Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto lemon chronicles ch 1

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto lemon chronicles ch 1

Uzumaki Naruto sat on the table in the examination room at Konoha hospital, fidgeting, waiting for the doctor to arrive. After returning from his two and a half year training trip with Jiraiya, and the subsequent match with him and Sakura versus Kakashi, he was told by Tsunade that a physical examination was required to take any missions. Naturally, he tried arguing with the powerful kunoichi, but when she calmly informed him that he didn’t have a choice he resigned himself to getting the examination.

The smile Tsunade wore, one that promised untold amounts of pain if he didn’t drop the matter, may have played a factor in his decision to just accept the situation.

This brings us back to Naruto impatiently waiting in the examination room for the doctor. Finally, after what seemed like forever to the young Genin, the door opened and in stepped the medic-nin, though it wasn’t exactly who he was expecting. Tsunade herself had entered the room, minus her usual green jacket; reading from clipboard that he assumed held his medical record. While she was glancing over the records Naruto took the time to, as discreetly as possible, check out the busty Hokage. Despite knowing her true age, he had to admit she was very attractive to say the least, with her large breasts, wide hips, and a nice plump ass Tsunade had occupied many a wet dream, though he would never admit he had such dreams about her. Just thinking about some of those dreams and fantasies he had of her caused his pants to suddenly feel several sizes too small. He was snapped out of his thoughts as Tsunade spoke.

“All right Naruto lets get started, take off your clothes.”

“You want me to take off my WHAT?”

“I didn’t stutter brat, I said take off your clothes, and don’t argue with me about this either, got it? This is a physical examination, so I need to take a look at you without clothes to do said examination.” She told him, not even looking up from the clipboard. Tsunade couldn’t help but wonder why he had to make things so difficult. She loved him dearly, she really did. But he could be a pain in the ass at times.

Grumbling under his breath, Naruto did as he was told, stripping down to his boxers. Crossing his arms, Naruto sat back on the examination table hoping she would hurry up and get this over with so he could put his clothes back on and go get some ramen from Ichiraku’s. Glancing up from the chart to see if he did as told she did a double take. The orange boxers Naruto was wearing were very tight and as such she could clearly see a very, very, large bulge in them. Quickly composing herself the focused on his head-FACE, she meant face.

“Naruto, I told you to take of your clothes, and I mean all of them including the boxers. So strip them off.”

“Ba-chan you don’t really expect me to take’em off?”

“Yes, I do. This is a physical, so I need to check you over thoroughly and I can’t do that while you’re wearing those. Besides, I’m a medic, it’s not like I haven’t seen anything you have before. Now lose the boxers before I come over there to take them off myself.” The tone she used for the last sentence was one that told him not to argue or he’d get sent through a wall via finger flick. Reluctantly, Naruto stood back up and removed the last article of clothing.

Finally nude Tsunade couldn’t help but stare at his crotch in amazement. To put it bluntly; Naruto had a huge fucking cock. His nervousness had caused his growing erection from his daydreams to wilt, but even limp it was big, if Tsunade has to guess it was about eight inches long and fairly thick. She could probably just barely wrap a hand around his limp cock. Under the intense stare Naruto started to fidget until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Ba-chan, you’re staring is startin’ to creep me out.” His statement snapped her out of the state she was in from seeing the unexpectedly large hunk of man meat. Coughing lightly she tried composing herself once more.

“All right Naruto lets get started.” She began going through the examination, checking his heart rate, blood pressure, etc. She examined his head, chest, arms, and stomach before finally reaching his waist. What she did next completely caught Naruto of guard though. She spread his legs and stood between them, and before the poor boy could react she was grasping his dick and began to lightly stroke it with one hand while the other went to cup his balls. Which, like his cock, were incredibly large. She was barely able to grasp one in her hand.

“Tsunade Baa-chan, what the hell are you doin!” He couldn’t help but damn near shout at her, what she was doing was sure as hell something he would never have expected her to do in a million years. Tsunade’s fondling of his package was causing his dick to harden once more. She continued to caress his rapidly expanding cock to finally reaching it’s full size, and she couldn’t help but get excited and the sheer size of it. It stood proudly at an impressive fifteen inches and so thick she couldn’t even fully get her hand around it.

“I’m just examining your penis to make sure there are no abnormalities with it, and I need it erect to make sure of that. Now calm down and don’t interrupt.” The stroking hand started to pick up speed causing Naruto to let out and involuntary moan. It felt so damn good, the jacking hand flew over his dick with such skill. And she expected him to calm down? Yeah right! When Tsunade’s left hand stopped caressing his balls and joined the right in a two handed technique on his engorged dick Naruto’s head lolled back with his eyes closed in bliss. He let out a low throaty groan of pleasure.

“Now Naruto, to insure that there is nothing wrong with your dick I need you to cum for me, okay?” Seeing that Naruto barely heard what she said, not noticing she stopped talking in a professional tone and switched to a more… sultry tone and used more vulgar language caused her to smirk. Tsunade was greatly enjoying seeing him become putty in her hands, she was also very turned on. From the moment she saw Naruto’s huge cock her nipples had hardened and her pussy had quickly moistened, she hadn’t had anything but her fingers or toys to satisfy herself in… God it had been decades. Now, with an amazing specimen of man at hand though, she couldn’t wait to have it split her cunt in two. But first, she had to taste him. Tsunade stopped her pumping, causing Naruto to groan in protest, a groan which quickly turned to one of pleasure and surprise when something warm and wet encased the bulbous head of his cock.

Looking down, his eyes widened when he saw Tsunade had leaned forward and taken his dick into her widely stretched out mouth. When she started taking him deeper he actually went a little cross eyed from pleasure. Tsunade took him deeper till she felt the huge head hit the back of her throat before pulling back, sucking deeply the entire way till only the head was left. Keeping the head in her mouth, Tsunade started swirling her tongue around the tip before going back in for more of what had to be, in her honest opinion, the most delicious cock ever. When Naruto’s cock hit the back of her throat again, Tsunade didn’t retreat, but instead started to deep throat him, which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea. Naruto, being a virgin, was already overwhelmed by just the hand job, when Tsunade started sucking his dick he damn near lost it, but the deepthroating was more than even his own iron will could take.

“Oh Shit.” Was all the warning Tsunade got before Naruto grabbed her twin pigtails and held her head in place, his cock partially down her throat, before he let loose. Her eyes flew wide open as the already thick shaft stretching her throat expanded further, causing her to gag as Naruto started hosing her throat down with his thick cum. Being unprepared, some of the cum shot out her nose and poured back out her mouth coating Naruto’s dick before dripping down to coat her large jugs, sliding into her impressive cleavage before she got her bearings and started swallowing the near cup-sized blasts of jizz. For nearly two minutes she was forced to gulp down the thick creamy liquid before Naruto let go of her hair, realizing what he was doing and expecting her to be angry, if not downright pissed off. Instead, she slowly slid his softing erection out her mouth, gently sucking the entire way till she released him from her mouth with a loud pop. Not done cumming yet, Naruto shot the last few streams onto her face, the size of the shots was still large causing Tsunade’s gorgeous features to be covered by a gooey mask.

“Well,” She began, after swallowing the cum still in her mouth and throat, “You seem perfectly healthy, but I need to conduct one more test before I can clear you for missions.” Standing up after using her fingers to clean her face of it’s thick cum coating and the licking them clean, Tsunade started to remove her clothing. First, she turned around and removed her pants, bending at the waist and thrusting her plump ass at him. She then untied the sash at her waist and removed her shirt, freeing the massive globes of tit flesh for Naruto’s eyes to feast upon. Which he greedily did, eyes darting over her frame at speeds that would leave Gai dizzy.

“Stand up Naruto.” Tsunade ordered him. Not arguing for once, he followed her orders and stood up from the examination table, all the while keeping his eyes glued to Tsunade’s amazing nude figure. It was even better than he imagined. He couldn’t look away from her, but what he focused on the most were her huge tits, even hanging free they stood high and firm on her chest. Her thick, half inch nipples stood out just begging to be sucked on. Before Naruto could do anything to those magnificent mammaries, Tsunade bent over the examination table, spread her legs, and shook her glorious ass towards him. It even had a nice little jiggle to it, much to Naruto’s visual enjoyment.

“The final test I need to perform is to test your stamina, and to do that I need you to fuck me hard, long, and deep with that huge cock of yours until you blast a huge load of cum right up my tight cunt.”

“This is the best trip to the doctor I’ve ever had.” Naruto couldn’t help but say with his trademark grin plastered on his face. “Alright Baa-chan, I’m gonna reshape your pussy and fuck you bowlegged.” Finally regaining his cocky attitude, Naruto got behind Tsunade and grabbed a hold of her wide hips with one hand and used the other to press his cockhead against the moist pink folds of her twat. Despite his statement he started pressing in gently, not wanting to hurt her with his massive prick. Tsunade was going to have none of that however, she was horny and wanted to get fucked hard.

“Dammit brat! Just shove it in, I’m wet enough from sucking your dick. So fuck me stupid already.”

Shrugging, Naruto grabbed her hips with both hands and jerked his own hips forward, spearing seven inches into her. Tsunade screamed with pleasure and just a little pain, she had never been stretched like this before, Naruto’s thick dick really was going to reshape her pussy! Naruto pulled out three inches before shooting his hips forward burying what he just pulled out plus another two inches. He continued pulling out a couple inches then burying a couple more into Tsunade’s tight twat with each thrust until her bubble butt was pressed tightly to his hips. As Naruto pumped the last inch into her he pierced her cervix, the results were instantaneous, Tsunade was overcome by the biggest orgasm she ever had. Coating Naruto’s cock with girl cum Tsunade startled jerking and shaking, her pussy started trying to milk Naruto’s cock of all his thick ball cream, forcing him to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from dumping his load right then and there.

Holding still while Tsunade came around his dick, Naruto couldn’t help but feel proud for getting her to cum so quickly. When she finally stopped convulsing, Naruto slowly withdrew seven inches and the slowly drove balls deep again. Moving his hands from her hips he grasped the single greatest pair of tits in the whole village, all the while slowly sawing seven inches out and than all the way back. He kept this up for several minutes until her pussy adjusted a little better to his size before picking up the pace. Using Tsunade’s tits for hand holds, Naruto eventually started fucking his cock into her at a rapid tempo.

“You like the way my huge cock feels Baa-chan, ugh, you’re so damn tight! Shit, I could screw this pussy all day long. Would you like that Baa-chan, would you like me fucking you all day?” He asked her, grunting occasionally as her pussy clenched around him ar random intervals.

“Yes! Oh fuck your good, fuck me all day! So deep, bend me over my desk and fuck me up the ass! I’ll deep throat you as you sit in my chair later, just fuck harder! Oh sweet God you’re so big! I don’t care, just keep jamming that huge dick up my cunt until it breaks!”

Burying himself completely into Tsunade, Naruto quit thrusting, but before she could protest at his sudden stop she was pulled up straight against Naruto’s chest. He then lifted Tsunade off her feet and hooked his arms under her knees and spread her legs apart and started thrusting up into her. Looking down at where they were joined, Tsunade was amazed at how much he was stretching her pussy open, but that was nothing compared to her stomach. Her normally flat belly had a slight bulge in it, the bulge shrunk as Naruto pulled back and then would expand as he pushed back in. Her eyes widened once again at the realization, Naruto was so big he was stretching her stomach! The sight and feeling sent her crashing into another huge orgasm which was quickly followed by another as Naruto kept pounding up into her, forcing her through one mind blowing orgasm after another till they all just seemed to blend into one long, mind melting experience. Eventually Tsunade’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue hung out her open mouth. She’d wanted to get fucked stupid and now she was getting that wish.

Naruto was so focused on the delicious sensation that Tsunade’s constantly convulsing pussy was giving him that he completely lost track of time. For a little over an hour he kept Tsunade in that position, screwing his massive erection up into her. Eventually his self control over his orgasm gave out, feeling his balls pull up tight Naruto buried himself as deeply as he could into Tsunade and grunted as he felt his dick swell. This caused Tsunade to regain some semblance of thought long enough to look down at her belly just as Naruto grunted again and his dick seemed to expand even further.

“Shit, here it comes Baa-chan, take it, take my load!” He groaned out as he shot what felt like several pints of cum up into Tsunade. She could only stare in astonishment as her belly swelled even further as Naruto pumped load after load deep into her. Tsunade couldn’t hold all of it however, and it started pouring back out her stretched twat over Naruto’s cock, down his balls, and started forming a large puddle underneath the two fuck drunk shinobi.

As their orgasms tapered off, Naruto lowered both of them to the floor, his cock still buried deep within Tsunade. As they both rested on their sides spooning, enjoying the afterglow of the furious sex session Tsunade decided to break the silence.

“Well Naruto, you pass your physical and you’re clear to take missions now, the first of which will be to bend me over my desk and screw my tight little ass.” She informed him breathlessly, but with a seductive little smirk. “However, you are not to call me Baa-chan, or I’ll leave you hanging with a bad case of blue balls.”

“Okay,” Naruto replied. When he saw Tsunade raise one of her delicate eyebrows at his quick acceptance to the stipulation he continued on. “I’ll call you Kaa-chan instead.” Tsunade couldn’t help but smile at the kinky thought.

As the two worn out lovers settled for a little nap on the exam table they missed the small gap in the door to the examination room close silently. On the other side of the door a very flushed Shizune replayed the scene she saw through the crack in her head. While coming to check in on the Naruto and Tsunade due to the time it was taking for the physical she heard grunts, groans, moans, and screams as she approached the room. Recognizing the sounds of sex and knowing who was using the room, she quickly wove a genjutsu around the immediate area to deter others from approaching the vicinity. Peering into the room she started watching just as Naruto started to take Tsunade from behind. After seeing the carnal display she wondered if Tsunade would allow her to participate in Naruto’s upcoming mission. She really hoped so, as she left to go find a place to finger herself to a much needed orgasm.

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