Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto Three – hinata yell

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto Three – hinata yell

Hinata heard him scream because she knew he seen the collar. Hinata why did you put this on me. “So everyone know I own you bitch. Now get over here and take my pants and panties off.” Naruto went over to Hinata and took her pants and panties off. She laid down and Naruto started eating her pussy, sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy. Hinata was moaning as Naruto slide two finger into her pussy and sucking on her clit. Hinata was smiling because she knew Naruto would be hard all day. Hinata was moaning and wrapped her legs around his head. “Oh yes that feels wonderful bitch.’ Hinata started moaning as she had her orgasm. She unwrapped her legs and Naruto stood up getting ready to fuck her. “Ok bitch get dressed we need to go to training.” Hinata but I haven’t cum yet. Hinata grabbed the belt and started hitting him. “What did I just tell you to do bitch.” Naruto started to get dressed. After they were dress and outside they went their different ways, as Hinata was smiling knowing Naruto was hers.

Naruto got to training, when Sakura saw he was wearing a collar.”So your Hinata bitch I see Naruto.” Shut up Sakura. After training everyone notice Naruto collars. No one would talk to him still. Hinata caught up to him and grabbed his hand. Everyone just gave them a dirty look. No one could believe that the Hyuuga family would allow Hinata to be with Naruto. “Naruto I can’t wait until we get back to your place.” Hinata said. ” Why is that Hinata?’ Naruto said. “Because I’m going to fuck your brains out bitch.” Hinata said. Naruto was walking with her thinking of how he could switch it where he was in charge instead of Hinata.

When they got back to his place Hinata pushed him onto the bed as she got undressed.”Get undress bitch.” Hinata said. Naruto starts to get undressed. Hinata pushes Naruto onto the bed, as she bend down and starts sucking on his cock. As Hinata is sucking harder and faster she puts her pussy in his face. Naruto started sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy bring her off as she sucked him hard. Once she was satisfied she got up off of him. Hinata was standing there looking down at him. When she got dress and walked out. Naruto ran after her,” why are you leaving Hinata?”Naruto said. “Because I want to leave.”Hinata Said.” But I only made you cum once. “Naruto said.”SO what. “Hinata said. “Normally I make you cum 4 to 5 times before you leave Hinata. “Naruto said.”Then say it bitch. ” Hinata said.Naruto whisper’s “I’m Hinata bitch.” Naruto said. “What I can hear you bitch.’ Hinata said. He says it a little louder. “You better speak where I can hear you bitch.” Hinata said Naruto yells out “I’m Hinata bitch.” “That’s better.”Hinata said. Hinata walked back into Naruto place. Hinata gets undress and lay’s on the bed. “Now get over here and fuck me bitch.”

Naruto slides is cock into her pussy fucking her harder and faster. “Hinata can you please take this collar off please.” Hinata was moaning close to having another orgasm. “No bitch I’m not taking off your collar that marks you as mine so get use to it.” Hinata said.” yes Hinata I am yours.” Naruto said. Hinata started having her second orgasm. When there was a knock at the door. “Get off of me Bitch.” Hinata said. Naruto get up and answer the door. “Who is it?” Naruto said. “Open the door bitch,” Neji Said.

Naruto let Neji in. “Neji what do you want?” Hinata said. “Your father was wondering why you haven’t been home?” Neji said. ” I been using my bitch and just been falling asleep over here.” Hinata said.”Ok I will tell your father, but if he tells me to come back and get you. Your going have to leave and come home.” Neji said.”Ok Neji bitch will just have to fuck me faster then. Hinata said. Neji started to leave as Naruto got back to fucking Hinata.Hinata was moaning and tell Naruto to fuck her harder and faster. Naruto was slamming his cock into her as hard as he can. After Hinata came three more times. They were laying in bed when there was a knock on the door. “Go answer the door bitch.” Hinata said.Naruto open the door and let Neji in.”Hinata you need to get dress. We need to get home.” Neji said “Ok Neji” Hinata said. Hinata got up and started getting dressed. “Bitch you are not to leave until I get here tomorrow.” Hinata said. “Yes Hinata I will stay here until you get here.” Naruto said. Hinata and Neji walk out as Naruto lays down in the bed and go to sleep.

Hinata show’s up at Naruto’s. She walks in and slaps him across the face to wake him up. Naruto wake’s up and looks at Hinata.”Hinata do you want something?” Naruto said. “Yes there is something I want, but I have to make a decision to make first.” Hinata said. ” Can I help you with Hinata?” Naruto said. “No you can’t Naruto.” Hinata said. When Naruto get to his team. Sakura looks at Naruto and said “How do you like being Hinata bitch.”What do you mean Sakura I’m not Hinata bitch.” Naruto said. ” I know you are her bitch Naruto, I talk to her everyday and I know you are wearing a collar saying Hinata bitch is on it.” Sakura said. ” Ok Sakura I am Hinata’s bitch, but this morning she woke me and then left just said she had to think about something.” Naruto said. ” Do you know what she has to think about Naruto?” Sakura asked. ” No I don’t Sakura, she told me I couldn’t help her with it.” Naruto said. ” I will go talk to her Naruto.” Sakura said. Before Naruto could answer Sakura left to go find Hinata.

Sakura finds Hinata sitting on a bench thinking.” Hinata what is wrong?” Sakura asked.
“Why do you asks Sakura?” Hinata asked. “Because I talked to Naruto and he told me you had to make a decision.” Sakura said. “Yes I do and I don’t know what to do Sakura.” Hinata said. “What decision do you have to make Hinata maybe I can help?” Sakura asked. “Well I either have to decide to move in with Naruto or have him move in with me, but I don’t want to leave with him yet though.” Hinata said. “Hmm that is a hard decision to make, but if you move in with him then you can use him time you want right,” Sakura said. “Yeah but then my father would sending Neji over to check up on me every once in awhile.” Hinata said. “So you don’t know what to do, what would you rather do live at Naruto place or at your father place Hinata?” Sakura asked.”Well we will have to go there sooner or later but I would have more freedom at Naruto then I would at home.” Hinata said. ” Well I say it sounds like you already made up your mind Hinata.” Sakura said. ” Yea I know but what should I say to Naruto though?” Hinata asked. ” Nothing he is yours so he has to live with it.” Sakura said. “Thank you Sakura, you helped me out a lot.” Hinata said as she ran off to tell her father her decision.

Hinata find her father. “Father I made my decision.” Hinata told her father. “What is your decision Hinata?” Her father asked. “I’m going to move in with Naruto for now Father.” Hinata said. “Ok Hinata just so you know I will have Neji check up on you every once in awhile, and you both will have to come to have dinner every once in awhile.” Her father said. “Yes Father I understand.” Hinata said. They start packing up her stuff to take it over to Naruto’s. After they get everything packed they take it over to Naruto’s. Hinata starts to unpack and her father leaves to go back home. Naruto hadn’t seen Hinata all day he was wondering where she was at? He went home and saw that his place look different. Then he saw Hinata come out of the bathroom. “Hinata what is going on?” Naruto asked. “I moved in with you Naruto now I don’t have to go home, because I live with you now.” Hinata said. Naruto just stood there thinking.

“What are you thinking about Naruto?” Hinata asked.”I wasn’t planning on living with anyone right now Hinata.” Naruto said. “Well I didn’t ask what you wanted bitch, this was what I wanted. My choose’s were either move in here or you move in with me, so I choose here.” Hinata said. ” Ok Hinata.” Naruto said. He started to get undressed as he stared at Hinata. After he was naked Hinata sat down on the bed and spread her legs wide open. Naruto drop to his knees and crawled over to her and start sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy. He started sucking her clit as he slide two fingers into her pussy then she started having her orgasm. Hinata was sitting there looking down at Naruto, when she lay down and waited for Naruto to start fucking her.

Naruto got up and slide his cock into her pussy as he started fucking her harder and faster. “Oh god yes thats it fuck me harder bitch.” Hinata said. Naruto was fucking her as hard as he could. When Hinata started having her second orgasm and Naruto was still fucking her. When Hinata told him. “Bitch get the fuck off of me and got to sleep.”

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