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Naruto Porn Story: ANBU hime’s – Chapter 1

Naruto Porn Story: ANBU hime’s – Chapter 1

This is written by BastardOmega on fanfiction.net

Naruto was silently jumping on the rooftops making his way toward the hokage-tower too get his genin picture taken. He had failed his original genin exams because he didn’t manage the bunshin, but what he didn’t know was that his chakara output was too high. He had stopped Mizuki from getting the forbidden scroll after he had been tricked by him. Naruto had learned 2 kinjutsu from the scroll and the rest he had copied on a scroll he had brought with him. The techniques he had learned were kage bunshin and shunpo.

Kage bunshin was actually very easy to learn, he had only used 10 minutes on the technique to fully make 10 clones. Shunpo was the real hard one to learn, he spent the rest of the time on it before Iruka had gotten there. He managed to get a few feet in a single burst, nothing combat worthy, but still it was progress.

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