Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s cheque methods ch7

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s cheque methods ch7

It’s been a week since Naruto left off from the Land of Spring as he is now back on the trail to Konoha with a lot of money in his pocket since that bid he did with Koyuki. Speaking of what he did with Koyuki when she went to go show him how talented she really was, that was the last time he’s had a good round of sex and now it’s been a week since and he’s feeling the affect now, a week without sex.

“Can’t wait to get back to Konoha, I’m gonna eat all the ramen I want to eat! But speaking of Konoha I got to be careful with that Danzou guy… if he can black mail Tsunade with what we did I’m pretty sure he can get away with a lot of things and kick me out again. Luckily it wasn’t announced that I ran from Konoha.” He told himself as he walked the trail to home.

As Naruto was walking through the forest to his right he caught a tent which was set up with a fire still going. Next to the tent was a big tree which has a string tied to it going around another tree. On the tree seemed to be clothes that were barely washed as it dripped water.

Naruto heard some noises coming from the tent and quickly hid behind a tree just in case it was an enemy he took out a kunai and took a peek to see who it was.

Temari came crawling out with a shirt and some black tights, as she stood up and stretched herself. Naruto noticing who it is he came out of the tree.

As he walked up to her still unnoticed once Temari stopped stretching and stood still she grabbed her shirt by the bottom and took it off showing that she had no bra on and by the looks of it her nipples her hard.

Temari threw the shirt to the ground and went back into the tent to grab another shirt. By the time Naruto hid back again into another tree. Temari came out with her arms inside the sleeves already as Naruto got another peek at her breast as she put on the shirt destroying his newly found entertainment.

Naruto thinking it was the right time to come in he walked out pretending to be exhausted.

Temari looked over at Naruto who was walking towards her way. She blushed as she thought that he might have seen her naked but the closer he got she heard his deep breathing and quickly assumed that maybe he just came running and saw her coming out.

“Hey Naruto what brings you here?” She said to nervous to think that they are in a forest that everybody uses to get to Konoha.

He looked at her. “I’m going to Konoha!” He said happily.

Temari smiled at how enthusiastic he was. “Me too! How about we go together?” She said.

Naruto looked at her and nodded. “Sure why not. I don’t see the harm.” He said.

“Okay then, let me get my clothes. I just washed them and I don’t want them to get dirty.” She said as she walked over to the clothes that were hanging from tree to tree. Temari got on her tip toes at it was a little hard for her to reach and grabbed a hold of her wet shirt. She tugged it accidentally too hard and it fell to the ground getting dirt around it.

“Damn it!” She says as she bends over to pick up her shirt. As she bends over Naruto looks at her ass as she reached for her shirt and spots out that she was a little wet from her shorts.

Naruto smiled. “I guess she was fingering herself and by the looks of her hard nipples she was rubbing them also. This girl needs attention sorry Shikamaru.” He thought to himself as he approached Temari who just stood up from grabbing her shirt.

Naruto makes his hand vertical as he walked up to Temari with his hand right between her thighs. Naruto quickly enters his hand up her pussy. Temari was about to turn around but Naruto grabbed one of her breast with the other hand and holds it tightly so she won’t turn around.

“Naruto what the fuck are you doing!” She said angry.

She tried to move as she budged herself but since he had his hand up her pussy that only made him finger her which made her jump.

Even though she was wearing tights Naruto dug his hand deeper to feel it more wet than he thought.

“Your body feels real cold. Your nipples are hard just by the coldness am I right?” He said as he rubbed her nipple and laughed knowing it wasn’t true.
“Naruto mm please stop this.” She said as she was getting wetter.

Naruto started to rub her nipple and at the same time finger her. “How about I give it some heat.” He said as he let go of her breast to take off his pants.

As Naruto’s erection slowing found its way out he let go of her pussy and grabbed her other breast. He guided his penis in between her thighs and entered as he rubbed himself against her pussy.

“Kya you’re so hot!”Temari said as she felt a huge shaft burry itself between her legs.

Naruto kept rubbing himself against her legs as she moaned lightly.

“Do you really want it that bad?” He asked laughing that the tease was working.

“Ah no.” She said as a little groan came out.

Naruto laughed. “Doesn’t sound like that to me.” He said as he pulled out bended over and pulled down her shorts showing just as he presumed a wet girl.

Naruto starts fingering her pussy and gives it a few licks. Temari had the chance to actually run away but instead she bended over a bit giving him a better way to lick her wetness.

Naruto now knowing that she is into it he gets up and positions his tip at her entrance. Temari feeling it reacted.

“No Naruto not here! Someone might see us!” She said looking back but Naruto didn’t listen.

He grabbed onto her by the tits and pushed himself halfway in. “For being so cold your pussy is really hot.” He said as he went in deeper engulfing himself in her wetness.

“No Naruto please! You could fuck me in the tent instead!” She said but Naruto started thrusting.

“It’s only a quickie don’t worry I’ll be done quickly.” He said as he started thrusting in faster.

Naruto was going in faster feeling her walls surround his penis. Temari now bended completely over letting his dick get in further.

“AH AH hurry Naruto! Fuck me faster!” She said.

“Don’t worry I’ll cum quick!” He said.

Eh what the hell, I might as well give it all to her.” He thought to himself.

Naruto let go of her tits and grabbed onto her ass and started thrusting faster. Feeling the pace at which he would go in he started going in deeper feeling it a little hotter that he thought.

“AH AH! NARUTO! FUCK! FAS TER!” She screamed forgetting about the whole getting caught thing.

“Fuck Temari! I’m gonna cum! Shit!” Naruto said as he was keeping up the pace.

As Naruto finally felt her walls closing in on him and his climax he finally came blowing his load in.

“AH AAHHHH!” Temari screamed as she came too without warning.

Naruto and Temari rested as they both came at the same time feeling both their juices fill her up. Naruto pulled out letting it flow down her legs as Temari stood up. Feeling a little bit better, without even cleaning themselves they put on their clothing and Temari grabbed her stuff and quickly jumped on the tree branch.

She turned around and looked down at him. “Come one let’s go!”

“What about your tent?” He said as she jumped up with her.

“Forget about it.” She said as they both left dashing for Konoha.

Naruto was feeling a little sad that she didn’t clean his dick off as it felt sticky as they jumped from branch to branch and also sad for Temari who he didn’t get a chance to clean her too.

They both ran together the whole day without saying a word to each other as they got closer to Konoha. Could it be that awkward intercourse they just had before leaving maybe or it can be that there isn’t much to talk about?

They stopped running as they finally reached the gates of Konoha. Where Naruto’s crazy adventure began and maybe where it will end.

Home, sweet home.” He thought to himself as he walked up to it.

Temari was there walking next to him and they both entered together. It was already dark though and the stores were all closed since they had a little fun before leaving.

Naruto looked at the direction his house was at and turned around to look for Temari and say good bye but she was already gone.

“Damn.” He said before he turned and jumped onto a roof heading to his apartment.

He jumped down onto the streets and walked up to his stair way. He slowly went up looking around everywhere as he looked like he’s never seen one before. He reached his door and turned around.

“Yup, nothing ever changed.” He said as she turned around and grabbed the spare key under from his carpet and unlocked his door.

He entered and threw his bag to the side. Buy suddenly he was pushed and he fell onto his bed face forward.

He rolled around and lifted himself up but was still sitting on his bed.

There in front of his door was Temari locking the door and turned around walking up to him.

Confused Naruto stands up as she gets closer. Temari looks at him.

“I’m sorry Naruto but… I really want to taste your cock.” She said as she got on her knees and unzipped him taking down off his pants too.

Naruto excited takes off his shirt and throws it.

Temari looked up at him as she grabbed his dick and got a look at it for the first time.

“Wow Naruto…” She said as she put his penis in her mouth and took it out. “You’re so big.” She said excitedly as she started to jack him off getting him bigger.

Naruto looked down at her as she now started to suck his dick while with the hand she grabbed it with and started twisting it.

“Mm mm UGH UGH!” She gagged as Naruto pushed her head in deeper.

Temari mad gave him the finger but went in deeper to show her how deep she can go. Needing to breathe she took him out leaving him halfway covered in her saliva.

She stood up and bended over while at the same time taking off her shorts. She turned around and looked at Naruto.

“Come on Naruto! Fuck me in any whole you want!” She said.

Naruto smiled and grabs her ass and spreads it while he enters her hot pussy again.

Filling her whole he said. “What about what happen a few hours ago?” He said and started thrusting in her without waiting for her answer.

“MmaahH! For get about… it!” She said as he was deep in her.

Naruto nodded his head and grabbed on tighter as he thrusted faster hitting his balls against her thighs.

“AH AH YES! YES! HARDER!” She screamed.

Naruto went harder and deeper as he also went faster. “Can’t believe your pussy is still this hot!” He said thrusting in deeper feeling his tip burn.

“AH! OH GOD YES! FUCK!” She screamed as she started to get tighter on him as she felt him furiously spread her apart.

Temari started to cum again without saying anything as she did before.

Feeling her hot juice and her walls close tightly Naruto thrusted in deeply and started to cum.

Naruto pulls out and finds that he still hard. He grabs her and turns her around so she can bend over his bed.

Temari feeling tired turned around to look up at him.

Naruto smiled. “You might like this even more!” He said as he spread her thighs with his knees and entered her ass.

Naruto started thrusting in faster as he found her ass really hot also.

“Your ass is tight but with my penis covered in your cum it slides through just like nothing.” He said as he went in faster showing her what he meant.

Temari grabbed onto the sheets. Getting fucked shortly after her orgasm she found it hard to hold it in again as she felt weak.

“OH GOD NARUTO! FUCK YOU’RE SO FUCKING BIG! AH AH!” She screamed as she was too weak to get up but instead grabbed on tighter to the sheets.

Trying to make him cum, Temari was squeezing her muscles to make him cum faster as she found that she might faint if he doesn’t finished fast.

Naruto felt her ass get tighter just as her pussy but instead again fiercely pushed in deeper.

“AH AAAHHHH! FUUUCK!” She screamed as she surprisingly started to cum again.

Feeling her too tight to fuck he came blowing his load into her ass. Naruto stopped thrusting and bended over resting on her back as he was still cumming in her.

They both stopped and Naruto got up taking out his dick. Temari finally having her rest she turned around and sat on the bed breathing hard.

Temari looks at Naruto’s penis as it was limp and covered in her cum and his. She grabbed it and licked it clean.

Naruto looked down at her. “How about you show me those tits of yours?” He asked.

Temari looks up at him and takes off her shirt showing her breast bounce and her nipples hard. Temari falls to the ground and gets on her knees.

Naruto squats to grab her tits and start rubbing her nipple and the other one he sucked on it. He got back up and sat on his bed.

Temari turns around and gets in between his legs while Naruto lifted his dick.

Temari took control and grabbed it and placed it between her tits. The she used both of her hands to push up her breast and squeeze them and started stroking him with her round tits.

Naruto looked down at her smiling of the pleasure of how great it felt.

“Watch out.” He said as he started to shoot cum out slowly.

Temari kept her tits together and let him coat her chest with hot stickiness and looked as more came out.

Finally done Naruto stands up in front of her and moves to the side while summoning a clone in front of her while he walks around and gets behind her.

Temari looked behind her and watched as Naruto grabbed her thighs and she felt him spread her apart while the Naruto in front of her grabs her head and forcibly shoves his dick in her mouth.

“UGH! GUH! AHNGH!” Surprised that he didn’t tell her she started choking.

Seeing her pussy giving him a warm and wet welcome Naruto entered there first and started thrusting back and forth while grabbing onto her waist. Naruto started going faster and harder seeing that his clone had her busy.

“AGH AGH! AAAAGH!” Temari was screaming like hell as Naruto kept going in deeper every thrust.

“Thank god your mouth is full! Or else people would’ve heard this!” He said as he thrusted all the way in her.

“AAAAAGH!” Temari’s screams kept coming after every thrust.

As the Naruto in front was getting his head blown away the deeper she went on him he started cumming in her mouth filling it completely full and pulled out to let her breathe for once and disappeared.

Naruto started to feel that hot sensation he felt earlier that day as his tip was burning like hell again.

“God I love this hot pussy!” He said as it encouraged him to go faster.

Temari now getting the chance to breathe was taken away as she felt Naruto’s dick deeply in her, penetrating her like before.

“AW GOD! NARU TO! FUCK!” She screamed as she grabbed onto his sheets.

Naruto now having enough decided to end it and finish in her as he wanted. He let go of her waist and grabbed her swaying breast as they were moving like crazy and even making that sound his sack does when it hits her thighs.

“Temari! I’m gonna cum in this hot pussy!” He said as he felt that burning tension.

“THEN CUM ALREADY!”She screamed not being able to keep up with him anymore.

Naruto kept on going as he holds it in. “Where do you want me to cum!” He said playing around with her.

“FUCK! CUM! CUM IN MY HOT PUSSY!” She screamed as she came releasing her hot cum all over his dick.

Naruto now let’s go off his pressure and shot his load into her pussy as it mixed with hers. He stopped and rested on her back again still keeping a hold of her tits.

Naruto finally took his dick out as he was done cumming and bended over to lick her pussy wondering why it’s so hot.

He used his fingers to spread her vagina apart and started licking the bottom feeling her juice come done just like he wanted. Catching all her cum Naruto stood up and helped her up too.

“Come on you need a shower.” He said leading her to his bathroom.

“Are we done?” She said confused.

Naruto looked at her. “No, but I do want you to get home walking straight.” He said as they entered the bathroom.

“Alright then… but I want to be the one to clean your dick off.” She said as she closed the door behind him.

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