Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Four

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Four

Naruto walked up to his door and slowly opened it feeling the strong, cold, morning breeze brush up on his face as he exited his room. He felt clean and fresh after taking a nice cold shower to calm the body down. He walked down stairs and made his way out of the hot springs entrance but stopped at the front desk to talk to the old lady.

“Excuse me granny, but do you where I can get a hold of Shion, the priestess of this country?” He said saying it slowly and clear for the lady to hear him good.

“Ahhh! You mean ‘The Fortune Teller’?” She said correcting him.

“Sure if that’s what they call her nowadays.” He said.

“Well looka here sonny…” She said pointing at him to come closer to her. “… It’s hard to get a reach of her but I’ll tell ya anyways. In the middle of this small country, there is a big building structure and at the very top level is the office of the secretary and her assistant. That is where ya have to go to get in touch with her.” She said.

“Why do I need to go there? Can’t I just go to her directly?” He said.

“Well ya could… but ya not the only one that wants to see her.” She said. “it’s not easy as it looks. A lot of people want to get in touch with her mentally and spiritually… and some even want it physically. That’s why ya need to make an appointment.”

“Ok then. I guess I’ll be leaving. Thanks for the help.” He said waving good bye as he walked out of the entrance and headed to Demon Country.

Naruto walked into the borders of Demon Country looking around the place. He walked in a mid pace heading to the building that can maybe give him the right to see The Fortune Teller. Minutes later Naruto stopped and looked at the huge building before him.

Just like the old lady said… crazy ass villagers.” He thought to himself as he entered the building looking at the receptionist desk.

She was surrounded by the villagers who were begging to get in touch with the priestess. As he walked closer he could hear all of them begging and giving their reasons on why they need to see her. Naruto found a hallway on the other side of the desk and just went around the group and into the hallways without being noticed, as it was the receptionist job not to let anyone up stairs.

Naruto took an elevator up to the last floor till it stopped and the doors slowly opened. He walked out into a small hallway which leads to the secretary’s assistant’s desk which was out front. He walked into the room and looked around as there were big windows on each side of the walls with their curtains pulled aside filling the room up with light.

In the middle of the room there were two couches face each other and in between them there was a table with a few magazines stacked on each other. There were also some big plants put near the windows.

Naruto walked towards the desk seeing a red head lady with her head down and behind her were two paintings and a shelf full of books.

Naruto walked up the front of the desk and stopped to look down at the lady. She was doing paper work and too busy to even look up.

“I need to see Shion, the priestess and…” He said as he got interrupted.

“Sorry but she is not available at the moment, but I do take personal messages for her.” She said not even raising her head.

“No… I would like to tell her personally.” He said as he kept on starring at the red head having a feeling that she looked familiar.

She kept on working on her papers but stopped as she felt that the man was still looking at her.

She stopped writing and dropped her pen and looked up starring at him to see what he wanted.

Naruto got a good look and it finally came to him. “Sasuke! Now I remember… you were with Sasuke!” He said out loud as he pointed at her.

Karin pushed her chair back and got up as she grabbed his lips to shut him up. Naruto looked down at her hand.

“Don’t ever say that name in front of me ever again!” She said as she let go of his lips and took a seat.

Naruto speaks. “So what’s your name?” He asked.

She looked at him and decided to answer the unknown male. “Karin… that’s all I’m telling you.” She said.

“Well Karin, I’m Naruto… so why don’t you want to speak of… you know who?” He asked.

She looked at him as if what she told him ever got through his head. “Look I’m doing my job, so I don’t have time for this.” She said and grabbed her pencil and went back to writing.

“Sorry.” Naruto turned around and was about to leave but turned his head around to ask another question. “What about Shion? Is she actually here?”

Karin looked at him. “Look I’m gonna tell you straight out. The priestess is out and no one knows her whereabouts and my stupid secretary went on vacation so no one can make any appointments till both of the people are back, and don’t tell the villagers of anything I just told you!” She said and Naruto slowly turned around and walked away.

For the past week Naruto went everyday to the building asking if both of the people have came back. As always he has gotten the same answer and walked out without any information which ticked him off because he was really short on the money and he knew he wouldn’t last this whole week.

A whole week has already passes and Naruto was already tired of hearing the same answer.

Naruto came back to the building and made his way up to the top floor. As he enters the room he sees Karin standing next to the file cabinet on with her arm in the top cabinet placing a folder in.

He checks her out as the first thing he sees is her haired tide back with a string of hair out in front of her glasses. A small white buttoned shirt tucked under her short skirt. He saw part of her bottom ass since the skirt was too small. Noticing her nice legs he sees her on high heels.

Naruto was turned on by the sexy office look.

Karin turns her head and noticed Naruto standing there and eyeing her body. She blushes and closes the cabinet and quickly gets behind her desk to cover her lower body as she stood.

Naruto walks up to the desk and asks if Shion is here once more or even if they think they know where she is.

Karin looks at him. “This guy is not giving up. What does he need her for any way?” She thought. “No, sorry she is not here I’m only taking messages for her now.”

Naruto got a little fumed that they still don’t know where Shion is. He calmed himself down and thought to himself. “I’ll just deal with this problem like I said I would.” He thought.

Naruto put his hands behind his back and slowly walked towards the big window. He looked down at part of the village as Karin eyed him suspiciously and then went back to work.

Naruto then asked her. “I know it’s none of my business but what happen between you and Sasuke?” He asked.

Karin was surprised but decided to answer him to at least start a little conversation with a friend of Sasuke.

She took a deep sigh and then spoke. “He… he broke my heart…” She said. Naruto thought that she was gonna cry but it totally went the other way. “…he went with some other pink haired bitch! He doesn’t even know what he missed out on!” She said out loud.

Naruto walked slowly behind the desk to look at the pictures as he eyed Karin if she spotted him get behind the counter. Karin looks at him but goes back to working since he was only looking at the paintings totally forgetting that she was wearing a short skirt with no panties.

Naruto slowly peeks at her skirt seeing a little bit of her ass and noticing that she had no underwear.

Karin looks back at Naruto as he was still looking at the paintings and goes back to work.

Naruto slowly unzips his pants and asks her a question. “Hey Karin… you think you can leave a message for Shion from me?” He asked as he walked closer to her.

“Sure, what is it you want me to tell her?” She says as she picks up the papers she was working on and started hitting it against the table to straighten up all of the papers.

Naruto was now behind her and took one look at her ass again. Karin grabbed the stapler and was about to staple the papers she finished on. Naruto slapped her ass hard hitting a little bit of the exposed part. Karin’s glasses fell down to her nose as she dropped the papers and stapler.

She was too surprised she didn’t even feel Naruto’s hand on her shoulder as he pushed her making her bend over the desk. He lifts up her skirt and takes his dick as he was getting turned on.

Naruto got an erection and put his tip up her ass. He moved up her skirt so he can see a little better and then shoved his penis up her ass. As he got in his angle he grabbed her hips and started pushing in.

Karin gritted her teeth as she holds herself on the table and used her hand to straighten her glasses. She tried her best to hold in her screams as he started to thrust much faster.

“Ah… ah… ah… mmn.” She moaned as he went faster. Even though it was up her ass and at her work she just couldn’t resist it. She needed attention and this man was giving it to her.

Naruto felt her tightness around his dick and looked down as he thrusted in. He started moving faster.

Karin couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oh god! I’m cumming!” She came on herself already and Naruto stopped.

He takes out his dick. “You can’t even handle this, and I don’t want to hurt you that bad.” He said as tucked his dick back into his pants and made his way around the table heading for the elevator.

As Naruto walked he felt two taps on his shoulder and turns around. Karin stares at him and slowly goes down to her knees while saying. “I want to take this message personally.” She was down on her knees and unzips Naruto’s pants taking out his dick.

Karin holds on to his dick and quickly gets it erect which surprised Naruto too. She takes him into her mouth and starts licking his tip.

“Wow you’re really good.” He said as for some reason it felt like he was about to cum but that can’t be can it?

Karin put him back into her mouth and looked up at him as she started to go deep. Naruto looked down as she went as deep as she could. He grabs her head to help her out a bit.

“I’m about to cum!” He said as she takes him out of her mouth and starts jacking him off while she looks up at him. Naruto slowly started to cum as a small load got on her cheeks. She moved her face and started to get cum from her glasses to her mouth.

Karin stood up and took of her glasses. She started cleaning cum off and then she cleaned her face off with her finger and then swallowing it. She adjusted her glasses and looked at Naruto.

“Why don’t we take this into the office?” She said as she grabbed his hand and led him to her boss’s office.

They entered the room and on the side of the room there were shelves on each side of the wall and in the back was a big desk with a big chair behind it followed by two windows in the back.

They walked behind the desk and she threw him onto the chair.

Naruto hit the chair roughly and waited for her. Karin really seems to be in the mood to fuck in her boss’s office.

Naruto starred at Karin as she started to walk to him slowly as she unbuttoned her shirt only showing her white bra that was holding her tits. As she is closer to Naruto she un-tucks her shirt and also unties her hair letting it loose as she puts her arms on his shoulders as she gets on top of him while he starts to take out his dick again.

Since her skirt was already small she didn’t need to raise it up as she went down on his erect penis. His tip entered her entrance as she slowly came down while Naruto grabs her by the waist to hold her.

She went all the way down till she reached her limits as his dick filled her up. She started to jump feeling his penis go in and out which drove her more into passion.

“Your pussy so warm.” He said as he pushed her down to go faster. Karin sped up so she can make him cum before her.

“Ah… your dick is so thick I just love it.” She said as she squeezed on him loving the feeling of it.

Karin raised her body and Naruto stopped her before she went down. “Stay like that.” He said as he grabbed her hips and started bringing himself up hitting her pussy making her tits jump up and down.

“AH… oh baby that’s it, that’s it keep doing it don’t stop!” She said as he went faster and faster.

Naruto started to feel her tightness and went faster than before.

“AH! AH! AH! AH FUCK!” She said every time he thrusted. “I’m gonna cum soon!” She said as she grabbed onto his shoulders tighter and leaned forward laying her body as he thrusted into hers.

“I’m cumming! Naruto… I’m cumming!” She said as she came splattering herself on his tip. Naruto stopped letting it all come down onto his dick.

Karin finished and lifted herself from his shoulders. “This time I want to be the one to make you cum.” She said as she used her hand to pull the chair back so he would look like he is lying down.

She placed her hands on his chest and adjusted herself again. Naruto grabbed her waist as he entered her pussy and waited for her to move.

Karin grabbed his arms and placed them on her ass as she started to grind her pussy on his dick. Naruto grabbed her ass and started grasping it feeling the softness of her skin and roundness of her ass as she kept on grinding her pussy on him.

“Damn… your pussy feels so good.” He said as he loved the feeling and started to push her ass down as he used his hands to control her movements.

“Fuck! I don’t know why but I already feel like cumming!” He said as he moved her ass in motion.

“Here it comes! Come on, move that ass faster!” He said as he started to slap her ass while she moved faster. “AW FUCK!” He screamed as Karin stopped while Naruto shot his load up her pussy. He kept on cumming and thrusted in deeper to get more cum in.

“That *pant* felt really good.” He said. “Here, get up and bend over the table this isn’t over.” He said as he slid his penis out.

Karin got up and bended over the table waiting for Naruto.

Naruto got up and got behind Karin. He started stroking his dick getting it pumped up again. He grabbed her hips and took off her skirt sliding it down her legs getting a great view of her vagina as she had her hairs trimmed into a triangle and her pussy dripping wet.

He gets back up and puts his tip at her ass and grabs her hips and enters her slowly.

“See if you can last this time.” He tells her and starts thrusting hard. Naruto started off in a fast pace giving each other a good feeling as he entered her ass and she getting pounded by him.

“AH… AHH… AHHH! KEEP ON DOING IT! DON’T STOP!” She screamed as she looked back at him.

Naruto moved his hand from her hip to her tits. Moving his hand under her bra feeling her erect nipple and started rubbing it.

“Ah… that feels good… keep on doing it!” She said as she too started rubbing her tit with her hand.

Naruto kept on thrusting up her ass while feeling her soft tits. Feeling them move around his hand every time he thrusted in.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” He said still thrusting in her ass till he reached his peak.

Naruto grabbed onto her hips harder and squeezed her tit as the tension grew every thrust he did.

“AW FUCK!” He said as he exploded in her ass filling her up as some poured out down her legs. Feeling exhausted he leaned forward and rested on her back as his dick still kept on cumming.

Naruto eventually takes out his dick while Karin turns around and puts her hands on the table to push herself up sitting on the edge showing her exposed wet pussy and the cum that went down her legs. Feeling disappointed that he came quickly, Naruto goes up to her and moves her legs apart as he enters in between her with his penis ready for another round.

Naruto enters her pussy feeling it hot which got him excited. He grabs her legs and pushes her toward him to get more in as Karin laid her body on the table. Naruto starts thrusting in as he had his hands on the table while she had her legs wrapped around him.

“Yes! Oh yes baby! Make me feel good!” She said as she lay back getting fucked.

Naruto started thrusting harder and faster seeing her breast move in rotation while she lay down. He kept on looking at her tits and decided to give them attention as he bended over while still fucking her and placed his hand on her belly.

He moved his hand more up feeling her soft skin. He moved his hand under her bra and cupped her breast. Karin knew what he wanted to do and lifted herself and untied her bra letting it fall of as it now exposed both her breast.

Naruto rubbed the other nipple as he moved in closer and started sucking on her tits and biting the other. Karin then gets up and scoots closer to him and wraps her legs harder around him and puts her arms on his shoulders.

Naruto picks her up from the table and starts to fuck her as she was the one that thrust in by using her legs to push herself.

“This feels good, but turn around.” She said and he did. Then she pushes forward and he hits the table and lands on his back. Naruto uses his elbows to push his whole body up on the table.

Now Karin starts jumping up and down as the angle she was in let him go in deeper. She kept on jumping as he had a hold of her hips and kept his hands there.

“Fuck I feel like cumming!” She said as she came slowly once again dripping down his dick. She let her body fall and landed on his chest.

As she is breathing heavily Naruto moves his hands down to her thighs and rises up her ass as his penis slides out. He grabs his dick and shoves it up her ass feeling cum in her, warm as her ass. Then he starts moving her thighs up and down as his dick went in and out.

Now that Naruto had the control he started moving her thighs fast as he thrusted in her. Karin just laid still as he was thrusting in her. As Karin has had enough rest she gets on her elbows and now she starts wiggling her ass.

Naruto let’s go of her and just sits there as she wiggled her ass while he had his dick in her. He put his hands behind his head enjoying the feeling of her insides as she wiggled.

“Oh god! AH… AH… AH! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She screamed as she was climaxing.

“Me too! Don’t slow down baby! Fuck! Don’t slow down!” He said as he started to slap her ass.

Karin started to go faster the more he slapped her.

“UGH… UGH! NAARUUTO!” She screamed as she came and leaned her body to take breathes.

Naruto shot his cum up her ass again as he slowed down. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as he came every time. As he finished cumming both of them got up from the table.

Karin walks to the middle of the room and looks at Naruto. “I want to show you a technique I like to use.” She said.

Naruto walked closer to her as she got in her knees ready to give Naruto some head. Naruto gets in front of her and puts his penis in front of her face. Karin grabs it and starts stroking it. She puts the tip in her mouth and licks it moving her tongue right around it.

Karin finally takes it in her mouth and starts sucking his dick. She moved her head sideways so that it would be hitting her inner check as she looked up at him to see if he was enjoying it. Then she grabs a hold of his dick and starts to deep throat him.

Naruto grabbed her hair and pulled it back so it wouldn’t get in her way. Karin took him all the way as Naruto started to push her head to go deeper.

“UGH!” She started choking and looked up at him and gave him the finger. Naruto laughed it off and told her to get back to sucking his dick.

Karin stops and looks up at him. She then starts to use her chakra ability on her hand and mouth without Naruto knowing a thing. Naruto looked down to feel the urge to cum like before.

“What the fu…” He said as he came into her mouth. Karin took it all in and laughed that he still hasn’t noticed what she did. She took out his dick and again transferred her chakra to her hand making him cum again.

Naruto blasted shots onto her face mostly covering her glasses and face. She then moved it down to get some on her tits and surprised that he still hasn’t ran out of sperm.

She lets him go and cleans herself up. She stands up and points at him.

“You really are an idiot you know that. The whole time I have been using my chakra manipulation to make you cum faster the minute I gave you a blowjob at my desk.”

Naruto starred at her realizing that he did feel strange when he came quickly.

“What? Really… I don’t believe you one bit.” He said smirking a bit.

Karin gets on all fours and looks behind her to look at him. “Fuck me and tell me if you feel the difference.”

Naruto goes up to her and enters her pussy from behind. He grabs her by the hips and waits. Karin starts to use her chakra in her vagina making twice as hot, wet and tight.

“Aw! This is so fucking hot! Your pussy is dripping like crazy!” He said as he came already in less than 5 seconds. He took his dick put to stop cumming.

“Wow that’s some crazy shit. See if you can take this.” He said as he makes a clone appear next to him. The clone gets under her and enters her pussy as he enters her from the ass.

“That won’t make a difference you know.” She said as she let them settle in.

They start fucking her except this time Naruto summons another clone in front of her already with his dick facing her.

She grabs it and starts deep throating him while she is holding it. Then she smiled and starts using her ability making it irresistible to not cum. All the Naruto’s started to cum tremendously into her.

Karin waited for them to pull out but they never did and kept on cumming in her. Both of the Naruto’s in the back were starting to fill her up as cum came out of dripping from her ass and pussy as massive came down.

“UGH! UGH UUUGH UGH UGH! UGH UGH UGH! (YOU GUYS PULL OUT! THAT’S TWO MUCH)” She screamed as more poured in her.

The one in front started to fill her mouth up and she let go of his dick to stop but he grabbed her head and pushed her toward forcing her to take it all in. Cum came out of her mouth going down her chin as he was still in her. He took his dick out of her mouth and touched her face with his dick and started to cum crazy getting her face and hair. She started to feel unconscious from all the sperm and collapsed. As she fell she grabbed onto the Naruto in front of her but accidently touched his penis as he came some more down her whole arm.

Karin slowly gets back her conscious and gets up. She spits out cum and cleans her body. “This is disgusting!” She said removing all the cum from her face and hair.

“Look who’s laughing now.” He said as he starred at her clean herself.

“Fuck you!” She said.

Naruto walks behind her back and pushes her toward the table and forces her to bend over laying her chest on the desk. He pulls her arms behind her back and lays them over another and holds them down with one hand.

Karin looks back at him. “What the fuck!” She said confused as to what was going on.

“Look just tell me and I’ll go easy on you. Where’s Shion?” He asked.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I already told you no one knows where she is!” She said.

“Wrong answer!” He says as he rams his dick up her ass.

“Hey what the AH!” She screamed as his penis went past her limits which hurt her a bit.

“So is she here or not?” He asked again. “No look AH! AH!” She screamed as he rammed himself two more times and slapped her ass.

Naruto summons a clone on top of the table and looks down at Karin as she looks up at the clone.

“I’m not stupid, if Shion really left and no one knew her whereabouts. Then why are you still working here? You would’ve gone on a break till they found her. so is she here or not… if not the clone on top would very much like to cum on you.” He said.

Karin was looking up at the clone and turns her head around to look at the one behind her.

“Alright! She is here… she is. She didn’t want to deal with villagers because it gave her too much stress so she stopped her relationship with them in order to rest.” She said in one breathe.

Naruto thought it over carefully. “Now that’s what I wanted to hear. Let’s celebrate!”

Naruto holds her arms back and starts fucking her. She turns around to look at him but starts feeling hotness on her cheek and neck and turns around to get cum on her face from the clone in front. Her vision goes blurry as the clone disappears and Naruto grabs her hair and pulls her head back and keeps on ramming her faster.

“AH! AH! AH! AH!” she screamed as he thrusted deeper in. Naruto kept on going.

“I’M CUMMING! AW GOD! FUCK!” She screamed as she came all over her legs. Naruto kept on going not stopping so she wouldn’t rest. Karin was still in her orgasm and wouldn’t stop cumming.

“STA! OH GAH! AH! AH!” She couldn’t even speak a whole sentenced. Naruto was getting to his climax.

“I’m cumming bitch!” He said as he started to cum up her ass.

He bended over next to her ear and whispered to her. “You like that. My hot seamen going up your ass, filling it till up, making it pour out.” He said as he kept on cumming. And it started to fall out.

Karin’s legs grew weak as the orgasm hit her hard. Astonished what one man can do to her.

Naruto finally finished and pulls out. He cleaned himself and went to his clothes putting it on. He walks to the door as he zips himself up. “Pleasure doing business with ya! Oh and if she isn’t there… I’ll be back.” He said as he walked out the door heading home for a clean shower.

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