Naruto Pornography Story: Plenty of Of Lemons chapter 8

Naruto Pornography Story: Plenty of Of Lemons chapter 8

_-_-_-_-_With Naruto_-_On His Way to the Hyuuga Mansion_-_-_-_-_

Naruto was quite happy. He had just had a threesome with his Sakura-Chan and Ino, the academies ‘Most Voted to turn Lesbian’ duo. And he still felt like he could go for a few more hours! Being a stamina freak had its perks. While he was tree jumping he remembered he forgot to release his Peeping Jutsu, doing that he started to think of how he would go about this, and about Hinata herself. She used to be the shy timid girl that would root him on from the shadows, now however; she was more the kind of girl to demand fucks her till they dropped kind of girl and the only man she ever wanted was him. She was the only one who could probably tire him out. Which made her all the even more sexier in his opinion, sure the other girls were great and he loved each of them but it was just frustrating having them pass out on him. Sure, he could just have his way with their unconscious bodies but where’s the fun in that? The more he thought about her the more he couldn’t wait to see her… and then fuck her brains into mush.

After 5 minutes of jumping he finally got to the mansion. He remembered that Hinata had recommended in the note that he should try sneak his way in so the guard’s wouldn’t catch him. So, after a little bit of casing the place he decided on the best course of action. Easily jumping the fence, he ran up the wall. Crouching on top of the cement wall he looked around and quickly spotted the window Hinata had been fantasizing about him. Jumping through the window he action rolled as he landed. Sure it was a tad excessive, but he always wanted to do that. (1)

His train of thought came to a sudden halt in such a way that made using a record scratching as the sound effect would have been perfectly acceptable.

Hinata was laying on her bed, with a light blue see through nightgown with her leg’s wide open, with two finger’s inside of herself.

Naruto didn’t want her to know he was there yet, so he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Hinata had closed her eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking about her Naruto-kun! She started to moan, louder and louder she got as her fingers started picking up speed, “Naruto-kun, mmm yes, hurry up! Where are you? I want your cock so badly! I can’t wait to feel it in me. Ah, Naruto-kun, I want you to cum in me so much! I’ve been such a bad girl. Ah, Oh God, I’m almost there Naruto-kun! My pussy’s so hot. I want to feel your hard long warmth in me so much. I’m Cumming!” Hinata screamed, as her juices sprayed all over her bed. Her breathing started to slow down as the pleasure slowly went away. She started to fall asleep but was awoken completely by a familiar tone filled with perverse amusement.

“So, Hime (Princess)? You want my hard cock in your wet pussy right? Or should we start with a little foreplay?” Naruto asked as he walked to the bed and quickly crawled on top of her. Putting his hands on her breasts he slowly pulled her nipples up, instantly wiping the last thoughts of sleep from her mind.

“Naruto-kun! How long have you been here?” She responded as his massaging of her breast turned even more pleasurable with a quick use of Touch of Heat.

“I got here just in time to see a good show, apparently. I love the outfit by the way; I hope you don’t need it after tonight because I don’t think I can wait for you to take it off.” He responded.

“Oh God yes! Tear it off of me! Ravish me!” She pleaded while turning over and getting on all fours.

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Taking off both his pants and boxers in one move Naruto was reminded that he’d never canceled the Kage Henge.

“Oop, forgot to cancel the ju-*gasp* He was cut off as Hinata looked over her shoulder and gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief. He suddenly found himself laying face down on the bed with Hinata nuzzling his dicks like they were her new religious symbol.

Getting an idea Naruto began talking, slipping a little depression in his voice, “I have a problem Hime, one only you can help with.”

Ripping her eyes from the greatest thing she’d ever seen since Naruto himself she responded in a comforting tone, failing to stop the lust from slipping into her voice, “Anything Naruto-kun. You can count on me.”

Smiling down at her he started explaining, “Well, I worked so hard on making this new technique and it was wasted on Ino-Chan, even with my help she still couldn’t get all of me down her throat, and Sakura barely got one, much less two. You’re my only hope Hinata-chan.”

Hinata was on cloud nine; her love needed her for something only she could do. Getting started she took her time. Stroking one while licking the head of the other, alternating every few seconds. Flipping herself over so she was laying with her pussy in front of Naruto’s face she started taking them into her mouth. It was difficult, mostly because He started eating her out, but also because it took a few seconds to adjust to having two dicks in her throat.

Struggling to pick up speed, as Naruto inserted two fingers within her and started tonguing her asshole, she managed to get to the halfway mark. Wrapping her arms around his waist she started forcing her head deeper. Managing to get all the way to ten before she pulled back and started licking him once more.

She grabbed a cock in both hand and started pumping her hands as she said deviously, “Looks like I can take both of them completely, buuuut your going to have to get me off first. Be quick or no deep throat for you.” Giggling as he picked up the pace, she started moaning as he took his mouth from her ass and started sucking on her clit, repeatedly tapping her G-spot with his fingers.

She had to stop her hands as her orgasm slammed into her. Collapsing on top of him she suddenly felt two hands grab her head; they positioned it right in front of his cocks. Taking the hint she engulfed them within her mouth. Wrapping her arms around his waist once more she started slamming her head down, taking more and more into her mouth.

Finally, after three minutes she slammed her head down extra hard and succeeded in taking all 14 inches of both Naruto’s cocks into her throat. Pausing as a small orgasm overcame her from the pleasure in her throat, she was about to pull back and start building up a quick rhythm but she was surprised by his hands latching onto her scalp and holding her head in place.

Pulling his hips downward into the mattress a few inches Naruto started hammering into her mouth as fast as he could. Her mouth felt so good, the muscles clenching and unclenching. She started to hum however and that threw him off the edge. Pushing down roughly and thrusting upward he unleashed his first load of the night down her throat.

Releasing several huffs of air Naruto let his hands and hip tumble to the bed as he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. “Thanks Hime. Out of all the girls, you’re the best.”

Swelling in pride she lifted her head, sucking as she went, causing a groan to force its way out of her lovers mouth. His cocks finally slipped out of her mouth with a louder than usual *Pop*.

“Now, it’s about time I got to fucking that beautiful asshole of yours.” He said, grinning. Hinata nodded eagerly and got on all fours again, facing the foot of the bed. Moaning in slight disappointment when his cock returned to normal.

Answering her unasked question he said, “Sorry Hime, but I gotta save some things for tomorrow. I’m gonna be fucking you all day after all.”

Liking the idea heavily she couldn’t help but reply as he ripped her thong off of her body with a *Snap!* and tossed it across the room. Grabbing her hips and lifted up her nightgown, “What about father? I’ll get in trouble if I stay on my room all day.”

“I’m sure something will happen to take him and your immediate family away from the mansion for a while. You’ll find out tomorrow.” He finished mysteriously. Lining up with the puckered asshole he slammed balls deep in one thrust, her response cut off by a scream of pleasure. She grabbed onto the footrest at the bottom of her luxurious bed so he could pound her faster, while his hands grabbed her breasts again.

“Oh yes! Naruto do me any way you please! Faster! Pound me more! Oh God you’re so good, you’re long, hard, cock is so hot! Ah, ah, more! Fuck my asshole harder Naruto-kun!” She pleaded while he continued fucking her senseless.

He decided to go even harder, making sure he brushed up against her anal G-spot every few thrusts. “Damn Hime, Your ass is so tight! It’s even tighter than Ten-ten’s! I’m almost there! You’re my Hyuuga whore aren’t you? Tell me how much you want me to fuck you!” He groaned as he switched to quick powerful thrusts.

“Yes! I’m your slut! Your cum-slave! Anything you want! I love the way you fuck me! I’ve waited all day for your glorious cock! The more I thought about you, the more I had to masturbate to keep myself sane. Oh Naruto-kun! I’m almost there. I’ve thought about you fucking me so much! Even when I was training. All I wanted was to feel you in me!” She almost screamed out.

“Okay then my Hyuuga slut, cum for me. I want to feel your warm juices on my cock. You got that? Cum for me slave!” With a burst of chakra he slammed his entire length into her ass. Creating a loud, wet, slapping sound. “I’m Cumming!” He grunted, mirroring her scream, as both of them came at the same time. Her juices spraying all over the bed, and his seed warming her sore rectum.

It was the first of many orgasms she would have that night.

Hinata’s arms gave out and she fell face first into one of the extra pillows she had placed at the foot of her bed. His, still hard, cum covered cock slipping out of her.

Her ass sticking up while her hair was splayed out around her. The light blue nightgown she was wearing was covering her nether region from view, or at least, it would have, had it not been see-through. He liked this position a lot and waddled on his knees behind her and lined himself up with her pussy as best as he could through the silky material.

“Look at that Hinata-Chan you already picked out the next position. Such a good girl. Now, my cum dumpster, this time when I fuck you I want to scream as loud as you can. I want to make sure the rest of you clan knows how much you love me, and how much you’re willing to do for me.” As he shoved his entire length into her welcoming pussy, easily ripping through her silk covering, tearing a hole in it. Not even bothering to get a rhythm going he just slammed into her with reckless abandon.

He had set up privacy seals on his way in so he didn’t actually have to worry about her alerting anyone but it would still be hot to hear.

Instantly she started to yell out, not caring in the slightest about the consequences. “Fuck me more Naruto-kun! Oh God yes! I’m your Hyuuga whore! I’ll fuck you anywhere you want! Anytime you want! Ngh God Naruto-kun your fat cock is spreading out my pussy! I’ve been a naughty girl Naruto-kun and I deserved to be punished! Fuck me rough! I love the way you fuck me! You’re the only man I’ll ever fuck! So please cum in me! Claim me as yours and yours alone! I want to have your children! I’m almost there Naruto-kun! I can almost already feel you’re hot cum coursing into me! I don’t care if any of my clan members see me like this! I am your personal Hyuuga fuck toy! I’m Cumming!” She finished her screaming with a loud moan.

“Me too! I love the way you talked dirty. Let’s cum together.” They both came again as her juices went all over his cock. Naruto shot 8 ropes of cum inside her before pulling out. Some of his cum was still shooting out onto her ass so out so he grabbed her head, rubbing his cock against it. Leaving streams of his cum all over her face, some dripping onto her generous bust, forever staining her nightgown.

“Mmmm Master. That was the best fucking you’ve ever given me! So what now?” Hinata muttered distractedly, as she started licking the cum off of herself, using her hands for the globs that were out of reach.

Putting on an amused smile he looked at her and replied, “My silly Hyuuga whore. You haven’t given me a titty fuck yet. I have a lot more positions I want to try on you better do a good job. When you’re working those giant tits on my cock I want you to tell me how much you love it.” As he sat down on the edge of the bed. She quickly followed, but paused when her silky covering got In the way.

Hinata growled in her throat quietly, her outfit was extremely hot and served it’s purpose of turning her lover on, but now it was just in the way. Gripping it with both hands in the middle she pulled it apart with a satisfying tearing sound.

Naruto’s eyes were glued to her wonderful breasts as they bounced around from her quick movements. H couldn’t wait to have them wrapped around his cock. He didn’t have to wait for her long as after she tossed what was left of her nightgown across the room, coincidently landing right on her discarded thong, pulling her breasts apart she slapped them together around his cock forcing her hands together on either side of them to keep up the pressure around his cock.

“Your breasts feel so good! Faster whore, I love seeing your breast bounce like this. You’re doing such a perfect job. How did you get so good at this?” asked Naruto as he started to moan.

“Well, when you were on your training trip I found a set of books called “How to make a man yours” I had to buy them from different villages though so it took me a while to get them all. I got four the last four on the mission right before Pein showed up. The first chapter of the new one is called ‘fuck till he drops’ so I think you’ll enjoy everything I’ve learned.” She told him, steadily increasing the speed of her pumping and the pressure she was putting on her breasts as she was talking.

Almost five minutes later He started moving his hips slightly and moaning louder, “I’m almost there Hinata-chan. It’s a big one. I’m going to make sure everyone know that your mine! I love the way your breasts feel! I’m gonna cum!” He groaned loudly as he came again. As he predicted it was the biggest load he’s had yet. Cum exploded from his dick. He couldn’t even tell what color her skin was anymore she was covered so completely from the waist up. Naruto liked the way she looked and gave her a loving smile.

Watching as she quickly cleaned herself of using her mouth and hands, he helped her clean off her hair with a spare blanket. Picking her up bridal style he told her, “Well Hinata-chan I think you can only handle one more for the night, you look rather tired and I wouldn’t want to spoil tomorrow. Since you picked the last two positions and it’s almost 5:00 we should hurry this up. Now it’s my turn to pick positions.” As he finished he laid her on the bed on her back.

“Spread you legs open.” He ordered, sitting on his knees in front of her.

Yes master, I’ll do whatever you say!” She opened her legs as he crawled on top of her, and put his throbbing cock in her soaked wet pussy. She loved the way it felt. His cock going in her pussy, stretching it out pleasantly. She shuddered in pleasure as he slipped into her womb.

Flipping them over Hinata put her hands on Naruto’s shoulders, while he palmed her ass and guided her up and down faster, watching their juices splashing all over their joined gentals.

“More Master! I love when you fuck my pussy! It feels so good! I love being on top. Oh God, I love your big long cock so much! It drives me crazy. Faster! Fuck me Harder! I’m so hot Master! I want to cum so badly! I’m going to be so sore after this but I love it! I want this so badly, I want your child in the future. Make me pregnant. Treat me like a whore if you want! I love you so much Naruto-kun! I’ll do whatever you want. Just fuck me more! I don’t care what the Hyuuga clan law is. I’m the future head of this clan and you’re going to be the father of the next heirs. Pound that hard cock in me! I don’t care who hears me I’m getting fucked so good! Ah, Oh God faster! I’m almost there!”

“I love fucking Hyuuga pussy it’s the best there is! I’m almost there too. Let’s make this the best one of the night. Harder Hinata-Chan, I love seeing your breasts bounce. I love fucking this beautiful body of yours. I love you! I’m Cumming Hinata-Chan!” He grunted, thrusting upwards to meet her, slamming into her womb causing Hinata to see stars, “Me too Naruto-kun. I’m Cumming!” Hinata moaned out as they both came together again. Hinata’s womb was absorbing his cum as fast as it could but it’s sucking pushed him over the edge again and cum started pouring out from around his cock, dripping down her ass and onto the bed. she fell onto his chest and remained there. Both breathing heavily she looked up at him and they started kissing, both enjoying the pleasant soreness, Hinata more so then Naruto, as they made out.

Pulling back he couldn’t help but say, “Wow Hinata-Chan you lasted twice as long as the other, especially considering you’ve been up this late and you were training today. It’s great to find someone who can last at least half long as I can. You’re definitely the best out of all the girls by far.” he complemented.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me. I love you so much Naruto-kun. I hope we can be like this forever.” She replied as she rested her head on Naruto chest.

“We will Hinata-Chan, nothing’s going to break us apart. You better get some rest for later today though. I’m gonna be fucking this beautiful body all day.” He told her, grabbing her ass with both hands and squeezing gently after applying a drop of Kyuubi’s chakra.

“How?” Moaned Hinata as his skillful hands massaged her red ass cheeks. “My family will be home all day, granted only my Father and Sister live in this mansion but they’ll still come to check on me if I never leave my room.” She fought to keep her eyes open. His hands were causing pleasant warmth that was easing her to sleep.

“Now now, didn’t I say not to worry about that? Now rest, I’m not going to go easy on you tomorrow.” He answered a devilish smirk making its way on his face.

“Okay Naruto-kun, I’m looking forward to it. But I have to ask one thing first.”

“What is it?”

“Well I was thinking since we’re both 17, and I think I’m old enough to leave this house. I was thinking that we could get an apartment or even a house together.”

“But won’t Your father get pissed and maybe even disown you.” Naruto warned.

“He might. But I doubt it, you’re a hero remember? Polically he couldn’t refuse and as a father he should be happy for me. I hate that you live alone and even with all the girls it will get lonely without someone waiting for you, maybe cooking you dinner, or just there to talk about you latest mission when you return home. You’ll never be lonely again with me there.”

“I think it’s a great idea! But there’s two problems.”

“What are they?”

“First, I still have to ask granny about the house problem. Ever since I woke up a few days ago I’ve been living from house to house. I think it’s time I finally know where I’m going live from now on. So tomorrow we’ll have to see her.

And second, what about the other girls? Once they hear your moving in they may want to as well.”

“Now Naruto-kun, as long as I to be the only one allowed staying in your bed at all times I don’t care who lives in our house.” She replied in a seductive tone before turning serious, unknowingly her eyes started glowing purple. “But I’m the only one you’re allowed to marry. All those other sluts are no better than concubines, toys to get you off when I’m not there okay?”

His face went slack as his voice went monotone and he replied, “Yes Hinata-sama…” before shaking his head and looking around confused for a second. “That was weird, I can’t quite remember the last thing you said, but sure! I feel the need to agree wholeheartedly.” Giving her one last peck on the forehead he reached around her and pulled the blankets on top of them. Hinata apparently deciding to sleep with him still inside her.

“Okay then my love. Goodnight.” She replied and put her head back on Naruto’s broad chest. Slipping into dreamland a few seconds later.

‘I think this might work out, i’ll just ask for a building and just remodel it. I can’t wait till later today, i’ll make love to Hinata-chan till sundown, we’ll fall asleep in each others arms again, which is always nice, and when we wake up, we’ll give Baa-chan a visit.’He closed his eyes and after a few minutes of thinking about his how he’d make his new house, and a few dirty thoughts about the girls that would be residing within it, he fell asleep.

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