Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Two

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Two

Naruto walked slowly through Konoha’s forest looking down at the dirt he walked on. He had a sad expression on his face. He kept on walking regretting what he had done.

I knew I should’ve never had sex with the Hokage. Even my instinct felt like I really shouldn’t of have! But… the sex was surely amazing. Just the feeling of pounding her ass makes me want to go back there and do it again… even without the lube!”

Naruto thought as he kept on walking to the Demon Country.

I can’t believe I got kicked out of the village. Now I’ll never become Hokage, if it wasn’t for that stupid Danzou and his stupid sharingan.”

Naruto kept on walking through the forest with his face down, still thinking of what just happen.

It felt like all my dreams crashed and right after I finally lost my virginity! It happen so fast too! I woke up thinking it was gonna be another day at the office. Then when I entered this guy was next to Tsunade looking outside the window. He said he knew that I and the Hokage had sex… apparently his fake sharingan saw it all.

I can’t even believe that he told me to leave the village saying that I only had sex with her to become Hokage.

Sheesh what a motherfucker.

Even if I go back I’m sure that he would tell everyone the truth and that would ruin Tsunade. So I’m pretty much screwed just as Tsunade is. I guess I’m a rogue ninja now, expected to be doing bad things. Any ways… I need some money so I better start running.”

Naruto jumped onto a tree trunks and dashed on ahead to his destination slowly. As he was jumping tree to tree he started to see buildings up ahead and people throughout the forest.

“What village would this be… oh the Land of the Waves? I’m sure of it.” He said as he stood tall on a tree with his hands folded in front of him.

Naruto jumped off the tree and walked slowly out of the forest trying to think if the Land of the Waves was really this populated.

“If this is the Land of Waves then Inari is here. I wonder how the whole family is doing. I’m pretty sure Inari would be glad to see me… maybe even gladder if I surprise him.” he said as he jumped onto the roof of the building close o him. He jumped onto another heading to the docks of Inari’s old home.

As he saw the docks by the sea he stopped and now started to walk slowly as he got closer and closer to the house. “I should go through his window and surprise him… but which one is his though?” He said as he stopped and looked at the house to remember where he sleeps. As he saw one he decided to try his luck and jumped onto the house and sneak through the window.

He was about to enter the window when he saw Tsunami, Inari’s mother naked looking herself in her mirror. She grabbed her tits and then dropped them. Naruto just stood there looking at her tits jiggle in the mirror, feeling his pants tighten up. “Fuck I would like to cum on those tits.”

“Why does it feel like my boobs just gotten bigger? Well at least they look amazing and so does my figure.” She said as she kept on looking at herself and not aware that Naruto was looking at her.

Naruto kept on looking at the mirror seeing as her boobs did look a little bigger and also noticing that she actually had an ass. Tsunami kept on looking at herself and changing posture on the mirror. Then as she was looking at herself she saw Naruto behind the window and got startled.

Who is that? Is it Naruto… is he peeping on me? I didn’t know he was a pervert… does he actually like my body? Maybe I should take advantage of this.” She said as she smirked.

“Ah… I really want to get fucked one of these days, someone who can shove their dick inside my tight pussy and bang the fuck out of me recklessly and dominate me.” She said.

Tsunami slowly turned around pretending that no one was looking at her and hoping Naruto wouldn’t mind to fuck her son’s mom. As she was now fully turned around Naruto didn’t get a chance to hide himself.

Tsunami jumped and immediately covered her breast from the pervert. Naruto too got scared of what might happen to him he froze.

“Naruto! Please don’t tell me you just heard what I said!” She said still covering herself.

“You mean of what you really wanted just now?” He asked taking advantage of this situation now that he saw her naked he really wanted to fuck her.

“Please, please don’t tell anyone!”

“Well I guess…” He said unfinished. “…but let me feel those tits of yours.”

She dropped her arms and walked over to the window. Naruto grinned looking at her tits jiggle when she took a step.

As she got to the window she grabbed her breast and lifted them up so he can feel them.

Naruto moved one hand and grabbed her breast feeling the smoothness and also feeling her breast. He let go and jumped into the room so he can use both hands.

As he walked closer to him Naruto turned her around grabbed her tits and pushed her closer to him. He moved his hands roughly, pushing them up and pressing them against her body. He then started to rub her nipples making them hard.

Tsunami liked the feeling and soon joined him as she too rubbed her tits. As she felt wet she pushed her hips back up against his pants feeling his erection strongly between her ass.

“Take it out and fuck me please.” She said the more she rubbed herself.

Naruto let go of her tit and started to unzip his pants letting his penis out. He took his pants off including his shirt and then he went up to the bed getting on it and laying down on the side as his erection showed standing straight up ready for Tsunami.

She walked up to the bed bended over and grabbed his dick with her hand and slowly started to jack him off. She looked at Naruto and notice that he enjoyed the feeling.

As she put her hair on the back of her ear she got closer to his dick and put the tip right in her mouth and started to suck him.

“You’re pretty good, but don’t hog all the fun.” Naruto said as he moved his hand to her ass while she kept on sucking him.

“Mm…mm… AH!” Surprised that he shoved his finger up her ass, she gave him a weird look.

She went back to sucking his dick and started to go deeper making sure she got it good and wet while Naruto fingered her.

“Mm!” Tsunami now started to deep throat him as she pushed his dick all the way in. Going deep on him she went faster and faster even using her hand to grab the part her mouth couldn’t get Naruto was about to cum.

“That feels good… I think I’m about to…!” He said.

She took his dick out of her mouth and started to jack him off in a slow pace. “You’re not gonna cum yet.” Naruto gave her a sad look. She got on the bed and position herself cowboy style, on top of his penis. As she lowered herself down she grabbed it and stuck the tip right at her entrance.

“Oh that feels so good. It’s been a long time since I got fucked.” She said as she lowered herself down.

Naruto looked at her and grabbed her hips getting ready to pound her once she settles.

Tsunami lowered herself down slowly, loving the feeling as it went in and more in as did Naruto, feeling the tightness of her.

“This feels so good…” She said as she settled. Now that he was all in she started to jump as Naruto helped her. “Ah…ah…ah…”

Naruto now started to help her rise as he grabbed her hips and started pushing her down every time she went up.

“Ah… AH…AH… AH!”

Naruto looked at her jump on his dick, seeing her tits jump every time she did. Tsunami looked at Naruto as she kept on jumping. Feeling embarrassed the more she jumped.

“Fuck… I can feel you tightening up…”

“AH… I… AH… think I’m about to cum…AAHHH!” she said as she slow down starting to feel the feeling of about to come. No longer able to hold herself she fell forward giving Naruto the control.

Naruto grabbed her ass and started to pound it as he wanted to make her cum.

“EYA…AH…AH… PLEASE… STOP….I’M CUMMING!” She screamed as she came, but Naruto didn’t slow down.

“Ah fuck… I think AH… I’m about to cum too…” He said as he thrusted faster.

Tsunami widened her eyes. “NO… PLEASE… DON’T AH… CUM IN ME!”

“Then… let me cum… on your tits!” He said as he felt her hard nipples on his chest.

“NO… JUST STICK IT OUT!” She screamed terrified of him finishing in her.

Disappointed in her decision he took it out as he lost the feeling of coming.

“*pant* AH…ah ah thank you.*pant*” She said as she calmed down.

Naruto still had his erection and his load ready. Mad that only she finished and he positioned it at her asshole not telling her anything. He pushed the tip in, as soon as she felt it he thrusted in feeling her all the way.

“AH…AH…WHAT…THE…AH… FUCK!” She screamed as she felt uncomfortable with this feeling.

“Fuck… you’re so tight…” He said finding it hard to thrust. He took his dick out for it was impossible to keep on fucking her like that.

“OW! DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!” Tsunami said.

Naruto thought of an idea for he still didn’t get a chance to cum.

“Here. Lie down on your side and lift up your leg.” He said.

Tsunami moved off of Naruto and shifted herself sideways.

“Like this?” she asked

“Yeah.” Naruto scooted closer and grabbed his dick. He lifted her leg and started to thrust back in her ass.

“AH fuck this feels way better.” He said as he now felt the ease every time he pushed.

Now that he had control of her he closed her legs feeling the tightness again then he lifted them and felt the ease..

“I love how your ass feels tighter when I close your legs.”

With my legs like this his thickness…” She thought loving the feeling.

“Ungh… Naahruutooh… pump it, my ass with your cock!” she said.

Naruto lifted her legs and started to thrust faster.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! FUCK… NARUTO… I’M CUMMING!” as Tsunami came her second time Naruto too was about to cum.

“Me too! Fuck I’m gonna cum in your ass!” Naruto said it out loud holding it in just in case she didn’t want him to cum in her.

“Then cum in my ass!” She answered him.

Now that he was able to let go, he released inside her ass feeling it up. He let go of her leg as he took his penis out covered with his own cum.

Fuck giving me the blue balls I’m not even finished.” He thought.

“Hey Tsunami, get up, face the wall and bend over on all fours.” He said

“Sure… “As she changed positions bending over on her hands and knees she looked back at him.”…are you going to fuck me in the ass again?”

“Yeah since you don’t want me to finish on either your tits or pussy.” He said and he got off the bed walked to the end and got back on.

What is he planning? I could easily bend over the bed or on the table.” She thought as she found it weird that he made her bend over facing the wall but she still went with it.

Naruto walked up to her already with a full erection. He grabbed her ass and then he too got on his knees. Now that both were bending down it was easier for him to fuck her anal.

Naruto slowly entered his tip in again her ass. As he felt that it wasn’t that tight as before he entered his dick all the way in now feeling her warmness.

Feeling comfortable he started to thrust in her again with ease.

“OH… OH… please fuck me faster!” She ordered as she felt his thickness sliding along her walls.

Naruto moved his hand under her so it was like he was hugging her ass while with the other hand he fingered her.


Naruto started to pace up, thrusting faster while he also fingered her. the bed not being stable it started to move as he thrusted. Hitting the walls and creaking out loud.

“Fuck yeah bitch… you like that!” Naruto said as he too was getting into it.


Naruto felt her ass tightening up like it was sucking him in, she was about to cum so it was almost time for him to trick her.

“AH FUCK NARUTO! I’M CUMMING!” she said as she came all over herself. Naruto felt her wetness as it went down her legs and into his. He took his hand out and started to lick it. Tsunami collapsed as she lost the strength to hold on and dropped her head on the pillows as Naruto still had a grab of her ass. Now that she was down he too felt like cumming as his dick started to harden up.

“I’m gonna cum! Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said. “Let me cum on those big tits of yours!”

“NO! AH AH FUCK! CUM IN ME! I CAN’T TAKE IT!” She screamed not letting him cum on her tits. Of course he would like to cum in her ass but he already did what’s the point in that.

“Fuck it then, I’ll cum on your back!” He said as it was all coming to plan.

Hoping she won’t notice Naruto took his dick out and started to jack off while in the mean time he spitted on her back using his saliva. Thinking it was his sperm Tsunami was finally able to fall down on the bed taking deep breathes, as she lay face flat she turned her body around to look at Naruto. Now that she faced him she still saw him jacking off, Naruto blew his whole load on her tits as a shot went all over her while some ricochet on her face. Surprised that he still had some left, the second he came on her tits she quickly got up on instinct without knowing her actions as part of his load started to get on her face. She stood still letting him finish knowing that what she did was stupid.

As Naruto finished he got off that bed and went to his pants trying to put them in as quickly as he can. Even though she said not on her tits Naruto wanted to in the first place since he saw how big they were.

Now that he was fully dressed he decided to throw of his little surprise and just head for Demon Country.

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