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Naruto Porno Story: Danger Are

Naruto Porno Story: Danger Are

“Man that was one tough mission, huh Akamaru!” Kiba cried out bending his head slightly to look at his beloved pup resting in his coat. He barked a yes and Kiba continued his rant. “Did you see that stupid fury looking guy. Man he never saw it coming. I totally knocked his ass out cold for weeks.” Kiba chuckled arrogantly while stepping over a log.

His team-mates, Shino Aburame of the bug clan and Hinata Hyuuga of the Hyuuga clan were walking behind him and unbeknownst to him covering their noses. Well, Shino just retreated as far in his oversized coat as possible while Hinata, though never would hurt anyones feelings (especially Kibas) covered her nose in plain sight of her two team-mates. Not that Kiba would notice he of course was still ranting on about beating up more guys than Shino.

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