Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods ch8

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods ch8

Three days have passed already and it was daytime with Naruto walking around top buildings heading to where he knows he can learn all these new moves. Walking in a slow pace there wasn’t any need to hurry, Anko is definitely going to be there.

Naruto jumped onto a higher building to see where Anko’s place was.

“Damn I’ve been gone for almost a month and I don’t even know where she lives.” Naruto said to himself as he looked around using his hands to shade his eyes.

“And what’s up with this heat. It’s getting dark kind of dark already and it feels like its still day, I can already imagine tomorrow morning. Come to think of it… ever since I got here it has been feeling hot and I thought it was my hormones because of Temari.” He said.

Still looking and walking around Naruto started to hear a familiar voice. He turned to look at a window leading to Kurenai’s apartment. Naruto looked closer as he saw her on the couch with one of her legs straight up in the air as she had her hands around it and what seemed to him she was fingering herself.

Naruto stood and watched as she went at herself. He started to get excited and thought that maybe Anko can wait but then it came to him that he would love to fuck Kurenai with his new moves and decided to wait just for now.

Naruto finally found Anko’s house as the sun was finally down. He knocked on her door twice and waited for her to come out.

Anko’s opens the door wearing only her fishnet shirt and skirt and sees Naruto standing there looking at her. Not wearing her bra Naruto concentrated to see her nipples.

“It’s a hot day! Now what do you want?” She said as she covered her breast with her arm.

Naruto looks up at her hoping she would accept his request.

“Anko, I want you to teach me everything you know of sex positions.” He said as he looked up at her.

Anko looked at him surprised and then laughed. “Look kid I don’t know much but… I can teach you a little thing or two. Come inside.” She said.

Naruto walked inside her house as Anko poked her head and looked to the sides to see if anybody saw him come in and closed the door.

Naruto stopped to look around her living room which was kind of bigger than he thought. A couch in the living room and a long table with a plant in the middle of it which is in front of the couch. Then there was the kitchen which came into view but all he could see was her stove.

He turned around to look and Anko to get started with his training.

Anko passes right by him and moves her table to the side of the wall leaving them a lot of space in the middle of the living room. She turns around to look at him and takes off her fishnet shirt showing just as he presumed no bra as her nipples stood out. Then she unbuckled her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

Naruto starred at her pussy as she had her hairs nicely trimmed in a triangle.

Anko stares at him. “Well don’t leave me hanging, take off your clothes and let’s get this started.” She said as she stretched for the workout she’s about to have.

Naruto quickly took off his shirt and dropped his pants and boxers leaving his penis out for the showing.

As Anko was stretching she saw the length of his rod and stopped moving. “This is gonna be really fun.” She said as she turned around.

Anko now having her back against him talked. “First were gonna start off with the simple ones and later get to the advanced ones.” She said as she bended over while spreading her legs slightly and placing her hands on her knees.

Anko gave him a full view of her pussy. “Put it in any hole you want to start with.” She said as she looked back at him.

Naruto getting excited walked up close to her and grabbed her ass with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other as he positioned it in front of her pussy and entered his tip only.

Feeling anxious Anko pushed back letting him completely in.

“AH!” She moaned surprised how deep he can go. “This mnph! Is for quick sex, as you can penetrate me… deeply in the angle I’m in.” She said having trouble saying it as she didn’t think twice as how far he can go.

Naruto started moving his dick in and out having a little fun with what she just told him. Going deep and pulling out Anko stopped him before he got to excited and starts fucking her.

“So remember this position if you want a fast one.” She said as she pulled him out and stood up.

Naruto was a bit disappointed that they didn’t go anywhere but backed that off since he had other positions to learn.

Anko got on all fours but slanted her back so that her ass was up in the air. Naruto grabbed onto her waist as he positioned himself this time in her ass entering her halfway only.

Anko waited for him to be done as he tried to settle in. “Ok now Naruto. This is a normal doggy style but with a few changes.” She said.

“Yeah I can tell. Plus I already know the doggy style.” He said annoyed.

“Yeah I kind of thought of that, but did you know this?” She said as she started to move her ass in circles.

Naruto was lost in words as he felt every inch of her slide up against the sides of his penis. He looked down to see what she was doing with her ass.

Seeing it move in circles Naruto grabbed it and started thrusting in her ass loving the feeling of both his and her actions.

“Whoa mm Naruto stop! Not now!” She said as she stopped moving her ass in circles and Naruto stopped thrusting.

“Damn it and I was in the mood too.” He said pulling out of her ass.

Anko stood up and looked at him. “Do do that or you’ll be missing out on your lessons!” She said.

Naruto understood and waited for the next position.

Anko got down on the ground lying straight on her stomach with her legs slightly parted and stretched her arms out in front of her.

Naruto knowing where to fit in, he hovered his body over hers resting on his elbows and placing his legs outside of hers. He grabbed his penis and entered her ass again feeling it a little hotter than before.

Anko let him settle in her ass as she waited patiently. “God Naruto, you love ass don’t you.” She said looking back.

“Yup! Its tighter here than your pussy Anko.” He said as he was finished settling in.

“I don’t know if I should be offended or not.” She said thinking about it.

Feeling her insides tear up Anko found it a little hard to do her next step. With her having her legs slightly opened for him to enter her. She then crossed her legs over one another giving him a tight squeeze.

Naruto was amazed at how tighter her insides got. It felt like as if it was pushing him out.

“Mnph! As soon as I cross my legs… The feeling gets really intense.” She said as she uncrossed her legs again decreasing the pressure.

Naruto pulled out and stood up also giving a hand to Anko.

Anko stood still thinking of the next move she can do.

“Naruto I want you to sit down on the couch.” She said pointing at it.

Naruto walked up to it and took his seat with his vigorous shaft standing straight. Anko walked up to the couch and jumped on it. Standing completely over his erection, Anko kneeled down as he entered her pussy this time.

Naruto was now fully in her as Anko started jumping using her knees.

“With you sitting down this time, you can freely grab my breast as much as you want.” She said as she rose up her arms placing them on her shoulders for Naruto to reach over and grab them.

Since Naruto was facing her back, as she raised her hands in the air he saw the sides of her tits from her back and reached over grabbing them and started rubbing them.

“This is nice! Now show me another one!” He said as the positions were starting to get erotic.

Anko smiled. “Now we’re on the same page.” She said as she stood up and turned around this time kneeling down while facing him.

She looked at him in the eyes. “In this position… “Anko placed her arms on his shoulders. “You can look me in the eyes as I jump or twist my body.

“Nice! Or I can look at your chest!” He said starring at them.

Anko felt dumbfounded. “…Yeah I guess. Anyways like this all I have to do is clutch to the end of the seat, or couch, and start jumping so that means…” Anko grabbed the end of the couch and started moving her pussy sliding it up and down against his dick. “You don’t have to do a thing.” She said stopping before she got herself excited.

Anko got off of him and stood up thinking. “Come with me.” She said as he stood up and followed her into the kitchen. Walking past it they entered her washing room.

Naruto starred at her washer as she bended over to turn it on cycle. The washer started vibrating in a quick motion.

“This only works when they have a washer or dishwasher.” She said facing him.

Anko slowly bends over the vibrating washer. “God it’s so cold!” She said now having her body completely in touch with it.

Anko turned around. “Well come on!” She screamed.

Naruto entered her pussy as the vibrations through her body were getting to his penis.

“You have to enter fully if you want to experience it 100%!” She commanded.

Naruto grabbed the washer and entered her fully this time. Touching her thighs with his the vibrations were getting to him also. Now both Naruto and Anko were in full bliss even though they weren’t doing a thing.

Naruto pulled out giving her the chance to turn around. Instead she grabbed onto the sides of the washer. Naruto looked at her confused.

“Grab onto my thighs and lift them up.” She said.

Naruto walks between her legs and grabs her thighs lifting them up as they were by the sides of his waist.

“In this one, you have to pull in order to thrust in me.” She said.

Naruto tested it out grabbing her thighs harder and pushed forward as he thrusted in her.

“AH!” She moaned.

Naruto got the idea and let go of her thighs.

Anko turned around. “Now follow me to my bedroom. ” She said as she walked out of the washer room and back into the kitchen. She made a right leading him into her bedroom.

Naruto looked around seeing a window to the side and her bed in the middle of the room.

Anko got on her bed getting on all fours on the edge of her bed. Keeping her knees together to narrow her vaginal canal. Naruto walked right behind her positioning her legs between his and grabbed her hips entering her pussy.

“Like this I can easily reach my clitoris while you can have all the fun you want with my G-spot.” She said.

Naruto got the new position and took himself out. Anko got off the bed and turn to look at him.

She pushed him to the wall and backed away a little bit. She then quickly raised her left leg up in the air while balancing on her right. She placed her left leg on his shoulder and closed in on him.

“This is one of my favorites but you got to be flexible to be able to do this one.” She said. “In the position I’m in my pussy is wide open for the taking if you want it.”

They starred at each other for a while before she dropped her leg. Anko went to go sit on her bed.

“This one is my favorite one of all!” She said. “Come here.”

Anko opened her legs and lifted them. As Naruto was walking to her he grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up on his shoulders. Closing in on her they were completely close to each as her legs were making a V sign.

Naruto looked down to see her pussy and entered it feeling his dick bent upwards the more he slid in.

“Wow I didn’t think this was possible.” He said as he pulled out and let her legs drop.

Anko looked at Naruto. “Sorry Naruto but that is all I know.” Anko said to him kind of sad that their little lessons where finally over.

“Okay thanks for the help. I’ll go get changed.” He said as he turned around.

“Wait!” She screamed.

Naruto felt a hand on his shoulders and turned around. He saw Anko on her knees and grabbed his penis putting it close to her mouth.

“Don’t you want to try out any new moves?” She asked and started sucking his dick.

Naruto smiled. “About time! All those positions and not one single fuck.” He said.

“I’m sorry Naruto but I like getting men all worked up for nothing, sometimes it gets to me.” She said.

“Well a little blow job won’t do the trick.” Naruto smiled looking down at her.

Anko was waiting this for the whole time, waiting to suck on his dick tasting every inch of him. She licked his tip and around the sides of his shaft. She then placed it in front of her face and looked up at him.

“I’ll teach you one special move if you can make me cum more than you.” She said as she entered him in her mouth.

Naruto nodded. “God her saliva feels hot!”

Anko smiled and took him in deep feeling his head hit the back of her head and started choking. She took him out seeing that she had at least most of his length covered in her saliva.

“Wait Anko let me feel those tits before our competition starts.” He said and went to go sit on her bed.

Anko followed him and got on her knees between his legs. She gave him a lick one more time to make sure he was still hot and sticky and licked up her breasts.

Naruto grabbed them and placed his penis in between them and started stroking himself. Anko took control and sped up.

“Fuck all this waiting, can’t wait to release this load.” He said as he started shooting out cum on her chest.

Anko stopped letting it land on her. “Guess all that waiting made you’re cum so hot!” She said.

Naruto stopped. “Now let’s get started with one I’ve been waiting for.” He said. “Get on all fours!”

“I knew it.” She said as she pushed herself up and got on her hands and knees.

Naruto grabbed her waist and entered her ass to begin with. “I’ve been waiting to pound this ass!” He said.

Naruto started moving her ass in circles just like before feeling her walls from all around. He started thrusting in her going deep feeling it where she was really hot.

“Guess all that waiting even got you hot!” He said as he started thrusting faster.

“AH FUCK YOUR SO THICK!” She screamed feeling him tear her up.

But she wasn’t going to lose so easily and started to tighten up on him.

“Fuck this is tight!” He said but that only made him go in deeper.

Anko’s plan failed as she was on the verge of cumming. Feeling the loss already, she reached back with one hand and grabbed his arm leading it to her breast. Naruto grabbed her nipple and started rubbing it.

“Fuck Anko I’m gonna cum!” He said as his plan backfired.

“ME TOO! AH FILL ME UP!” She screamed.

Naruto stopped thrusting and pushed himself in deep and started cumming. Feeling his cum blow into her ass, she started to cum slowly.

Finished Naruto pulled out of her and stood up as Anko was still in all fours.

“We both came so were tied now.” She said looking back.

Naruto was going to win this match and as Anko was getting up he quickly entered her pussy. Surprised Anko quickly stood up and Naruto picked her up by her thighs lifting her.

He started thrusting up as he had a tough hold on her.

“AH AH! FUCK YOU NARUTO!” She said as she used raised her hands in the air placing them on her shoulders.

Anko was yelling like crazy feeling that she couldn’t do anything. Her tits were jumping every time he thrusted in her and the more he thrusted the hotter she got.

“Damn this pussy feels good!” Naruto said as kept going in.

“FUCK! AH AH! I’M CUMMING! NARUTO!” She yelled as she started to cum.

Naruto felt her wetness as it came out going down his sack. He stopped thrusting and slowly dropped her to the ground.

Anko turned around and jumped on him as they fell to the bed. She looked back and lowered her ass so his penis slid right up there.

“Your mnph lucky you’re this big.” She said as he slid in more up her ass.

Naruto smiled as Anko started to mover her ass up and down. Naruto grabbed onto her ass and holds on, going with the ride.

“AH YES! FUCK THIS IS GOOD!” She said as she loved the feeling of his cock breaking her walls.

Naruto grabbed on tighter as he felt her getting tighter, maybe he can hold it off. Naruto slid further in starting to feel the load he blew earlier before.

“Fuck this!” He said as he shot his cum again into her ass.

Anko stopped, letting him finish inside her. Finishing up inside her Naruto pulled out and Anko got off him. He then got up and pushed Anko on to the bed so she lying down on her belly as half her body was on the bed and legs on the ground. He grabbed her ass and entered her pussy, but before thrusting he summoned a clone in front of Anko.

She looked back and smiled and then turned forward and started sucking the clone’s dick. Feeling happy Naruto started thrusting up her pussy reaching his goal to make her cum more than him.

“AHPH! ANPH!” Was what she moaned the whole time Naruto thrusted. With a penis in her mouth Anko grabbed it and took it out. She started sucking the tip and rubbing it against her inner cheeks.

“AH you’re so AH big!” She said as she kept on sucking the clone’s dick while Naruto kept fucking her.

The clone grabbed onto her hair as she did the movements going up and down. Anko slid him in further down her throat. The clone just grabbed on tighter to her hair as she took him out and back in.

Naruto from the back was thrusting upwards her vagina. Every thrust lifted her up as he kept on going. Anko stopped sucking the clone’s dick as she started to feel herself tighten up on Naruto.

Seeing that she was lost in thought the clones shoved his dick up her mouth and grabbed the back of her head so she wouldn’t pull back. Naruto who saw what his clone did started to go faster and harder now that her screams would be silenced, he went in deeper too, so the advantage would be his.

“ANGH ANGH ANHG AAAAANHG!” She screamed as she felt Naruto from the back dominate her.

Naruto loved her screams of pleasure, he loved how wet her pussy was getting and he loved the tightness of it as he was about to climax.

“AAAAAAANGH!” Anko came as she stopped screaming overwhelmed of the orgasm that she didn’t feel Naruto, who kept on going, started to cum also.

He bucked up as he kept on spilling more amounts in her body. The clone from the back slid himself slowly out and disappeared while Naruto from the back rested as he finally finished.

Feeling limp he pulled out by getting up as Anko just turned around in the bed taking deep breathes. Naruto looked at her. “Hey can you turn around?” And she did feeling that maybe the kid beat her already might as well enjoy the moment while she can.

Anko turned around and Naruto got on top of her and lowered his face down between her legs. He grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart so he can see her vagina. He started fingering her as he felt her incredibly warm.

Anko grabbed onto the sheets enjoying this. “Ah! Oh god this feels good!” She moaned.

Naruto smiled that she enjoyed it and kept on going. He started to rub against the sides of her pussy feeling the wetness of it. He started to feel little ounces of her juice come down and knew she wasn’t done yet. He dug his face on her pussy licking as much as he can get with his tongue.

“AH fuck this is good!” She moaned louder.

“Damn Anko you’re really wet! And you’re getting even wetter!” He said as he dug back in there.

Anko moaned as she already knew this war was over. She reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks so she can spread them herself. Naruto entered her pussy from the bottom with his fingers and with the other he fingered her other hole.

Anko was feeling tormented in a good way as she started to squeeze in both her pussy and ass trying to hold it in.

Naruto forcefully spread her apart with his fingers taunting her.

Right there and then Anko felt defeat. “I Ah give Naruto.” She said as she started to get more wet meaning she was cumming. Naruto was too busy licking up her juices as it tremendously trailed down right to his tongue.

He popped his head up before cleaning her up. “I’m sorry what?” He asked since he didn’t hear.

“You heard me brat! I give! I guess I’ll teach you my move.” She said as she stood up from the bed and stood up. Naruto sat as he looked at her hand signals that she quickly made he kept close watch. Seeing how she did it he repeated the signs and a puff a smoke came out of his mouth.

Naruto starred at her. “What happen?” He asked.

Anko looked down at him as she took out her tongue all the way out. It extended down her chin.

Naruto thinking that she was just playing and that there was no new move took out his tongue also. Surprised as fuck he was when it went out reaching under his chin. He smiled thanking the heavens for such a jutsu.

“Nice! It’s fucking long, now I can fully taste the wetness of a girl’s pussy.” He said playing with it as he slid it back in and out.

“Why don’t you try it out?” She said as she turned around and bended over. Naruto happily got up and walked to her pussy. He got on his knees and grabbed her ass like a huge hamburger and dug his face in. Then he slid his new long tongue up her pussy reaching where it was really wet and hot.

Anko shivered as she felt the long slimy tongue reaching where she never thought to be licked before. Naruto dug in deeper eagerly engulfing his tongue from all around the sides with her juice. Pushing against her walls and rubbing it up and down. His tongue felt like a sponge as it polished her insides.

Feeling done Naruto took it out and shoved it back in his mouth getting a fully fledged taste of her juice.

Anko stood up as did he. She looked at him sad that he has to leave now.

“So you can leave now.” She said trying to look or sound sad.

Naruto walked up to her and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek as he walked out into the living room getting his clothes.

Feeling blushed she walked to where he was. Seeing Naruto all dressed up already and to go he opened the door but before he left he looked back.

“Thanks Anko, I appreciate it a lot.” He said as he was about to close the door.

“So what are you going to do now?” She asked out loud so he can stay a little longer.

Naruto stopped and entered back in looking at her. “Well first I got to get a good sleep. Then I’m heading over to Kurenai’s to try out these new moves.” He said smiling.

Anko smiled back and laughed. “I heard she’s very flexible… but you didn’t get that from me.” She said.

Naruto happily implanted that on his head to remember and headed outside closing the door behind him and onto the path for his apartment.

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