Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch9

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch9

Naruto got back home barely in the morning since he stayed over at Anko’s house longer than he expected. As soon as he got home he threw himself in his bed and went to sleep. Hours later he woke up late at night and took a shower before he went out.

He opened his door walking out without his jacket since even though it was night, there was an extreme blaze of hotness making night feel like day and very uncomfortable. But nevertheless where he was going a stupid heat wave won’t stop him.

Taking his time he walked to her apartment so he wouldn’t make himself sweat on the way. Finally in view Naruto sped up to her stairs, jogging up them and stopping in front of her door he waited patiently on how to approach this.

Taking a deep breath he knocked on her door waiting for her to respond.

A few seconds later the door opened wide with Kurenai standing there wearing her tight dress without her fishnet shirt under and barefoot. He also noticed that she was doing that thing she did yesterday as her nipples were more show able than she thought.

Starring at her nipples since they were pointing out he looked up before she noticed anything. Seeing her chest shine with sweat meant two things. She could be really going at herself or maybe this torching hotness is getting stronger.

“Hey, I can see your still up.” He said.

“Yeah it’s too hot to sleep…” She said loosing eye contact. “So what brings you here Naruto?” She asked.

“Yeah it really is too hot to sleep, but I came here because of this heat, it makes me feel real horny you know.” He said smirking.

“Kind of makes me want to masturbate at night so no one can see me.” He said laughing at the end. Kurenai gave him a suspicious look wondering if he really knew what she did yesterday.

“Yup real hot, aren’t you horny too Kurenai?” He asked.

“What? N-no!” She said stuttering a bit.

“Come on, I saw you masturbating yesterday are you sure?” He said with a big smirk.

Right there and then she knew that he knew on what she did last night. She pops her head outside looking around and grabs his shirt and pulls him in quickly. Closing the door as soon as he got in she pushed him against the door. Feeling uneasy on what Naruto might say about her, there was only one thing she can think of.

“So what do you want? A hand job? Blow job?” She asked annoyed that it had to come to these.

Naruto thought about it and looked at her. “How about both?” He said.

Kurenai rolled her eyes. “Guys these days.” She says as she got on her knees in front of him and unzipped his zipper taking out his dick.

Knowing where to begin she grabbed it by the side lifting it and started sucking the head. She put the tip in her mouth and used her tongue to rub against every inch of it. Then she started to go in deeper and now she was giving him head.

Kurenai was sucking on the top part and with her hand which was holding his shaft from the bottom, she started twisting it up and down while looking up at him to see him satisfy.

Naruto smiled as he stood there letting Kurenai get at his dick. He looked down at her and placed his hand behind her head grabbing her by the hair. He then pushed her down to get in deeper her mouth.

Kurenai let go of her hand as he forcefully shoved his penis down her throat.

“ANGH ANGH!” She screamed surprised.

She started choking as she was unprepared for this. Feeling the tears come out of her eyes Naruto let go of her hair and pulled back letting his penis slide out.

Kurenai stood up mad at him as she took in breathes. Feeling sorry Naruto tried a new approach.

“Sorry about that got carried away. Let’s try this.” He said as he walked to her living room and pushed her table against the wall so it won’t bother them.

Giving them a lot of room she walked up to him.

Naruto turns to look at her. “Get on your knees.” He demanded.

Kurenai got on her knees just like he said and looked up at him ready for the next thing.

“Now pop up your chest.” He asked.

Kurenai arched her back so her chest was to pop up. Naruto grabbed the kunai in his pants and grabbed her breast from under lifting them up. He cut a hole right in between her two breast and then let them drop.

Naruto put the kunai away and grabbed her breast lifting them up. Seeing the hole he cut, he entered it with his dick feeling her hot sweat around his dick as he slid up between her breasts.

“Damn Kurenai, did your tits grow bigger or is it the dress that makes them look this big.” He said as he grabbed both her tits from the side and squeezed them together.

Feeling his dick engulfed by her soft tits he started stroking himself with her breast faster. Naruto had control of the speed since he was grabbing onto them. He squeezed them more feeling the tightness of it.

“Fuck this is hot!” He said.

Kurenai looked below feeling his shaft slide along her chest and tits, amazed how long he is.

Naruto started to spurt out shots of cum on her top chest. He slowed down his stroking as more shots came onto her. Kurenai waited as she saw each shot shoot out on her chest.

Feeling even hotter and stickier his cum started to slide down in between her tits.

She stood up looking at the mess he did.

Naruto looked at her. “Take of your dress and bend over. I want to see those jugs shake when I fuck you.” He said.

Kurenai slipped right out of it wearing no bra or fishnet shirt, just as he thought her tits were bigger than before. She threw it to the side and turned around bending over on all fours.

She looked back now fully into getting fucked by Naruto. He took of his pants and shirt getting ready for this.

He grabbed onto her waist. “I’m gonna get this pussy really wet.” He said as he positioned himself at her pussy and started thrusting.

Kurenai froze feeling his penis tear right through her.

Naruto started thrusting in faster feeling her pussy so hot and tight.

“Damn this pussy is tight.” He said as he went faster.

Naruto felt her walls all around as he thrusted. He started to feel his tip burn the deeper he went.

“AH! AH! AH!” She screamed loud loving him tear her apart from the inside. She tightens up on him feeling just how long and hard he was.

He started to move her ass in a circular motion so she can feel him hit against her walls.

Naruto let go and grabbed onto her tits as they shake with every thrust he did. He squeezed them and rubbed her nipples. Her breast fit perfectly with his hand as he thrusted harder now.

Kurenai felt him hit her harder than before feeling herself tense up.


“Oh fuck! Damn this feels hot!” He said feeling her tense up even more. “Me too!”

Naruto bucked up as he shot a load of cum in her and at the same time Kurenai exploded with her juice shooting out down her legs quickly. A massive amount came down her legs along with his.

Naruto shot more and more as did she, mixing with each other.

Finally finished Naruto pulled out of her pussy and let go of her tits.

Kurenai got up looking at him. “Let’s go to my room.” She said as she grabbed his hand and led him to her room. They entered her room and saw a bed in the middle and a window to the side letting in moonlight to light the room up.

Kurenai walked up to her bed and sat on it while Naruto was between her legs.

“Lay down on your back.” He said to her.

Kurenai slowly went down while Naruto grabbed onto her thighs lifting them up to his waist. He then lifted them to his shoulders and grabbed them by the ankles separating them apart seeing her vagina open up. Naruto starred at her hairs as they were neatly trimmed so it didn’t look bushy.

Seeing the invitation he entered her pussy while holding onto her legs that made a figure V sign. He started thrusting in her hitting his sack against her ass cheeks. Kurenai felt embarrassed that he had control over her like that. Taking the lead Naruto went faster while Kurenai had her hands behind her head.

Naruto loved the view he had, seeing his penis pound her pussy and her smooth body with nice curves. Not only that but every thrust her tits would move up and down as he went faster and harder.

Naruto was holding onto her ankles while he kept fucking her seeing her tits jump.

“AH! AH! YES! FUCK MY PUSSY!” Kurenai moaned.

Naruto went faster feeling his climax coming. For more inspiration he looked at her face seeing the expressions she made every time he went in and out. seeing that she loved this as much as him he felt he couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Fuck! Kurenai I’m cumming!” He screamed her name out.

“ME TOO! CUM IN ME!” Kurenai screamed begging for his sperm.

Kurenai started to blast out cum onto the tip of Naruto’s dick. That’s when Naruto stopped his actions and started shooting loads of cum in her. He let go of her legs and bended forward as he came some more.

Kurenai got shivers feeling every ounce of his cum rush in through her pussy.

Naruto pulled out of her letting his and her juice come out down her pussy to her sheets. Kurenai stood up exhausted.

“Kurenai you think you can lift your leg up in the air?” Naruto asked out of the nowhere.

She nodded and easily lifted her leg up without losing balance.

Damn you are flexible.” He remarked.

Naruto looked at her legs amazed how strong and flexible they were. Even better her pussy was once again wide open with her cum sliding down her leg.

Naruto walked up to her grabbing her leg and placing it on his shoulder. He entered her pussy once more and made sure he was comfortable. He then started thrusting into her pussy feeling the hotness of their juices.

Kurenai stood there with her leg up letting him have his way with her. She looked down at his penis seeing it enter her. Amazed how something that thick can easily slide up her, but then again the position she was in made it feel like a breeze.

“Ah! Yes baby! Fuck me!” She said looking at Naruto in the eyes.

Naruto moved in closer to Kurenai, making her leg go up more. Close enough now he reaches over grabbing one of her tits and started to rub her nipples.

Kurenai couldn’t stand it anymore. The pleasure of him fucking her and rubbing her nipples at the same time was too much that she couldn’t keep balance and collapsed onto the bed.

Naruto was surprised and laughed at her. Kurenai stood up embarrassed but thought of a way to impress him even more.

She walked up to him and grabbed his hand. “I got something even better.” She said as Naruto eagerly followed.

Kurenai walked him back into the living room. They walked around the couch and Kurenai pushed him onto it so he was sitting down with his penis standing up straight for her taking.

Kurenai stood in front of him and turned around bending over a little bit till she placed her hands on his knees. Naruto grabbed onto her waist holding onto her as she started to sit down on top of him. Kurenai felt his tip enter her pussy and decided to fall all the way down taking him fully.

With his whole dick up her pussy she was amazed how great it felt. Naruto liked this already feeling her hot walls around his penis.

She placed her hands on his knees and started moving her torso in circles. Naruto loved her hot pussy sway around with him in her. He reached up to her breast and started rubbing them while she moved.

Kurenai kept on moving in circles feeling him from all around.

“Damn Kurenai your pussy feels hot!” He said.

Happy that he enjoyed her ride she stopped and placed her hands on a cushion and started jumping. Naruto let go of her tits and holds onto her under her breast.

Kurenai was jumping on him furiously that her tits were jumping like crazy. Naruto started to meet up with her every time she went up.

“AH FUCK! NARU TOH! NARUTOH! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed not thinking that she would come so soon.

Naruto didn’t respond but thrusted faster up her. Kurenai even stopped going down feeling herself go tight. She stopped in midair while Naruto kept thrusting up.

“You like this bitch! Your pussy feels tight! It’s like it wants my dick more and more!” He said.

She clutched onto the couch feeling it come.

“OH GOD! AH AH AH I’M CUMMING!” She screamed letting herself fall down onto him.

Naruto stopped and also sat down feeling her cum run down his dick and out of her pussy. She leaned back onto him resting while she kept cumming. Naruto started to feel her cum on his sack and waited for her to finish.

Kurenai stood up as did Naruto still with an erection. She turned around looking at Naruto’s dick still up and covered in her juices.

“Lay down on the ground facing me.” He said.

Kurenai got on the ground and laid back looking up at him. Naruto walked over her with his dick matched up to her face and looked down at her.

“I’m gonna fuck these jugs.” He said as he went down on his knees. He grabs her tits and starts massaging them. He then places his dick in between her breast and engulfs himself with her tits.

Kurenai let him control her tits feeling his hot sticky cock between them. Even though she wasn’t looking she felt that his tip was right under her chin.

Naruto squeezed her tits and pushed them up. He starts thrusting while squeezing them together.

“Damn this feels nice!” He said as he went faster.

Kurenai felt his cock hot from her cum earlier.

Naruto started going fast hearing his sack hit under her tits.

“I’m gonna cum!” He said.

Naruto stopped and let go of her tits and grabbed her head lifting it up and shoving his tip into her mouth. He started cumming into her mouth and let go of her head. She pulled back as some got on her face. Then he pushes back shooting his cum on her tits. Kurenai grabbed her tits together making a canal for him to shoot his sperm.

Naruto finished and stood up while she still lay on the ground thinking of the mess he did on her chest.

Feeling round two Naruto told her. “Turn around.”

Kurenai rolled facing the floor now. Naruto got back down on his knees this time placing his dick at her ass. He entered it feeling the resistance.

Kurenai was wide eyed, surprised since she never had a cock up her ass before.

Naruto entered her fully till they were touching skin. He slipped his hands under her breast grabbing them.

He placed his head at her shoulders and whispered to her. “It’s about time I fuck this ass!”

Naruto started moving his cock inside her ass feeling it tight. Kurenai felt like screaming at first but the more he did it the more she liked it. Still though her ass was ripping apart every time he thrusted.

“AH FUCK! AH AHN! YOUR SO RO ROUGH!” Kurenai screamed.

Naruto was thrusting up her ass feeling it get hotter and tighter the more he went in.

“It’s tight! Feels like its sucking me in!” He said excitedly and went harder.

Feeling his climax Naruto was going down easy. He moved up so his dick can reach further more inside.

Kurenai was already in tears feeling him tear her up.

“AH! AH! AH! AH! FUCK!” She screamed.

Naruto started to shoot his cum inside of her. Loads after loads she felt him fill her up already. Naruto finished up and pulled out of her standing up.

Kurenai rested a bit since this was too much and stayed on the ground.

Naruto starred down at her seeing that her ass was filled up with his cum since some was coming out and down her thighs. Maybe he was to rough for a beginner.

Finally up she stood up looking at Naruto with his long erection.

“Bend over.” He demanded.

Kurenai turned around and bended over placing her hands on her knees. Naruto walked up to her and grabbed her waist. Feeling sorry he entered her pussy to find it really wet.

I guess the anal was too intense she didn’t even feel it.” He thought.

Naruto bended over and grabbed her arms and pulled them back. Kurenai’s back was arching and her tits hanged out.

He starts pulling back and thrusting in her at the same time.

Kurenai felt weak and hopeless. As she was getting fucked again her tits swayed back and forth. She wanted to grab them so they can stop but couldn’t.

When does this guy ever stop?” She thought.

Naruto kept thrusting in loving her wet vagina drip more and more. He looked down at his dick come in wet and come out even wetter.

“Man *pant*this pussy is fucking great!” He said thrusting up.

“AH! FUCK! BABY I’M GONNA CUM!” She said screaming out of pleasure.

“Not so quick!” He said and stopped fucking her.

Although Naruto stopped he could already feel her juices running down his shaft.

Jeez she could’ve just held it.” He thought to himself.

Naruto let go of her arms and pushed her up to the couch with his cock. Kurenai placed her hands on the cushions and Naruto grabbed her waist pulling out of it.

He then puts his tip at her ass and slides himself in her. Kurenai grabbed on tighter to the cushions ready for this.

Naruto entered her halfway and stopped. “With my dick covered in your cum this should be easy!”

Naruto started thrusting up her ass feeling it very warm as before. Kurenai let go of the cushions to get a grip on the back of the couch.

Naruto kept thrusting and reached over to grab her tits. Massaging them and rubbing her nipples Kurenai changed her mind on the anal experience.

“Damn this ass makes me want to cum!” Naruto grabbed her ass cheek squeezing it.

“FUCK YEAH! FUCK ME! AH! AH!” Kurenai seemed to enjoy this more and more.

“Fuck I got to cum! I’m gonna fill you up!” He said.

“Go baby! Cum in me!” She said back.

Feeling her approval Naruto started to shoot his cum inside again. They both stopped moving feeling the hotness in their bodies. Naruto who felt it come out and Kurenai who felt it fill her up.

Naruto pulled out once he finished. Kurenai turned around and took a seat. She looked down at his penis covered in his own cum and started to crave for it.

“Come here Naruto and let me clean you up.” She said.

Naruto walked up to her standing in front of her. Kurenai grabbed his dick feeling it sticky and placed the tip at her mouth. She started sucking it and going deeper rinsing him clean.

Naruto grabbed her head pushing her forward.

Kurenai let go of his dick and grabbed the back of his thighs pushing herself toward the base of his dick. Spreading her mouth wide, she started to fell her tears slide down.

“Mngh! Mmmngh!” She moaned.

Naruto let go of her head and Kurenai pulled back looking at his clean dick.

“Buah! There you go.” She said.

“And I was just about to cum…” He said but then thought of an idea. “Why don’t you turn around?”

Kurenai turned around getting on all fours on top of the couch. Naruto grabbed his dick and placed the tip at her ass touching the entrance. He didn’t go in but started masturbating while pushing up against it.

Kurenai looked back at him to see what he was doing. Seeing him jack off she started shaking her ass up and down.

“Oh fuck!” He said as he shot a blast of cum hitting up against her ass. It splattered against her cheeks, going down her legs making a trail.

“Oh! It feels so hot!” She commented.

Naruto then got on his knees and grabbed her ass. He did a few signs and started digging his face onto her pussy. Licking the bottom first he stretched his tongue going in her.

Kurenai winced feeling a warm slimy thing up her soaked vagina.

Naruto kept licking around feeling his tongue attract her juice. He stretched his tongue licking up top and then the bottom.

“Oh god! What is that?” Kurenai asked.

Naruto didn’t want to give it away and decided not to respond but lick her insides more.

Clean enough he got up and she turned around.

“Your pussy is fucking soaked! I still want to fuck it!” He said excitedly.

Kurenai gets off the couch and stands in the center of the living room. She bends over getting on all fours.

She looked back. “Then keep on fucking me.”

Naruto smiled and nodded. He walked up behind her and grabbed her ass. He shoves his dick up her ass while he summoned a clone in front of Kurenai. She looked up at him and back at his dick and started sucking it.

Naruto from the back started fucking her fast, bucking up every thrust he did. She didn’t even have to grab the clone’s penis since Naruto from the back was basically driving her into the clone’s dick.

“AHNGH! ANGH! ANHGH!” She screamed.

“Fuck this ass feels tight!” Naruto said.

The clone if front pulled out and started jacking off in front of her face while she waited patiently. He started shooting his cum on her, getting her from all around since she was moving a lot.

The clone disappeared and Naruto kept fucking her.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” He screamed.

“Me too!” Kurenai replied back.

Naruto bucked up one last time and shot his load while Kurenai started dripping wet.

They both stop panting like crazy.

Still horny Naruto didn’t even finish cumming and pulled out entering her pussy.

Kurenai was a little surprise but let him do it anyways.

Naruto grabbed her waist and started fucking her wet pussy like an angry bull. Cumming and fucking at the same time Naruto was in total nirvana.

“AH AH AH AH AH! FUCK FUCK!” Kurenai didn’t have enough time to say a sentence.

Kurenai was already cumming without even knowing it. She was dripping wet like a leak.

Naruto finally stopped and rested. He pulled out of her pussy and sat on the couch while Kurenai lay on the ground tired as fuck, breathing hard.

After a while everyone was calm and the room was quite.

“Man I don’t know what got to me but damn! Best fuck ever!” He said.

Kurenai looked at him very tired. “Never been fucked like that ever!”

Naruto stood up and looked at her. “Want a facial?” He asked.

“Sure.” She responded.

Kurenai got on her knees as he approached her. She started sucking his dick while holding her hair back. He pulled out and looked at her tits. Getting the message she grabbed her tits together and Naruto placed himself in between.

Naruto was moving his torso forward as his dick went curving up to her face.

Naruto lifted his dick up and started jacking off in front of her face. Kurenai go settled and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue.

“Here I come!” He said.

Naruto shot a blast onto her face getting her eyes. Kurenai didn’t even leave her mouth open and closed it letting it all get on her face. She turned her head afraid she might actually drown. Naruto shot his last bits on her hair.

Kurenai couldn’t even see. “Naruto you crazy animal! How about we continue this another time?” She asked.

“Fine by me, but be ready.” He says.

Naruto got his stuff and dressed up. He walked out the door leaving Kurenai to clean up the mess while thinking.

Next time I’ll finish this.”

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