Together again

The never-ending rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke will take at a new level as these two ninjas attempt to figure out which one of them is better in… Fucking! The only problem is finding a attractive and hot girl who allows them both fuck them at the same time. Luckily enough Hinata is hot and sexy and will most likely never say no to Naruto regardless of what she wants…

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[Accel Art] Sakura haruno – waifu taxi

If you ever thought that Sakura Haruno from “Naruto Shippuden” is all that boring then you haven’t seen her usual taxi rides! Today, you can join Sakura in a single-car ride. Sakura will gladly demonstrate that she’s far from boring in world parody comics.

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Erotic Costume Pervert Vol. 25

Tsunade was dressed in stunning fishnet lingerie that would impress. Tsunade was greeted by a loverwho began to crush Tsunade’s huge watermelon and then turn her pink lips. From these touches, Tsunade was cut. Tsunade has now opened her cock and is now ready to have sex. Tsunade first sucks on a thick, plump cock and licks it down and up. Tsunade gets dressed and allows her lover to fuck her tight pink cunt and tear her in half. Enjoy.

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Hinata enjoy titsjob fun

Naruto Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Hinata enjoy titsjob fun
Naruto harlots under no circumstances miss an opportunity peeling and eating up some pudsy roe between their hairy saddlebags! Horny Naruto slut craves for a huge ebony boner squeezed into her firm anus, and then polish it with her mouth till it sprays jizz giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on… Don’t loose the stunning chance to watch bitchy babe Eliza Pinchley riding on a huge dick with her sexy mouth occupied and playing with a playful bold cock!

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Naruto Porn Story: naruto and tsunade

Naruto Porn Story: naruto and tsunade

Tsunade sighed softly as she sat in her office in the Hokages building. Things had been rather dull since the golden haired jinchukiri had been taken off by Jiraiya for some personal training. Things had been far too dull for the sannins tastes since the young boy had been taken away. She sighed softly, resting her chin in her palm, and making that trademark pout that showed that she was agitated with how nothing was happening. Shizune seemed to shiver visibly as the mighty kage expressed her displeasure with how little was happening both in her body language, and the way her face had contorted, her bottom lip coming out, and her eyebrows slanted downwards, causing her eyes to narrow slightly. Shizune, had seen that kind of look on the medical ninjas face before, and every time she had seen it, it had meant trouble.
Shizune slowly started to try and slink out of the office but was stopped when she caught Tsunades attention and was immediately stopped by a glare that, if it had the power to, probably could have killed, Where were you going, Shizune? Shizune visibly shivered, as she slowly turned meeting Tsunades narrowed, brown eyes.
Shizune laughed uncomfortably waving her hand around, Ha, ha, mlady, I was just going to step out for a minute to make sure that we hadnt received any new mission requests. She had stopped, obviously not foolish enough to try to leave now until Tsunade had dismissed her.
The blond woman let out an audible sigh and looked down to a few papers that had begun piling up on the corner of her desk. This really had been frustratingly boring. They hadnt been able to send anyone out for anything that was worth the time it would take people to do the missions lately. There had been a request from a rather jumpy man to have an escort take him to a project that he was supposed to be overseeing in one of the neighboring villages, but even with his jumpy and paranoid nature, Tsunade had found it hard to classify the mans mission as anything above a C-Rank mission. There had also been a complaint about a missing cat, which had resulted in Konohamarus group having a rather easy mission to do. All in all, it had been rather depressing. The most excitement that Tsunade got these days was arguing with the bratty kid, Konohamaru, who definitely had what it would take to be the next Naruto, even if he didnt yet have what it would take to be the next great Hokage. They were both royal pains in the ass, and both managed to keep Tsunade from going completely insane with boredom.
Another audible sigh came from Tsunade as she let her head slip from her hand, and just let it rest against the top of her desk, This is so boring its almost enough to drive a person to gambling.
Shizunes body twisted in shock. Lady Tsunade was thinking about gambling again? She was thinking about gambling most times, but since she had become Hokage, she had stopped with most of her foolish little money wasting games. She never seemed to win, but that still had never stopped the busty kunoichi from trying, and she had never found a wager that she didnt like, even when she lost as much as Tsunade lost. Shizune spoke quickly, No, mlady! Im sure something will come up. You just have to have faith. Im sure that something exciting is headed this way as we speak! Shizune smiled weakly, trying to be reassuring. The problem was, that the dark haired woman didnt know whether she was trying to reassure Tsunade, or trying to reassure herself. There was no way that she would let lady Tsunade go back to her gambling ways. She looked over the kages shoulder and out the window. Hopefully she was right, and there was something exciting coming in, just on the horizon of Konoha.
The blonde boy sighed softly as he looked over his shoulder again to see that the white haired man who he had been walking with had fallen behind again. He tapped his foot angrily, his piercing blue eyes, watching as the older man slowly walked along, seeming to be writing something down as he walked. This had seemed to have become a normal situation, something that both of them had become used to. Still, it was hard for the boy who was wearing the leaf headband to stop himself from just running the rest of the way there and leaving the old white haired man behind him to try and catch up. It was obvious that the hermit really didnt care that much where he was, or where he was going, but Naruto was finding it increasingly difficult to contain his excitement.
It had been a few years since he had last been to the village hidden in the leaves. A few years since he had seen all of his friends, and it seemed to have been even longer since he had seen the pretty pink haired girl who he had fallen for all of those years ago, or really any girl who wasnt busy taking money from the old man who was following him. Naruto didnt have time to waste just walking around. He had become stronger, so the whole leaving the village for a while hadnt been a complete waste, but he had also had plenty of time to become homesick. He wanted to go back, and see all of his friends. He wanted to know how much stronger they had all become, and wanted to hear the amazing stories of the missions that they had been on and the people that they had met. What he didnt want to be doing was standing, tapping his foot, and waiting for the old man with the gutter mind.
Naruto had become a different person in his time out training. He had matured considerably, but also had started taking on a few traits that he had previously only linked to the perverted frog sage, or the sharingan using ninja, Kakashi. He had started noticing pretty girls, and had started having a bit more of a hard time not thinking about them. He had enjoyed a good number of dreams about the girl that he had seen at the lake that one time, and quite a few dreams about the bubblegum pink haired kunoichi who he had left in the leaf village with the promise that he would find Sasuke and bring him back to her. After mentioning a few of them to Jiraiya, the old man had been overjoyed and had immediately demanded that if Naruto had any more of these erotic dreams that he tell the romance writer exactly what it was that he had dreamed about, and not to leave out any details. Naruto had reluctantly accepted, but had really felt rather cheated since he had been looking for some sort of bonding experience where the perverted sage would treat him like a father would treat a son, rather than being told to try and remember everything that had happened so that the writer could copy it down and make a quick buck off of the wet dreams of a teenager. That was just the way Jiraiya acted though, and the blond shinobi had discovered that all too well. The old man, really didnt have it in him to be a father figure.
Jiraiya ignored Narutos tapping foot once he had finally caught up to the boy, and seemed to just continue writing and walking. In fact, he had walked right past Naruto without even realizing it. He stopped after a moment and turned back to look at the boy who now had his eyes narrowed dangerously in a look that reminded him all too much of the looks that Tsunade sometimes gave him just before screaming. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow, Something on your mind, kid?
Naruto snorted and just started walking again. If he argued with the white haired sannin it would just take even more time to get back to the village, and really, Naruto wanted to get there faster, which was the whole reason for his anger. He snorted as he passed Jiraiya again, I just want to get back to the village, ero-senin,
Jiraiya sighed and went back to his writing, I believe I have told you on multiple occasions not to call me that, twirp. He continued to write, Besides, it isnt like the village is going to burn down while we are walking there.
Another angry snort came from Naruto, Yeah, but if we were walking any slower everyone I know would have died of old age by the time we get there. I want to go back and see all of my friends. If I get back, and just missed Sakura because she was sent out on a mission, I am going to be very unhappy with you ero-senin.
Jiraiya nodded, Yeah, yeah shes the one who Tsunade was training, wasnt she? The ninja didnt even look up from his paper, a soft smile spreading across his lips, I wonder if shes become a legendary sucker, just like Tsunade yet.
The blond ninja raised an eyebrow and looked back at the perverted sage who was following him. What was he talking about? He really didnt peg Sakura as being the gambling type. He rubbed the back of his head and seemed to be thinking about this rather hard, What are you talking about, ero-senin?
Jiraiya laughed softly, Well, you see He then stopped as quickly as he had started, Didnt I just tell you not to call me that? Little brat, just for that Im not going to tell you. He looked down at the paper that he had been writing on, but couldnt contain his smile. Even if he sounded angry and mean, that kid was one lucky bastard if Tsunade had taught her student those kinds of skills. He just chuckled to himself, leaving Naruto to his confusion, to try and figure out both what it was that the perverted sage had meant by his earlier comment, and figure out what it was that was so funny now.
Upon getting into the village, Naruto had rushed off to go meet up with all of his friends, leaving the white haired sannin alone. He sighed softly as he looked up after where the kid had gone to and shook his head softly. That poor kid really had no idea what sort of trouble he could get himself into just by running around, but Jiraiya had decided to just let Naruto go, after all, he had some payback that he wanted to get to. Hed show that kid to call him ero-senin. He chuckled softly as he thought back to their conversation, and discovered that he knew exactly how it was that he should go about doing it. He quickly headed off towards the Hokages building, folding the piece of paper that he had been writing on up and sliding it inside of his clothes. Hed go back to writing later he was sure. Right now he needed to visit Tsunade for a few moments though.
Getting into the tower was quite easy for the Sannin. He simply walked in and wandered up the stairs. He was getting the feeling that this may have not been the best possible idea, since Tsunade was prone to be in bad moods, especially when he was around. He sighed softly, thinking about the blond woman, and trying to figure out how it was that he was going to deal with her if she was in another one of her moods. It would be far less fun than if she was happy, but she was so rarely ever happy. The best way to deal with her was of course make a bet with her or something, after all, Tsunade was never one to turn down a bet. That would probably be an even better way to deal with his plan of getting his apprentice back for calling him things like ero-senin, pervy sage, and all of the other names that the blonde konoha shinobi had called the smut writer, Jiraiya. It was about time that the kid learned to respect his elders. He chuckled softly at that thought.
In front of the door to Tsunades office stood the black haired ninja, Shizune, who was looking tired and frustrated. Jiraiya smiled softly to himself. He had thought about what it would be like to do a little bit of one on one research with her on a few occasions, but knew far better than to make any advances on the ninja, who has proven on more than one occasion to be extremely deadly. At the moment though, she looked perturbed, which meant that what Jiraiya had initially gathered was absolutely correct, and Tsunade wasnt in a very happy place right now. He wasnt sure if she was in the Im so angry that Im going to throw desks and knives at anyone who tries to enter my office or some other level of angry, but he knew that at this point there was no turning back.
He smiled softly as he brought his hand up in a wave to Shizune, Hey, Shizune. I know that I dont have an appointment with Tsunade, but I was wondering if I could just wander in on her, and have a little bit of a chat.
Shizune looked over to Jiraiya and brought her hands up waving them a little bit with a sheepish and worried smile on her face, Oh, master Jiraiya. I really I really dont think that is such a good idea today. Lady Tsunade really isnt in the mood for any visitors.
Jiraiya laughed softly as he continued walking up towards the door that would lead him into the Hokages office and to Tsuande. He really didnt seem all that worried about Shizunes warning, a strong and reassured smile on his face, Well, thats just silly, isnt it? I mean when has Tsunade ever not allowed me into her office before? He gave Shizune a sly look, Oh wait she doesnt have a man in there, does she?
The dark haired ninja turned several shades of red and then waved her hands, still having the sheepish and weak smile on her face, Lady Tsunade isnt like that, you know that.
A few chuckles came form Jiraiya as he looked at the door for a few moments, shaking his head, I was joking Shizune. I wouldnt worry too much about me going in there with Lady Tsunade though. If she is upset about something, I might just be the one who can cheer her right back up. He smiled and then, ignoring Shizunes protests, opened the door and walked in, letting it slide closed behind him.
The blonde hokage still had her head down against her desk, and didnt even look up when someone came in, I thought I told you that I didnt want to be disturbed, Shizune. It was hard for Jiraiya to figure out what it was that had put Tsunade in such a mood. Her paperwork seemed to be more under control than he could remember seeing it in quite some time, and there didnt seem to be anything that was off with the room. It didnt even look like she had been throwing furniture around. Jiraiya had of course immediately just decided that the problem was that Tsunade was suffering from a terrible hangover from indulging in a bit too much sake.
Jiraiya raised an eyebrow, Really? No visitors? Well, I suppose Ill just go then.
Tsunade immediately snapped up, her brown eyes taking in the other sannin who was still standing exactly where he had been a minute ago and hadnt turned, obviously not intent on following through with his threat to just leave. Her previous scowl was replaced immediately by a soft smile as she looked over at her old teammate, Jiraiya?
The one and only. The white haired sannin smiled as he continued to watch Tsunade as she quickly went to work putting things away from the top of her desk. It seemed that she hadnt even bothered to clean up, but he supposed he could understand that. If it had been mostly anyone else, they probably wouldnt have gotten past Shizune as easily as he had. He chuckled softly and shook his head, You really dont have to strive to impress, Tsunade.
Her brown eyes focused on him again, So, Jiraiya. Did you just stop by to say hello, or did you have something else that you wanted to talk about?
Jiraiya chuckled softly as he moved over to a corner of the room, leaning back against the wall and watching the woman as she stared at him, her fingers intertwining on the top of her desk. He really couldnt stand her little habit to do that, since every time she did, it made her look like she was some sort of evil shinobi who was plotting the downfall of a village or planning something that he really wouldnt want any part in knowing anything about. Telling her to stop had resulted in absolutely no change other than she did it more and actually thought about doing it, just to upset him. He looked up to her eyes and smiled softly, Oh, Tsunade, you always get right down to business, dont you? He chuckled softly, Alright, I can deal with that.
He pushed off of the wall and walked to the middle of the room to stand in front of her, staring back at her for a few moments, Well, Tsunade, what I came to talk to you about, was a little conversation that I had with Naruto. Tsunade raised an eyebrow at that, as if making a questioning glance, You see, we had been talking about something, and the conversation had led us to that pink haired apprentice of yours, and I think I may have made a joke about how you might have been teaching her a few things to hand off your title as legendary sucker. His eyebrows went up and down to communicate what it was that he was saying.
Tsunades smile quickly turned into an angry frown, Jiraiya
Jiraiya laughed softly, The kid really had absolutely no idea what it was that I was talking about. He still looked confused and frustrated when we got inside the village and both went our separate ways. He chuckled as he looked at Tsunade who had closed her eyes and was now shaking her head.
The soft smile was once again gracing her lips, I really wouldnt expect that kid to know what you were talking about with something like that. It is good to know that all of this time he has spent with you hasnt turned him into some sort of pervert delinquent who will be sneaking into the womens baths at the hot springs like you do.
Jiraiya put on a hurt face, You wound me Tsunade. His hurt face went away as quickly as it had come though, In any case, I was going to tell the kid what I had meant by that, but I was pretty sure that you would object, after all, Im willing to bet that you dont have what it takes to be the legendary sucker anymore, Tsunade.
A dangerous growl came from Tsunades lips, her eyebrows slanted dangerously, and her eyes narrowed in an anger that couldnt be described in normal words, What did you just say?
Jiraiya smiled softly and leaned over Tsunades desk, What I said was that I am willing to bet five-thousand ryo that you either dont have the guts, or dont have the goods to show the little troublemaker, Naruto the power of the legendary sucker. He then placed a clip of bills on Tsunades desk, What do you think about that wager?
Naruto had taken the time to see a few of his friends again. Sakura had developed a bit, and he was quite sure that he was going to have trouble not dreaming about her in the near future. He had seen Shikamaru walking with Temari, and he had taken notice of her too. She hat always been pretty attractive, but didnt seem to have stopped being so. He sighed softly. It was a bit of a pity that she was with the brain Shikamaru though, because Naruto wouldnt have minded going through a few of those dreams with Temari either. He wasnt sure why, since the blond girls always seemed to be so mean, but there was something about both Temari and Ino that had always been a drawing factor. He supposed that for Temari it probably had something to do with the fact that she had been well developed before he had taken that long absence from his village, and now she was totally smoking hot. Shikamaru was a lucky guy if he got to have fun with a girl like that under the guise of protecting her. He wondered just how often they had practiced mouth to mouth in case of an emergency, or mouth to something else. He blushed and chuckled nervously at that thought. It seemed that he was becoming more like Jiraiya every day.
A gentle breeze blew by, causing the long, untied ends of Narutos headband to flutter behind him slowly as he looked up at the Hokages building. It seemed like as normal a day as any, and the building didnt seem any different at all, but for some reason that Naruto could neither figure out, nor shake, he had a very strange feeling that something very out of the ordinary was about to happen. He looked around for a few moments, trying to figure out if the problem was that he was being watched or something, but couldnt see anyone there. He narrowed his eyes slightly. This was very odd for him. He didnt usually get feelings like this for no reason at all. He sighed softly and brought his hand to the back of his head, rubbing it for a moment as he tried to think of all of the directions that someone could attack the Hokages building, or someone standing in front of the Hokages. The general idea of putting it where it was, however, was that there werent many places from which someone could attack it or him. They would either need to go through the entire village, which if they did they would almost surely be spotted and taken down or reported to the proper authorities, or they would need to leap in from the top of the mountain that had all of the faces of the previous Hokage on it. Neither of those options seemed very likely.
The only people that Naruto could think of that would want to cause him trouble anyway were the Akatsuki, and really he couldnt imagine them being sneaky enough to get in from any angle as long as they were wearing those trademark jackets of theirs. He had thought briefly about a plan where they might hire a new member and sneak them into the village, maybe a pretty girl to try and seduce him and pull him out of the village where he would be vulnerable, but the likelihood that they would be clever enough to hire someone to sneak into the village, along with the likelihood that they would find someone who could seduce a stalwart ninja like him who was so dedicated to his studies and becoming Hokage one day, had to be really slim. Naruto nodded, quite sure that this was true, even if it really wasnt and then headed into the Hokages building. If there were problems waiting for him inside, he was going to have to deal with them eventually anyway, and if his problems were outside, then it was best that he put a little distance between him and them by going inside. It really seemed rather straightforward.
He walked up the stairs on the insider of the building, his mind milling over what had happened outside just a few moments ago. Most of the conversations that he had with Jiraiya had ended up going in one ear and out the other when they werent about training, so he had stopped giving the comment about the legendary sucker as soon as he had headed off to see his friends. It had been nice to see his friends though. He only wished that he had gotten to see a few more of them, or that they hadnt been rushing around doing other things, like how Shikamaru was escorting Temari around the village, or how he hadnt seen Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Chouji, or most of the rest of his friends at all since he had arrived. He supposed that they were probably all out training, or doing missions somewhere, after all those were the kinds of things that ninjas did.
Naruto continued to walk up the stairs, quickly dismissing the thoughts that he had outside when he had the feeling that something bad was going to happen, and he simply waltzed into Tsunades office, Tsunade-bachan! He smiled widely as he looked into the room to see the brown eyed blond sitting behind her desk, with her fingers interlocked in front of her. She looked like she had been planning or thinking rather hard about some sort of business, and it made Naruto feel a bit more secure to know that Tsunade was taking her job seriously. He had also noticed another chair in front of her desk, and wondered for a moment if that had always been there, since he couldnt remember having ever seen the chair there before. He quickly pushed it from his thoughts, after all, it wasnt that important, and it had been quite a while since he had been back to the leaf village. Things were bound to have changed at least a little bit, even in the Hokages quarters.
The Hokage smiled as she watched Naruto enter the room. It looked to Tsunade like Naruto had done quite a bit of growing up in the few years that he had been touring the countryside with Jiraiya. The boy didnt have the baby fat in his cheeks anymore, and looked like he had changed to a new jacket, one that she had to say looked quite a bit more attractive than the previous jacket that the boy had worn. It looked like he had broken his headband at one point though. She remembered the first time that they had met, and how she had knocked the boys old headband off of him with but a single finger and then taken him down just as easily. She was quite sure that today, if she had a little battle like that with the leaf ninja, that it would take quite a bit more than a finger to knock him down.
She smiled, Naruto. I have been expecting you. Have a seat.
Naruto blinked. He really hadnt been expecting something like this. He supposed now that he thought about it, Tsunade would probably want to debrief him on all of the training that he had done. She probably wanted to keep an eye on that Jiraiya too, to make sure that he wasnt twisting the poor boys moral fiber into something perverse. Naruto was quite sure that it was going to take a little bit more than spending a little bit of time with Jiraiya before he became a big a pervert as the old Sanin had become. He had thought about the same kind of thing for sure, after all, he had even had a few naughty dreams, but he wasnt the kind of person who was going to run around being a womanizer and a creep just to get some attention. There were far better ways of dealing with ones woman problems than by running around and trying to pick up cheap hookers, or saying that you needed to do research. He really didnt know what it was that all of those sleazy women had seen in the old man anyway. He didnt really seem all that attractive in the end. He wondered if maybe the whole thing was that he was really well endowed, but he shuddered softly at that thought and tried to push it as far out of his head as was humanly possible.
He slowly moved forward in the room to the chair, pulling it back a bit and moving to sit in it. It was actually a rather nice chair. It seemed to be made out of a rather good wood, and was really rather comfortable to sit in, not like those benches that they had to sit in during their academy lessons. Also unlike the benches in the academy classes, this chair had arms, which Naruto decided to use, resting his arms on the arms of the chair. He then looked up at Tsunade, Alright. My guess is that you want to debrief me on my training well there was a lot that happened, after all, I was gone for a long time. I really dont know where to start.
Tsunade shook her head and then got up from her chair, slowly walking around her desk, That isnt what this is about, Naruto. He smiled softly as he watched her, I heard that Jiraiya said something to you about my nickname as the legendary sucker. She raised an eyebrow, Is that true?
Naruto blinked. Of course it was true. He could remember that now. He hadnt remembered what exactly Jiraiya had said, but it was something about passing on her title to Sakura. He hadnt really understood that, and still really didnt, but he knew that understanding it wasnt what Tsunade was asking. She didnt ask if he understood was the pervy sage had meant. She was just asking if he had said something. Naruto nodded, Yeah, he said something about you passing on your title to Sakura or something I didnt really understand it to tell the truth.
Tsunade had leaned back, almost sitting down on the front of her desk as she looked at Naruto with her brown eyes. She smiled softly and nodded, I know you didnt understand it, Naruto. Jiraiya told me that too. She smiled slyly, which made Naruto twitch a bit in his seat, I decided that a boy your age might be curious about a few of the things that Jiraiya was saying. I was wondering if you wanted me to teach you what he meant when he said those things.
Naruto seemed to think about it for a moment and then nodded softly, I suppose.
Tsunade smiled and leaned over Naruto, her hands falling to his wrists, holding his arms down against the arms of the chair. The way she was leaning down gave Naruto a very good view of Tsunades impressive cleavage. Naruto saw it and then tried very hard not to get hard in the pants. This was granny Tsunade. She really wasnt as pretty as she looked, that was just a jutsu. He would have tried to struggle, but he knew that Tsunade had a terrible strength, which meant that if she didnt want him to get away, he wouldnt be getting away. Instead he closed his eyes tight, hoping that if he couldnt see her, he wouldnt have to deal with this awkward situation. Tsunade simply smiled at that, Now Naruto. Im about to show you what Jiraiya meant when he said that I was a legendary sucker.
Naruto kept his eyes screwed shut until he felt a pressure against the front of his pants. He knew that it wasnt Tsunades hands, since they were holding him to the chair, which didnt leave many other things left. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down to see that Tsunade and leaned down and taken the zipper at the front of his pants in between her teeth and was slowly pulling it down, a smile on her lips, and her brown eyes staring up into his blue ones. Naruto let out a soft whisper, Oh, Kami. Tsunades smile only grew wider as she continued to slide down the fly of his pants. She blinked when the boys penis, which had somehow escaped the boxers that he wore under his pants tapped her on the forehead. She looked up at it and almost gasped. At nine inches long the thing was a monster. She wondered if she was going to be able to take all of this giant in her mouth, and then remembered that there was a bet of 5.000 ryo riding on this. She didnt have that kind of money, and didnt know what the pervert Jiraiya would make her do in lieu of actual funds.
Naruto was panting softly. He had felt when his cock had bumped against something and thought that he should look and apologize or something, but he didnt know what might happen if he looked. For all he knew the fox would wake up any moment and think that this was a marvelous idea, and that really wasnt something that Naruto wanted to go through. Forcing this kind of activity onto someone was very different than having this kind of activity forced upon him. He kept his eyes screwed tight and suddenly felt something warm, soft, and wet come in contact with the tip. He let out an involuntary groan, Oh kami, oh kami, oh kami.
Tsunade smiled softly, he tongue slipping back inside of her lips. Really, she couldnt say that she minded the taste of a nice hard cock. It had been a while since he had been the legendary sucker in this way, and really had only done this when she had lost some really horrible bets where it had been involved. She hadnt really minded all that much. With her medical skills, she had all of the talent that she needed to get men to do anything that she wanted, and to push them over the edge faster than the flying lightning god technique. She smiled and leaned out, licking at the head of Narutos erect cock again, earning her another groan, and a few more cries to the god above from the blond boy. She leaned down again slowly and gently placed a kiss against the head of Narutos penis, enjoying the texture against her lips. It had been quite a while since she had taken the time to enjoy an activity like this one, and made a note that she might have to thank Jiraiya for reminding her of her talents when it came to things like this.
Her lips parted slightly and her head dipped down, taking the head of Narutos cock between her lips and sucking gently. Narutos eyes flew open again, and he stared up at the ceiling letting out a long groan, Oh fuck! Tsunade smiled around his cock, and her tongue gently lashed out at the underside of the head, causing more groans and swearing to come from Narutos mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head for a moment and then slowly started to inch her lips down the boys impressive length. Tsunade was now pretty sure she knew what it was that the Hyuuga girl saw in Naruto, after all, her eyes could see through trees, skin, and most likely clothing. If any woman had seen the beast that was in Narutos pants, and now half way buried in Tsunades mouth, they would have all wanted him. He was quite a gifted boy.
Tsunade continued to lower her lips down Narutos massive pole, and then felt the head press against the back of her throat. She closed her eyes and pressed a bit further, taking Naruto into her throat, and once again rewarding her with the boys feverish moans. Naruto was now squirming, throwing his head from side to side, moaning and panting. He was no longer swearing because he no longer had the breath to do so. His eyes were screwed shut, the feelings that were originating in his loins shooting through his body in white hot sparks of pleasure. When Naruto felt Tsunade start to bob her head up and down her length, sucking the whole while, and twirling her tongue around his length when she had pulled up far enough that she could, he almost screamed out in pleasure. This was all too much for the ninja to handle. He struggled against Tsunades hands, his instincts trying to grab hold of the back of the Hokages head and direct her in what to do, but Tsunade was still too strong, holding the boy back in the chair. He wasnt sure where the feeling had come from, but suddenly Naruto was quite sure that he wasnt going to be able to last much longer like this. He leaned his head back in the chair and groaned.
Tsunade was glad that the boy seemed to be enjoying this so much and started to hum softly, sending vibrations through the boys cock as she bobbed her head up and down, still sucking hard the entire time. She started to speed up, and pressed her tongue to the underside of his cock she could hear the boys moans go into fevered cries and just kept at her work. She may have worried about the sounds he was making if he hadnt told Shizune to go out for a while, but she knew all too well that there would be no one around to hear the cries of the leaf village ninja as he was brutally pulled over the edge to powerful orgasm. She continued her fast pace the head of the boys cock striking the back of her throat every time her lips moved down. She then suddenly heard the boy moan, Im gonna. Im. I. She pulled back so that only the head of the boys cock was between her lips and then sucked hard.
Tsunade moaned darkly around Narutos cock and then suddenly Naruto came like a fire hose. In an instant he had completely filled Tsunades mouth with his thick creamy semen, causing the kages eyes to grow wide, and making her pull off of the boys cock to stop from drowning on his cum. He just continued to go though, firing sticky white strands of his cum onto Tsunades face, her neck, and her breasts while she swallowed the bittersweet seed that he had filled her mouth with, her brown eyes now closed. Once he seemed to be done, she leaned forward and gave the head of his cock a few more hard sucks, to make sure that she had every last drop of his precious seed. The gennin groaned softly between pants and gasps for breath as Tsunades lips left Narutos cock with an audible popping noise. She then smiled softly as she pushed to her feet, Well, Naruto. That was what Jiraiya meant when he said that I was a legendary sucker.
Jiraiya smiled as he stood on a rooftop, looking into the Hokages office through his telescope and through the large window. He chuckled softly, making a few rough notes on a piece of paper that he had beside him, Legendary sucker indeed.

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Tsunade suck fat cock

Naruto Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Tsunade suck fat cock
Naruto harlots under no circumstances miss a chance off-peeling and swallowing some rotund baby gravy between their pussy lips. A whore from Naruto DPed between a pair of massive pokers that have her face dumped with hot sperm. Dainty Hinata bringing into view her thoroughly stretched asshole after a fabulous baloney colonic!

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Tsunade fucked from behind

Sakura Ino Hinata Hentai

Hentai Picture: Tsunade fucked from behind
Incidentally, it is not a Naruto copulation I can see there? Konan goes freakish receiving a messy internal cumshot and drooling cum out into some bowl! The most responsible part for sexy girls of Naruto is to be involved into wild orgies with some of the best endowed dudes and provide their tight fuck holes to be really used to capacity by powerful cocks!

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Naruto Porno Story: Naruto’s bank check methods – Chapter Five

Naruto Porno Story: Naruto’s bank check methods – Chapter Five

Naruto woke up from a good night sleep waking up before the sun was close to coming out. He got up from his bed and went to take a shower for today’s new adventure. He came out with a towel around his waist and his dirty clothes in his hand. Clean as he can be he put on some clothes and also his shoes. Leaving the room a mess he left out the door and closing it after him. He yawned and stretched himself.

Looking up at the sky as the stars were clearly still out he made his move and walked out of the spring hotel and into the road to the country. He walked in the gates and into the streets of Demon Country. Barely seeing people and only shop owners putting their tents up for the day he kept on walking straight to Shion’s place hoping she is actually there. Seeing the gates of her huge place he saw guards out front.

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Kage Hinata ni Saku: Hinata is always mischievous in the morning

Naruto Hentai Porn DoujinshiNaruto Hentai Porn Doujinshi (more…)

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Samui always lets fellow to jism inwards if he lets her to be on top

Sakura And Ino Having Sex

Hentai Picture: Samui always lets fellow to jism inwards if he lets her to be on top
Glom at perfectly-shaped brag Naruto ducks tired in hidebound diaper that unlikely found room for their formidable boobies! Crazy girl from Naruto is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of all her previous experience. Karin exercises her brer pastance and encourages him to see a wolf in the train!

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