ran to her room. But unlucky for Ino as soon as she made it up to her
bedroom door she turned the knob only to find it was locked. Sakura must have
beat her upstairs entered the bedroom and locked the door to keep Ino out.
Ino: ?Sakura, open this door right now? she said pounding on the door.
But Sakura ignored her. Then saw Sasuke on Ino?s bed naked. Sakura wasted no
time, stripped off all her clothes, and joined Sasuke on Ino?s bed.
Sakura: ?Sasuke you?re so big? she said glancing at his now fully erect dick.
Sasuke: ?I know it was 11 inches last time I measured it today.?
Sakura: ?so Sasuke have you ever made love before??
Sasuke: ?nope?
Sakura in her head: ?yes, I?m going to be his first and not Ino?
Now Ino was irritating Sasuke by pounding on the door.
Sasuke: ?Sakura, good could you do something important?
Sakura: ?anything for you Sasuke?
Sasuke: ?good, can you let Ino in??
Sakura: ?but why??
Sasuke: ?because all her pounding the door is driving me bonkers.?
Sakura: ?ok? she said giving up.
Sakura then get off the bed and makes her way to her pile of clothes on the
Sasuke: ?what are you doing??
Sakura: ?I?m, going to get dressed?
Sasuke: ?well, don?t?
Sakura: ?why can?t I get dressed??
Sasuke: ?two reasons. One you and Ino are both girls, so you have nothing to
hide. Secondly, I would love to see your butt wiggle as you walk naked to the
Sakura did not no whether or not to say thanks or blush. So, she settled with
Sakura: ?thanks? she said with a big blush on both of her cheeks.
Sasuke?s eyes were glued at the sight of Sakura sexy smooth buttock as she
walked. Then Sakura made her way over to the door, unlocked it, and opened up
for Ino.
Ino: ?its about time? she said as she made her way inside.
As soon as she was in Sakura closed and locked the door again.
Sakura: ?find a chair to sit down on. Keep in mind Ino you are only in here to
watch and not to join in according to Sasuke has say in the matter.
Sasuke: ?I didn?t say that?
Sakura: ?well, I just assumed that it was only going to be me and you?
Sasuke: ?well, you assumed wrong?
Sakura: ?so, I?m not going to have sex with you?? she asked having her heart
being ripped to shreds.
Sasuke: ?but of course you are having sex with me. The thing is I want Ino to
join us so it can be a threesome.?
Ino: ?but, I thought you said I couldn?t join you?
Sasuke: ?that?s true but someone changed my mind.?
Ino and Sakura: ?who??
Sasuke: ?Sakura?
Sakura: ?me, how??
Sasuke: ?its just looked to me. That you or I would not have a wonderful time
unless someone else joined in. just think of the fun we will have?
Ino and Sakura: ?yeah, fun? they both said sarcastically.
Both in their own heads thinking while glaring angrily at each other: ?Why
couldn?t it had been me and Sasuke??
Sasuke: ?so, Ino get naked so we can start having sex.?
Ino: ?all right Sasuke? she said breaking the glare between her and Sakura.
Sakura then goes back on the bed, lies down, and snuggles against Sasuke.
Ino then decided not to just remove her clothes. But to do it in a sexy strip
dance for Sasuke?s benefit and to make Sakura jealous that Sasuke?s attention
for the time being will be on her.
As Ino shook her hips as she slowly removed her shirt. As soon as it was off of
her she then brought it in-between her legs. Then grabbed on to one sleeve from
behind her with one hand and used the to grabbed the other sleeve from the
front. Then slowly began to pull at both sides. Making her shirt grind against
her pussy covered by her pants and underwear. Sasuke?s eyes first went towards
Ino chest glancing at her white silk bra and then traveled south to watch Ino
push and pull a her shirt in-between her legs. Sakura was left speechless with
her mouth a gap. As she watched Ino do this. As soon, as saw that Sasuke?s eyes
were on her let go of her shirt with one hand and threw it on the ground with
the other. Then Ino walked towards a wall and slowly began to grind against it.
Ino could not help but to moan as she was doing this. That is because the
friction from the wall had a great impact of pleasure on her breasts. Now
Sakura mouth was even more a gap and her eyes were transfixed on Ino. Then Ino
grabbed the hem of her pants from the side and pulled them down. As soon as
they were at her feet, she kicked them off. Now that Ino?s pants were off her
black panties were now in view. Then Ino steeped away from the wall and face
Sasuke. Then lifted up both of her feet one foot at a time and removed her pink
socks. Then Ino crawled onto the bed in only panties and her bra. She then made
way over to Sasuke. Once there she shacked her nice b rack in front of Sasuke?s
face. Then Sasuke?s hand started to travel in mid air to make its way to Ino?s
breasts. But Ino swatted his hand with one of her own, then waged her index
finger in front of his face.
Ino: ?no, no. I?m not done yet.?
She then crawled off the bed and then slowly unhooked her bra and let it slip
off her shoulders, down her arms and onto the ground. She then started to jump
up and down making her free boobs bounce up and down. Now Sakura closed her
mouth, crossed her arms, and held them at her chest. Now realizing that Ino was
doing this for Sasuke?s attention. Then after a couple more jumps Ino then
turns around, bends over having her butt face Sasuke. She then uses the her
hands to slowly pull her underwear down. Then when her underwear is showing
half of her bum she pulls up her underwear back near her waist. As an attempt
to tease Sasuke. By the looks of his close to bulging eyes and disappointed
face it was working. Then with one smooth Ino pulled down her underwear. Then
removed it from her feet and threw it on the rest of her clothes she had on the
ground. Then Ino crawls back on the bed now naked.
Sakura: ?sure such a show off Ino? she said angrily
Ino just smiled and ignored her. Then Ino positions herself above Sasuke?s
face. Then sits down making sure that her vaginia was near Sasuke?s mouth. Then
she held Sasuke?s head pushing it against her cunt. So, that he would take this
as an opportunity to lick it. Soon enough after a while Sasuke was licking at
Ino?s cunt?s opening. Sakura now realizing that she was being left out of the
action decided to be the first one to have fun with Sasuke?s dick. So, she then
arranges her head hovering above Sasuke?s dick. Then with one quick move she
took Sasuke?s full length and started to give Sasuke a blowjob. Ino was really
enjoying Sasuke?s tongue on her cunt lips. Then as Sasuke has intruded his
tongue inside Ino?s snatch Sakura at the time to was increasing her bobbing
pace on Sasuke?s dick. Then Sakura removed Sasuke?s dick from her mouth only to
casually lick the full length of Sasuke?s rod. Then with Sasuke satisfied from
the pleasure Sakura was giving him, he started to quickly tart his wiggling
tongue inside and out of Ino?s minge. Now Ino was really on the verge of
orgasming soon. But she decided to hold it a little longer.
Meanwhile with Sakura, she was finishing up licking at Sasuke?s rod. Then after
she was done with that she then started to place a kiss at the head of Sasuke?s
dick. Followed by a few more lick on Sasuke?s head.
Back with Ino after Sasuke has tripled his pace with lapping of his tongue, Ino
begged for relief. Then ended up letting go and cumming all over Sasuke?s face.
Satisfied with her climax she got off of Sasuke. Then made her way to Sakura.
Then tapped Sakura?s shoulder. Sakura feeling her shoulder tapped stopped
giving Sasuke a blowjob to see who tapped her shoulder.
Ino: ?hey Sakura, now that Sasuke done giving me an orgasm why don?t you two
lock lips together.?
Sakura: ?do you mean it?? she said very eagerly.
Ino: ?sure do. Now get to it.?
Sakura then laid horizontally on the bed so that only her lips were touching
Sasuke lips. This way Ino could have access to Sasuke?s dick.
Author?s notes?Ino wanted Sakura to kiss Sasuke. So, that Ino could be the
first one to ride Sasuke. If you no what I mean.
Ino had no problem about lowering her self onto Sasuke?s dick. Because she
broke her hymen a while back in dildo disaster. Now Ino was really moaning
enjoying the penetration as she rode Sasuke. Then Sakura broke her kiss to see
what Ino was moaning about. But was shocked to see Ino having a sexual
intercourse with Sasuke.
Sakura in her head: ?that selfless brat Ino. She distracted me by letting kiss
Sasuke so she could be Sasuke?s first. Damn her?
After a couple rams of inserting, Sasuke?s dick in Ino Sakura could not take it
any more. She then decide to pull Ino off of Sasuke?s dick.
Ino: ?hey Sakura, why did you do that? I was so close.?
Sakura: ?you had your turn and now its mine.?
Sakura then lowered her self just lightly above Sasuke?s dick. Then used her
hands to guide Sasuke?s dick inside her cunt.
Sakura: ?oh Sasuke, you feel so good inside me.?
Sasuke: ?oh Sakura, even though your hymen was broken by someone else. You are
still very tight. I like that?
After Ino watched, Sakura and Sasuke hump each other for a while she spoke up.
Ino: ?what am I suppose to do??
Sakura: ?you {pant} could finger {pant} yourself while watching {pant} us.?
After taking that thought into consideration, she decided that it was the only
thing to do. So Ino started to slowly finger fuck her self. While taking a
couple glances at Sakura and Sasuke doing them selves. Now 4 hours of fucking
both girls orgasmed.
Both girls: ?that was great Sasuke?
Ino then pointed out something.
Ino: ?I just realized you still haven?t orgasmed yet. Let me help you reach
Sasuke: ?no, you really don?t have to? he said.
Ino: ?I do and I will.?
Ino then grabs Sasuke?s dick and places it in-between her palms of her hands
and furiously rubs Sasuke?s dick, after a couple seconds of this Sasuke
orgasms. Then Ino and Sakura scream.
Ino and Sakura: ?ahhh!!! Tenten what did you do with Sasuke??
Tenten: ?I did nothing to him?
Sakura: ?then, how did you get here??
Tenten: ?that?s easy I used a jutsu to look like Sasuke. So, you people
actually fucked me a girl instead. Isn?t that funny.?
Tenten rolls over laughing.
Ino: ?no that?s not funny.?
Sakura: ?so this isn?t your doing??
Ino: ?of course not?
Sakura: ?Tenten I would normally expect this from Naruto. What should we do
will a bad girl like her??
Ino: ?I know?
Tenten: ?what are you going to do??
Ino: ?since I could think of one thing to do. I decided to try all the ideas I
had thought to punish you. So how does that sound??
Tenten: ?not good?
Ino: ?I thought you say that. First, will start with a series of spankings,
then progress from there.?
So Tenten realizing her hopes of getting out of here were shattered, sadly
walked over Ino and Sakura and bent over the bed waiting to be spanked.
Ino: ?get off the bed Tenten?
Tenten: ?why, I thought you guys were going to spank me.?
Ino: ?don?t fret, we are without a doubt are going to spank you. But I thought
me and Sakura would feel more dominate over you if??
Tenten: ?what?? she said impatiently
Sakura: ?if you were to bend over my knees,? she said finishing Ino?s sentence.
Then Tenten sadly walked over to Sakura and bend down over Sakura?s knees. As
soon as Tenten was in position on Sakura?s knees Ino asked a question to
Ino: ?oh Sakura, doesn?t Tenten?s position bring back any memories.? Knowing
for sure that it did.
Sakura also knew for sure that it did. But she really loathed Ino for asking
that. Because she knew that once Ino had, something on someone Ino would not
let the person forget.
Sakura: ?yes it does Ino?
Tenten: ?wait, wait a second here. Now I am just pulling this from out of thin
air. But do you mean to tell me that Ino here {she glances at Ino} spanked you
{glancing back at Sakura}??
Sakura: ?yes? she said softly as she held her head in shame.
Tenten: ?what was that? I didn?t catch that.?
Sakura: ?yes? she said again but now even more loudly.
Tenten: ?I don?t mean to rude but how did that happen. I thought you guys
hatted each other?s guts.?
Ino: ?we do. It?s just that I got some info on Sakura here and have been ever
since then blackmailing her with it.?
Sakura: ?you have to understand my position, here.?
Tenten: ?of course, I understand? she said as cried a little and put on a
understanding face.?
Sakura: ?it?s so great to have someone understand.?
Tenten: ?you didn?t let me finish my sentence?
Sakura: ?I thought you were done?
Tenten: ?no, I wasn?t. When I said of course, I understand. I meant to add the
word ?not!? to it.?
Sakura: ?why you little good for nothing bitch. I bet you even faked your
Tenten: ?you got that right. I cannot believe you actually thought I was sorry
for you. Ha, ha, ha!? she laughed for about five whole minutes.
Author?s notes: ?now personally, I wouldn?t recommend toying with someone who
has you in a vulnerable position. Now, on with the story?
During those five minutes, Sakura was literally becoming scorching mad in her
head. That Tenten despite knowing the fact that she was in an embarrassing
position decides to play a cruel joke on Sakura.
Sakura: ?that is it, you are officially going to be flattened!? she said
Sakura then slams her palm of her left-hand right-on Tenten?s left butt check.
Tenten: ?ouch! That hurt!?
Sakura: ?don?t even think about complaining now. The worst is yet to come.?
Sakura then planted ten more brutal slaps upon Tenten?s left butt cheek.
Sakura: ?now lets make the other side even with eleven slaps. Just so you know
each slap I do from now on will be double the pain.?
Tenten: ?oh no not double! I thought it was worse already? she said as she
rubbed her soar left butt cheeks.?
But before Sakura could start she had to slap Tenten?s hands away from rubbing
her rear.
Tenten: ?hey, why did you do that??
Sakura: ?I don?t think you are in the position for asking questions. But if you
must know it is because bad girls like you do not get to rub their buttock. You
only can will be when I tell you to.?
Tenten gulped at the fact that she was sure enough going to be in for more pain
and she could to any thing to relieve some of the pain.
Sakura: ?now back to those eleven smacks. One! {Smack}?
Tenten: ?ow?
Sakura: ?two {smack}, three {smack}, four {smack}?
Tenten: ?oweeee?
Sakura: ?five {smack}, six {smack}, seven {smack}, eight {smack}, nine {smack},
ten {smack}.?
Sakura taking a break from her job asked a question.
Sakura: ?I?m sorry, does it hurt?? she asked being sarcastic.
Tenten: ?yes? she squeaked quietly
Sakura: ?what was that you said??
Sakura then brings down her eleventh smack on Tenten?s buttcheeck.
Tenten: ?yes!? she cried out loud.
Sakura: ?that?s what I thought you said?
Tenten: ?now can I rub my butt??
Sakura: ?nope? she said showing no emotion towards Tenten who was in a great
deal of pain. In addition, Tenten?s buttcheeks were pulsating, a red handprint
on each buttcheeck.
Tenten: ?are you at least done with giving me spankings??
Sakura: ?yes I am.?
Tenten: ?ok, good so what?s next?? she said as she tried to shrug off her pain
but to no prevail did it help.
Ino: ?Sakura, are you thinking what I?m thinking??
Sakura: ?oh yeah?
Ino and Sakura: ?whip treatment?
Tenten: ?now, what are you going to do to me? Also, will this be my last part
of my punishment??
Sakura: ?I?m not going to do nothing this is Ino?s job. All Ino?s going to do
is take out her belt from her closet and use it to beat you.?
While Sakura was talking Ino made her way over to her closet and back to face
Sakura and Tenten as she held her brown belt in her hands.
Ino: ?so Tenten why don?t you get off of Sakura. Then kiss Sakura on lips and
thank her for punishing your butt. after that bend over on the bed so that your
stomach is on the bed and have your butt face me.?
Tenten: ?okay? she said although she did not like agreeing to it.
Tenten got off of Sakura. Then closed her eyes and gave Sakura a quick peck on
the lips. Then Tenten forced herself to lie as thanked Sakura because she did
not really want to thank her.
Tenten: ?thank you Sakura for punishing me.? She said as she bowed for Sakura
and then turned around to go to the bed.
Sakura: ? your welcome?
Sakura was so pleased on how Tenten did what she did Sakura gave her a pat on
the butt as a reward for a job well done. Tenten froze as she felt Sakura right
hand taps her gently on the butt, sending a wave of pain through Tenten?s body.
But Tenten shrugged it off and continued to walk over to the bed. As soon as
she approached the bed and bent over on it, Ino stepped behind her admiring
Sakura?s handiwork.
Ino: ?good job Sakura, you really did a number on her.?
Sakura: ?thanks? she said accepting the complement.
Ino: ?now Tenten unlike with Sakura if you scream or say anything even a peep
while I?m punishing you. Ill make sure you regret it by giving you ten extra
smacks with the whips each time I hear you say something. Ok?.?
Tenten: ?ok? she said in fear.
Ino: ?you know what on second thought your butt looks well punished so I wont
whip you on your butt.?
Tenten: ?that?s a relief?
Ino: ?don?t get to high strong, I am still going to whip you. So get your whole
body on the bed and lay down on your back. Sakura get on the bed too.?
Both girls did as they were told unsure to what Ino had in mind. But Tenten
felt it was hard to lay down her soar butt. But did it anyway.
Ino: ?good. Now Sakura arrange yourself so that you are siting down on Tenten?s
face facing me. So that Tenten can be able to lick your snatch.?
Sakura got into position.
Ino: ?excellent now Tenten raise your legs up in the air and spread them as
wide as you can.? And Sakura make sure they stay that way until I tell you
Tenten raise her legs up in the air in a spread eagle position. Then Sakura
leaned forwards a little and grabbed both legs with her hands to make sure that
Tenten?s legs stayed that way. Tenten did not mind doing this because it ended
up lifting her but a little off the bed. Which took away some of Tenten?s pain.

Ino: ?alright now lets begin whacking at your precious pussy.?
Tenten bit down on her bottom lip as she prepared herself for the first strike.
With in seconds Ino brought the melt part of the belt down right across
Tenten?s pussy. Tenten wanted to scream as loud as she could but did not.
However, she had to do something to occupy her mind off of the pain so Tenten
decided to lick Sakura?s pussy.
Whack came another blow. That made Tenten?s tongue plunge deep into Sakura now
wet snatch. Sakura squirmed a little until she cold used to Tenten?s cold
Whack came two more blows. Now tears started to slowly began to form on
Tenten?s face. This did not stop Tenten from licking the insides of Sakura?s
cunt. It only made Tenten more focused at tripling the darting, wiggling, and
speed of her tongue on Sakura?s snatch.
Sakura: ?oh yeah! That is the spot. Don?t you dare stop?
Ino: ?only three more left. Then that is it?
Whack came another blow. Tenten was now burning in pain but ignored it. Sakura
was wet now and on the verge of a climax.
Whack came the last two blows. Now Tenten?s pussy was redder than any ripe
tomato and hurt like the dickens. Then finished off Sakura by doubling her pace
with all the energy she had left. It was indeed enough as soon as Tenten was
done licking Sakura shot her load all over Tenten?s face.
Sakura: ?thank you Tenten,? she said as she got off Tenten and laid down on her
back on the bed.
Tenten: ?no thank you for keeping me distracted from my pain.? She said licking
the remainder of cum off her face.
Sakura: ?your welcome and you can rub your butt and snatch now.?
Sakura did not have to tell Tenten twice because Tenten?s hands immediately
went to her lower region private parts and began to rub them.
Ino: ?you can leave now Tenten. But no more jokes and not a word to anyone.?
Tenten: ?I understand? as she got off the bed and got dressed. Then left the
Ino: ?I think she learned her lesson,? she said as she joined Sakura on the
Sakura: ?definitely?
Then both remaining girls turned on their side, faced each other, and rapped
their arms around the other.
Sakura: ?goodnight Ino?
Ino: ?sweet dreams Sakura?
Author?s notes— yes, the pervious chapter was a little short, but I had my
reasons. In addition, I like to say this chapter would not have been made if
Josh did not tell me about his wonderful suggestion on how to continue. Thanks
man for sending me your idea. Lastly, I was asked if English was my second
language and yes it is. My first language is Portuguese. Now, that I have
answered your questions on with the story.
After they wake up and changes back into their still clean clothes from the day
Ino: ?hey Sakura? she said a little drowsily getting off the bed and standing
Sakura: ?what? she yawned, also getting off the bed.
Ino: ?I just thought what you can do. For that thing you owe me.?
Sakura: ?really? she said more awake.
Ino: ?yep, all you have to do is join me and some girls in a slumber party.?
Sakura: ?wait a second what?s the catch?? she asked
Ino: ?there is only a slight catch.?
Sakura: ?I knew it?
Ino: ?the catch is me the girls are going to bring a certain boy to the party.?
Sakura: ?so, who is the boy?? she said eager to know.
Ino: ?I won?t tell you. You will have to find out at the slumber party.?
Sakura now tempered that Ino is keeping her little mouth shut.
Sakura: ?before I make my decision to go to the party you will tell who is the
boy.? She said grabbing the hem of Ino?s shirt and lifting her foot off the
Ino: ?now Sakura, put me down right now. Or ill take my offer to invite you
Sakura who did not want to loose the offer put Ino down.
Ino: ?thank you,? she said.
Both girls made their way outside.
Ino: ?so Sakura, are you going to come?? she said asking her again as they
Sakura intrigued to know whom the boy was said?.
Sakura: ?sure ill go?
Ino: ?great meet me at your house at 2:00pm for the party. But, do not come
home any earlier than that. It will ruin the surprise ill be setting up.?
Sakura: ?fine? she said
Then Ino departed by running off to Sakura?s house.
Sakura: ?great what am I supposed to do for five hours,? she said to herself.
Then an idea popped in her head giving her sinister smile.
Sakura: ?oh, ill think I can manage blowing off 5 hours having fun? she said
keeping her smile and rubbing her hands together.
Sakura then spies Naruto and climbs a tree after setting her trap for him.
Naruto: ?great why does Sakura have to like Sasuke instead of me?? he says
out-loud to himself while walking down the path near the tree Sakura was on.
Sakura in her head: ?for good reason Naruto your so annoying. Besides Sasuke is
so much cooler than you.? She said as she kept watching Naruto up in the tree
out of his view.
Naruto suddenly stops in his tracks.
Naruto: ?holy crud, is that? It is a circular ramin cup, the size of a family
ford car. I must have it in my stomach.? He said speaking hungrily with his
mouth drooling a little, but wiped it off with shirtsleeve.
Sakura in her head: ?that?s it Naruto, go and open it.? She sat there on the
tree branch still smiling.
Naruto then climbs on top the cup and opens it up. Then falls back at the sight
of a mad German shepherd jumping out at him. Then Naruto jumps off the cup with
the dog still following him.
Naruto: ?ahhh!! Someone call this dog off.?
Sakura was now laughing in head. Her plan had worked.
Naruto: ?someone, please help? he cried out in pain because the dog just bit
him on the butt. Only to have part of Naruto?s pants ripped off.
Sakura: ?ha, ha, ha what a buffoon? she said quietly.
Naruto was still running from the mad dog.
Naruto: ?this is so not cool someone pretty please tell him to heal!?
Naruto the climbs over a wooden fence.
Naruto: ?whew, glad that?s over.? He said leaning against the fence.
When all of a sudden the dog jumps straits through the fence.
Naruto: ?holy crap, this dog is nuts!? he said as he started running again.
Then Naruto jumps over the fence again. But the dog followed him over.
Naruto: ?I really got to loose this dog. That it.?
Naruto drops on to the dirt road and just lies there not moving. The dog then
walks over to him, gives him a couple barks, and sniffs. Satisfied the dog runs
away. As soon as the dog was no where in view, Naruto got to his feet again.
Naruto: ?boy, that was weird. Well, at least it is over?
Sakura: ?don?t be to sure Naruto.? She said still keeping her voice hushed.
Naruto takes one more step, then hears a branch snap and other. Before he knows
it, he feels strait down a 10 by 10 by 10-foot pit.
Naruto: ?ow! This is great, just great. Now I have to wait for the mailman to
get me out?
Naruto looks at his watch. Okay it is 1:58pm and the mail carrier will be here
in 45 minutes!. Fantastic!? he said then sat down in the dirt, crossed his
arms, legs, and waited.
Sakura in her head: ?1:58pm??! I got hurry to get home for the slumber party
before she left she turned around, saw Naruto in the hole, and laughed.
Once Sakura got home she went inside and closed the door behind her. Then hear
noises coming from her room and investigated. Once she was in her room, she saw
Hinita, Tsuchi, Anko, Temari, Tenten, and Kureni, but no Ino.
Sakura: ?where is Ino??
Ino: ?here I am? she yells behind Sakura.
Sakura: ?why did you yell? I?m right behind you.?
Ino: ?sorry. Alright girls take a seat on Sakura?s bed.?
All the girls took a seat on the bed.
Ino: ?as you may know. I told you we would have a boy joining are party. So without
further ado ill bring him in.?
Ino left the bedroom for a second then returned carrying Sasuke tied up on a
chair naked.
Sakura: ?Sasuke, is that you??
Sasuke: ?Sakura?? he asked before he nodded off.
Sakura: ?Ino what did you do to him??
Ino: ?nothing really. Unless you consider me giving him a couple sleeping
pills. Which should be taking affect about now.?
Sakura: ?Ino, how could you??
Ino: ?simple really, he didn?t want to come. So, I made him. Besides aren?t you
glad he is here and naked.?
Sakura: ?not really? she lied
Ino: ?don?t lie to me Sakura, I saw you taking a couple glances at his rod.?
Sakura blushed because she was caught.
Ino: ?okay everybody lets play truth or dare.?
They all gather in a group on the floor. Except Sasuke who stayed where he was
by the door.
Ino: ?true or dare Sakura??
Sakura: ?truth?
Ino: ?what is the most worse thing you would hat to see happen??
Sakura: ?that easy, you fucking Sasuke.?
Ino: ?interesting. Well that raps up the game.?
Sakura: ?but we just started?
Ino: ?we just did that so I could know what you hated most and know I do.?
Sakura: ?crap.?
Author?s notes?before I continue, let me say sorry for not updating sooner, I
have been under the weather for awhile. Onwards, to the story.
Ino: ?know Tenten, while I go ahead and fuck Sasuke, you are under Sakura?s
All girls except Ino and Tenten: ?what??
Ino: ?allow me to explain it briefly. Sakura and me assumed something but were
tricked by Tenten. So, we made her pay. Then when Sakura nodded off to slumber-land,
I went to go find Tenten. Once I found her, I decided as last part of her
punishment to be Sakura and mine?s slave. She of course did not agree at first.
But lets just say I would blackmail her if she did not. So, knowing that did
not have much of a choice she finally agreed to be our slave. There you have
it. Now if you will excuse me I?m going to fuck Sasuke?
She leaves the group, removes all of her clothes, and guides Sasuke?s dick into
her vagina. Then slowly starts a slow tempo, making Sasuke?s dick go in and out
of her.
Sakura: ?damn, you Ino for tricking me for telling you what I hate most and
using it against me.
Ino sticks out her tongue at Sakura and smiles.
Sakura: ?the nerve of that women.? She said angrily
Sakura regains her composer.
Sakura: ?Tenten, is what Ino said true??
Tenten: ?yes? she said hanging her head in shame.
Sakura: ?alright then, first I want you to?.? She starts to think.
She thinks for 6 minutes and gets an idea.
Sakura: ? I want you to put on a strip show for everyone in this room and it
better be good. If it is not ill just?? she stops to think again.
Tenten: ?you will what?? she said lifting up her head with a face eager to
Sakura: ?ill have you give us a better and longer one. So, I was you I would
give it all you got and then some.?
Tenten: ?alright, but how will I know if I did a good job?? she said.
Sakura thinks on this for a little. Then comes up with a solution.
Sakura: ?okay here is how this is going to work. First ill remove all my
clothes, then join all the remaining girls on the bed. Then while you strip, I
will finger my cunt. By any chance I should stop fingering myself before I cum.
You then stop stripping long enough to choose one person here to pleasure me
instead. After you choose someone and they start pleasuring me you resume your
duty striping. You will know you did a good job if I cum before you remove your
last item of clothing. Now, do you understand??
Tenten: ?yes? she said then got in front of the bed. So that anyone on the bed
would have an up close view on her.
Sakura than was going to start removing her clothes, until she was interrupted
by a tap on the shoulder. It was Anko. Before Sakura could look back to see
her. Anko appeared in front of her in a blink of Sakura?s eyes. Anko then looked
at Sakura and Sakura looked at her. They both did nothing but looked at each
other. Sakura than broke the silence between them.
Sakura: ?can I help?? she politely asked
Anko: ?I?m sorry I came over here to help you. But as soon as I saw your
beautiful green gems eyes I was lost in amazement on how gorgeous you looked?
Sakura did not no whether to blush or thank Anko. So, she settled on both.
Sakura: ?thanks, Anko? she blushed making her face go completely red.
Anko: ?your welcome. So back, to what I was saying will you let me help you
remove your clothes for you? I promise you as soon as I am done you will be
asking me to do it again.?
Sakura in her mind: ?yeah right, there is no way I?m going to like Anko for
removing my clothes, so much that I would want her to do it again.?
But because Sakura was nice girl at heart, she was going to let her.
Sakura: ?sure, go ahead?
Anko: ?great, you won?t regret allowing me to do this?
Sakura in her head: ?we will just see about that?
Anko then grabbed the bottom of Sakura?s red dress, lifted it off Sakura, and
placed it on the ground.
Now all the girls including Ino glanced over to Anko who just removed Sakura?s
red dress. This left Sakura in her undergarments.
Sakura in her mind: ?I?m suppose to be liking this why??
Anko then got behind Sakura and placed her hands on both of Sakura?s mounds.
Sakura?s question was answered. Anko, then started a soft squeezing sensation
on her breasts through Sakura?s bra. This made Sakura bend down a little from
the unsuspected pleasure. While Anko continued her excellent rubbing of
Sakura?s breasts, she went to work at using her teeth to remove Sakura?s bra.
Sakura: ?oh, a little more hard and faster please? she said as her chest was
rubbing up against Anko?s hands.
Anko who heard Sakura, was more than happy to obliged. Sakura groaned again
when she felt her request being fulfilled. After a while of massaging and a
couple flicks of Anko?s fingers on Sakura?s nipples, Anko finally unhooked
Sakura bra with her teeth. As soon as it was, unhooked Anko removed her hands
off Sakura?s bra ignored to let the bra fall to the ground. Now all the girls
were drooling at the sight of Sakura breasts bouncing out of her bra. Even Ino
was, despite all ready seeing Sakura?s breasts many times before. Anko then got
in front of Sakura. Then Anko placed her mouth on Sakura right nipple and
started sucking. Then Anko worker her left hand in-between Sakura?s legs. Once
there she started feeling around for Sakura?s minge. Then once she had found it
she put two fingers on it then pushed her fingers in through Sakura?s now wet
underwear and began to finger fuck her.
Sakura: ?oh my? she said ash felt another shot of pleasure ripple all through
her body as Anko did that.
Then Anko used her free hand to paddle Sakura?s rump.
Sakura: ?ouch? she said feeling her butt being hit.
After a while of all of that Sakura panties had gotten really wet, not to
mention Sakura was a verge of orgasming. So Anko took this as her cue to stop
everything she was doing. Then Anko used her right hand to rip off Sakura?s
undies. Anko then wiggled her head in-between Sakura legs and licked Sakura?s
asshole until she came. This went on for 60 minutes and finally Sakura could
not hold it any longer and came. As Sakura was breathing heavily from that
pleasure, Anko removed her head from Sakura legs, and stood up.
Anko: ?I told you wouldn?t regret it.?
Sakura: still out of breath manage to say, ?you were right?
Anko: ?now hurry up, or we will miss the stripping.?
Sakura: ?your right. I don?t want to miss that.?
All the girls except Ino, Tenten, and Sakura who sat on the bedpost, got on
Sakura?s bed to watch the show unfold.

?Dang that was a good show? said
Sakura as the show ended. Eventually Ino had her orgasm with Sasuke. So, after
that was over, Ino called the party over, everyone got dressed and everyone
went home. Except Ino who stayed to talk with Sakura alone. After the coast was
clear, Sakura, and Ino were the only ones in the room Ino started talking to
Sakura. ?Sakura, can I talk with you real quick? I just want to ask you a
question if say no ill be out of your hair.? Ino said. ?Go ahead, Ino,? said
Sakura knowing well that Ino would not leave until Sakura hear out. ?Umm, I
don?t know how to say this so ill show and tell you.? Ino said blushing. Ino
then said after she dropped all her clothes ?who wants a piece of me?? ?I do,?
said Sakura jumping on the opportunity to get a little revenge over Ino?s past
treatment to her. ?Not so fast their, Sakura. If you want a piece of me, you
have to be naked as well. Otherwise ill take back my offer.? Ino said pressing
back Sakura?s head form coming at her with her hand. ?Fine? Sakura sighed as
she removed all her clothes. Then once naked Sakura pushed Ino on her own bed
then got on top of Ino. ?Do your worst? Ino said to incite Sakura. But Ino did
not expect what Sakura would do next. ?Strap on jutsu? Sakura said fast. Too
fast for Ino to react with ?what? Sakura don?t!? but Ino was too late. A green
strap on wrapped around Sakura?s waist. The strap on was 13 inches long and
3.3wide. Sakura wasted no time, held Ino?s wrists against the bed with her
hands, and began to insert the fake cock inside Ino. Ino screamed bloody murder
as she felt the whole thing go inside of her. The strap on was so big that it
completely stretched Ino pussy to its limit.
As Sakura rammed the fake cock in and out of Ino, she asked Ino a question.
?So, Ino, what {pant} made you {pant} consider to give {pant} me this {pant}
offer? {Pant}? Sakura asked. ?I wanted this {pant} to be your {pant} own reward
for {pant} paying me back.? Ino said out of breath and in the best pleasure of
her life. ?Thanks for giving me {pant} this opportunity Ino? thanked Sakura.
?Your welcome? replied Ino. ?Drill me harder and faster!? yelled Ino as she was
getting tired from the slow fucking. ?Alright but remember you asked for it?
Sakura said as she tripled her current pace. ?Oh my? Ino shouted as she felt
the rush of pleasure and the pounding increasing each time was almost
unbearable. The fucking went on for surprisingly five hours. Now both
contestants were tired and Ino was very close to a climax. Now even though
Sakura was very tired see found enough strength as well as Ino did, to go on
for another hour. So, Sakura then took the fake cock out of Ino?s very wet
snatch and then Sakura did a temporally real penius jutsu. This would go away
after Sakura finished orgasming with it. So, this made Sakura have a real
15inch cock in length and 3 inch in width, instead of her vagina. Plus there
was another feature to it that gave Sakura the ability to have multiple orgasms
at one. Then Sakura placed her cock at the entrance of Ino?s ass. Sakura then
took some of Ino?s juices and rubbed it on her cock to use as lube. While
Sakura did that, she enjoyed the feeling of hot come on her rod. This time
Sakura was able to hear, Ino yell ?don?t do it. For god sakes, don?t do It.?
but Sakura did not listen and proceeded to it any ways. Sakura?s cock was able
to slip in easily with all of that lube. Once Sakura?s dick was all the way in
Ino was screaming twice as loud then before. While Ino screamed for ten minutes
strait from all that strain in her ass, Sakura stayed there enjoying the
pleasure she was getting. She also likes the feeling of how the vaginal walls
were tightly squeezing her dick. After the feeling started to fade, Sakura
wanted more of that feeling. So, she pounded Ino?s ass at the speed of lighting
while Ino screamed in pleasure and pain with each thrust. But mostly pain. Now
Sakura felt as much pleasure as Ino did which was a whole lot. Then Sakura
strength faded completely as she made her last thrust. This put Ino over her
limit that caused her to orgasm ten times strait. But despite all that rush of
pleasure, she stayed awake with out passing out. Now Sakura needed to orgasm.
So she remove her penius out of Ino then placed Ino on her back. Then looked
all over Ino?s naked body while she tried to finish reaching an orgasm with
hand jerking her cock. Now Sakura finally reached her orgasmed and orgasm all
over Ino. By the time she was done there was not a single spot on Ino?s entire
body that did not have cum on it. after orgasming, Sakura laid on top of Ino
facing her as she felt her cock turn into a minge again.
After 2 hours of resting, Ino talked to Sakura. ?Sakura, do you want to know
the real reason why I gave you this chance to take control over me?? Ino asked.
?sure? said a tired Sakura. ?well, its because I? love you? said Ino finally.
Sakura was paralyzed in shock. ?so, all this torture you put me through was to
show that you love me?? Sakura asked. ?yes? Ino shortly replied. ?that?s great?
Sakura said without being sarcastic. Now it was Ino?s turn to be shocked.
?what?? Ino questioned Sakura. ?after a while of your torture I slowly began to
form a crush on you. I don?t how really; but I for some reason I loved the fact
of your domination over me.? Sakura said. ?oh, Sakura? said Ino in love. ? oh,
Ino? Sakura said in love too. The girls wasted no time and got strait to the
kissing. After kissing, a couple times Sakura licked her lips as she tasted her
own cum for the first time. ?yummy, I taste good? she said.
After a couple days, Sakura was enjoying her freedom from Ino, Sakura was
feeling sad. Therefore, she went over to Ino?s house.
At Ino?s house, Sakura knocked on the door. After three minutes, Ino opened the
door. ?What wrong Sakura?? Ino asked.
?I cant stand be free and I cant stand not being able to constantly have sex
whether I wanted it or not. Cant we play that game were I am in debt to you
again?? Sakura pleaded.
?No sorry? Ino said disappointing Sakura.
?Drat? Sakura said and started to leave.
?Wait Sakura!? Ino shouted as she ran after her. ?I said we can?t play that
game anymore but we will play a much better game instead.? Ino replied.
?What game? And will there be sex?? Sakura asked both very good questions.
?There will be lots of sex. But as far as what the game is, ill tell you after
you come inside my house and go to my room with me.? Ino said.
?Okay? Sakura replied changing her frown upside-down.
{In Ino?s room}
?Okay, were here so what is the game?? Sakura asked.
?It will be called Give In.? Ino said.
?Is this a new game because I never heard of it?? Sakura replied.
?Well, as far as new I don?t know. Nevertheless, here is how were going to
play. However, before I tell you I think you would greatly benefit on
masturbating now. While I make a couple telephone calls. However, if you do
masturbate do not do it in front of me or describe the pleasure you are
feeling. Ok?? Ino said
?Ok.? Sakura replied lying.
?Great? Ino replied.
As Ino picked up the telephone and punched in the first number, Sakura started
thinking. ?Ino, doesn?t want to watch does she? Well, I think I am going to
have a little fun with that.? Sakura thought. ?Ino, I am going to take your
suggestion and masturbate.? She said to Ino as Sakura sat on Ino?s bed her back
facing Ino.
?okay, great but remember what I said. Ok?? Ino said as she stood facing the
wall, still waiting for the first person to answer the telephone.
?do not worry I didn?t forget? Sakura said evilly. Sakura then lifted the
bottom of her red kimono, then proceeded to slide off her black shorts and
underwear off her legs, and dropped it on the ground, leaving Sakura only in
her white bra. Once Sakura was naked from waist down she turned her body around
on the bed to face Ino?s back and then spread her legs really wide exposing her
cunt to Ino, if she would turn around to see it. Sakura then stifled her first
moan as her fingers traced the edges of her cunt lips. Then Sakura let out a
big groan as her fingers plunged inside her snatch.
As Ino turned around to see what Sakura groaned about, she did not expect to
see Sakura so vulnerable like that. With her legs spread open like that. In
addition, Ino was able to see in full view Sakura’s most sacred of all
treasures dripping wet and Sakura busy at work satisfying her-self.
Ino tried to look away but couldn?t when Sakura said dreamily ?oh Ino, go a
little deeper. Stop that it right there. Take my clit with your mouth and suck
on it.? Sakura said as she reenacted it for Ino. By pulling and rubbing her own
small very sensitive, numb herself.
Ino would have started drooling if it was not for Hinita picking up the
?hello? Who is this?? Hinita asked.
?Its me Ino. Are you on for a game of Give In?? Ino said her eyes still
transfixed on Sakura because of her masturbating and her saucy talking.
?sure, I love to. Who else will be playing? Hinita asked.
?All the girls. Except, Anko, because have not called her yet. But I am sure
she will say yes.? Ino said.
?ok, but what about Sakura? Will she play and is that wager for the prize on??
Hinita asked some more questions.
?yes and yes.? Ino replied shortly.
?did you tell here yet?? Hinita asked.
?nope, but I will soon? replied Ino. Then Ino exchanged good byes and proceeded
to call Anko. As Ino waited until Anko picked up Ino?s pussy was becoming
soaking wet, listing and watching Sakura masturbate in front of her.
Nevertheless, Sakura was even more wet knowing that she was torturing Ino and
for the fact she was masturbating. Now Sakura was so close to a climax.
After Ino conferred with Anko, she said ?see u there then? and hung up. Now she
focused all her attention on Sakura. ?didn?t I say something like do not do
masturbate in front of me or describe the pleasure you are feeling?. Well??
?yes? Sakura said with a very guilty voice.
?do you have anything to say to me? Because thanks to you I was so close in
having a orgasm over the phone.? Ino said with her hands on her hips and an
expression of anger on her face.
?sorry? Sakura said in a child like tone. While trying hard not to laugh.
?yeah, right! I do not believe you. I bet you think what you did was real cute
and you are trying real are hard not to laugh.? She said not believing at all
what Sakura said.
?your right Ino. What are you going to do to me?? Sakura switches poses on the
bed from a spread eagle to her on all fours with her butt in the air facing
Ino. ?spank me?? Sakura said turning her head around to face Ino. While still
keeping her child like tone.
?yes, but not now. We have to go right this minute.? Ino said seriously, but
smiled on the inside at the thought of spanking Sakura.
?where are we going?? Sakura asked while she gathered up her clothes.
? leave the clothes Sakura, we are downstairs to my family room.?
?ok, but let me finish masturbating.? Sakura said then dropped her clothes and
was about to go ahead and do it on the bed. Nevertheless, stopped when Ino got
?I said now!? Ino said impatiently, then grabbed and Sakura by her nibbles,
through her bra and started to bring her and Sakura to her family room, where
the fun awaits their arrival.
The girls started talking on the way
?ow, ow, ow, ow! Can you go a little easier on the pulling of my nipples. They
are very sensitive right now, and what about me finishing my masturbation
session?? Sakura asked in a tremendous amount of pain.
?no I will not go easier and you would have reached an orgasm already, if you
hadn?t been fooling around with grabbing my attention. When I told you not to.?
Ino said still mad.
?sorry? Sakura said with real enthusiasm this time.
?shh, were here.? Ino said.
?let?s start the game? the other girls said.
The only thought in Ino?s mind was ?I wished Sakura had that orgasm of hers.
?Looks like someone was having fun.? Said Temari, referring to Sakura?s
dripping wet snatch.
?Shut it,? said Sakura trying to regain her composure of being nude in front of
all her non-nude friends.
Okay Ino, how do we get to decide who goes first asked Tsunade changing the
?I don?t know exactly, I thought one of you would know a good way.? Ino
?I know a good way? replied Anko. ?It will be decided by whom has the biggest
breasts.? Then Anko who wanted to go first just remembered that she had c
breasts. Which did not make her the biggest chested woman their. So she was
going to take that back but was to late when everyone else agreed to it.
Therefore, she just sighed in disappointment.
It was hard determining who had the bigger chest but there were so clear doubts
who had smaller chests. This is a small list of who had what size rack.
Anko size C
Hinita sized A
Ino sized B
Sakura sized A
Temari sized C
Tenten sized B
Tsuande sized D
Tsuchi sized A
?Looks like I am going first,? said Tsunade.
?Hold it before you start. Will somebody mind telling me what happens in this
game and what is the prize?? Sakura asked
?Oh, Ino. You mean to tell me you didn?t tell her?? Hinita asked referring to
?Well, I didn?t know how to really.? Ino said truthfully. ?So here goes.
Sakura, the game is played by making you say uncle or any form of that, whether
it be stop or I had enough. The person who wins the person who makes you gives
in the fastest; And as what the prize is?? Ino stuttered on how to say the last
?What is it? Money, power, sex?? Sakura asked.
?Well, you were closer with sex. You see the prize is YOU!? Ino replied sending
Sakura out cold on the ground.? Seeing how Sakura was on the ground and her
legs were spread apart now seemed like a good time to start the game. ?Okay,
Tsunade you are up and Anko you are the timer.? Ino said tossing her the
?On your mark?go!? said Anko as she started the time.
?This wont take long she is already wet.? Tsunade said before she decided to
get ready. Shortly after that Tsunade wasted no time and immediately strapped
on a strap on to her self, then rushed over to Sakura.
Once there she stopped for a couple seconds to glance over Sakura?s almost
completely nude body before getting to work. She like most men didn?t take her
time, lifted up her legs and immediately forced her self inside Sakura?s ass
making Sakura take all 5inches of it just like that.
Feeling the most unwelcome pain Sakura woke up and not only found out the game
as began but her tight ass was being violated. At that time Sakura didn?t know
what was more worse, the fact her ass hole was being stretched way bound what
its used too or the humiliation she was feeling as all the girls eyes was glued
on her.
As a slight shocker unknown to the girls Jiraiya had bugged Ino?s telephone a
few days ago and as soon as he heard there was going to be a game at her house
will all the girls. Well, he could not resist on seeing what was going to
happen. So that is how he came to be where he was outside Ino?s house watching
through one of Ino?s family room windows.
It had only been ten seconds and Sakura was getting ready to call it quits.
However, for some reason decided to try to hang in there longer when she saw
face as it hanged low. ?Was Ino embarrassed? No that is so unlike her. What
else? do not tell me she actually wants to win me herself and does not want me
to loose to someone else? That has to be it.? Sakura thought knowing that Ino
already expressed her love for her a while back. So right at that moment,
Sakura pledged that she would hold out very long just so Ino could win. ?I
can?t take this any more! Tsunade, please stop and pull out of me! Sakura
? How long was it?? Ino asked with a very intrigued interest.
?15 seconds on the dot? mentioned Anko.
?Okay, I can live with that,? said Tsunade. ?Let?s see who can beat that.? She
said egging others to try.
While Tsunade was had been busy gloating on more Anko and Temari had a best out
of three rock paper scissors competition to see who goes next. Moreover, Anko
won on the last time.
?Looks like I next.? Said Anko sounding really thrilled to be doing this. ?Here
Ino, you can be the timer until you are the one up.? She said as she passed Ino
the stopwatch before making her way over to Sakura.
?Please, not my ass.? Sakura pleaded thinking that is how Anko was going to go
about in getting her to give in.
Almost as if she could read Sakura?s mind Anko told her that ?ill be getting
you to give in through pleasure not pain.?
?But I thought you needed me to say uncle or tell you to stop not to make me
cum.? Sakura asked very confused.
?Silly, Sakura if you cum it is the same thing as giving in.? Anko replied.
?Oh yeah? Sakura said now understanding it.
As soon as Anko had her tongue on Sakura?s labia lips, the time began.
Now unlike Sakura?s previous experience with Tsunade, this was far by better.
So she just lay back down and enjoyed the pleasure she received as Anko
surprisingly very fast tongue traced it self along the line of her cunt lips.
Within the first two seconds, Sakura found herself really panting at all the
pleasure she was receiving. ?Anko, must be really good at this because she has
yet invaded me and I already want to cum.
Two more seconds later and Anko got tired of licking her labia lips and started
to tart her tongue straight into the center of Sakura?s wet inside walls.
Faced with slightly more pleasure Sakura could not help herself but started to
try to push her hips more into Anko?s face, requesting more attention and
Both of which Anko was more than happy to obliged to. Seeing how Anko still was
not getting Sakura to give in with the darting of her tongue, Anko decided to
go for the main piece of irresistance her small clit. Once Anko had rapped her
mouth on that made Sakura cum right there on the spot.
?Well done Anko. You beat Tsunade?s time by one second, making you the leader
with 14 seconds.? Ino said congratulating her.
?It was too easy? Anko replied to Ino as she licked the remainder of cum off
her lips.
?But why oral sex Anko? Why didn?t you just fuck me?? Sakura asked with slight
?Two reasons. One I don?t like to cause pain if I don?t have to and secondly, I
wanted a taste of your delicious pussy juice.? Anko replied sending Sakura to
blush at that last comment.
?I am up now,? said Temari very eager to start.
?Okay then ready?? Ino started to say.
?Hey Ino, let me relax first. So I can regain some of my composure back.?
Sakura pleaded.
?Go? Ino, said ignoring Sakura.
Temari had a simple plan and put it into action. All she did was take a nipple
with both of her hands with two fingers, twisted it, and pulled at it.
Sakura now feeling pain again knew well that at this amount of stressful pain
she was not going to last that longs.
?Owe, oww Temari. I know that you want to win but could you please go a little
easier on the yanking and squeezing of my nipples. After all like with all
girls they are very sensitive but not as sensitive as the clit is. However,
still very sensitive.? Sakura begged.
?Why sure Sakura. I will go easier,? said Temari.
Thinking that Temari was telling the truth Sakura felt better. Nevertheless,
that reassure was gone when Sakura felt the pressure of the yanking and
squeezing double. Sakura was now left with no choice to ?resign.?
?Good for you Temari. You finished with a time of 10 seconds.? Ino said with
all the sarcasm she could muster. Because she was truly hurt by how Temari
ignored the fact, that Sakura was in server pain.
Ino was going to volunteer next when all the girls said, ?you cant play now.
You have to go last because we all know that Sakura will easily give in to you
because she adores you.?
?That is why you are going to try and make me give in? Temari said because she
was a tough girl and would not be easy to be put into submit.
?Fine, Tenten you go up then.? Ino said very upset.
As Tenten prepared on how she was going to get Sakura to submit, it became a
little more interesting just outside of Ino?s house.
Naruto as it turns out was on a casual stroll searching for the pervy sage that
bailed out on his daily training lessons. It did not take to long before Naruto
spotted him hiding in a bush right outside Ino?s house.
?What on earth is looking at?? Naruto wondered. So filled with rage and
curiosity he approached the pervert of a sage.
Fixed with the fact that Tenten?s time started and all she was doing was
kissing Sakura on the lips. Jiraiya was oblivious to the fact that Naruto
notice him and was now currently leaning over his shoulder.
?Oh my gosh! You really are a pery sage.? Naruto started to yell but was
quickly silenced as the sage covered his mouth, to prevent Naruto from giving
away his cover.
?Must you ruin all my fun. Man I swear you are worse than my strict parents?
Said Jiraiya. Seeing how Naruto started to calm down a little the sage went on
talking. ?Now listen if you keep quiet ill let you watch with me.? The old sage
?What on earth make you think that I will want to watch will you?? Naruto
Therefore, the old pervy sage shifted Naruto?s head to the window so he would
see what was happing in there.
Once Naruto caught a look, he was hooked. ?Move out of the way pervy sage.? He
said fighting for a good spot at the window.
However, the old sage fought back because he wanted to see too. Luckily, for
the both of them, the girls did not here them.
Back with the girls?
Sakura was ready to call it quits because she could stand kissing Tenten. ?I am
?Alright, we have a new leader of 9 seconds? Ino said. ?Your up Hinita? Ino
?Um? no thank you I changed my mind.? Hinita replied.
?Okay then Tsuchi you go up then.? Ino said.
?No thanks 9 seconds will be pretty hard to beat.? Tsuchi answered.
?Great that means I am up.? Ino said cheerfully.
So since Ino was up Temari prepared herself for what she thought would be
nothing because she view Ino as one who couldn?t really bring it. ?So Ino, do
you need me naked??
Temari asked.
?No need. All you have to do is lay over my knee and let me spank you and
besides no one wants to see your fake boobs.? Ino chipped in getting a couple
chuckles from everyone including the two people outside.
Temari was now furious. ?They are not fake and lets just get this over with.?
She said as she lay across Ino?s legs and said, ?start the time?.
It only took one slap on the butt and Temari wanted out. ?Ouch, that?s it I am
out.? Temari screamed.
?Wow, that was fast. Ino must be really good,? said Naruto.
But that can too as no surprise to Sakura because she knew very well from
personal experience that was the worst Ino could do.
?Okay, Ino you win congratulations? said Temari. ?Sakura, is all yours.?
?That was a fun quick game? replied all the other girls.
?That?s it?? Naruto yelled in shock this time giving away his and Jiraiya?s
Therefore, as soon Naruto and Jiraiya looked in the window again they found no
one except a naked Sakura. That in a way told them they had been made and were
about to make a break for it when the girls chased after them and caught them.
As they were caught, Ino said ?girls, looks like its time for more games.
Both people shuttered at that thought trying to think of what they had in mind
for them.
End of chapter 12.
*I hope you people all enjoyed that chapter. Stay tuned for the next chapter.
And if you want to know in days in advance when my update is feel free to email
me and ill tell you. Till then so long.

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