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Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch9

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch9

Naruto got back home barely in the morning since he stayed over at Anko’s house longer than he expected. As soon as he got home he threw himself in his bed and went to sleep. Hours later he woke up late at night and took a shower before he went out.

He opened his door walking out without his jacket since even though it was night, there was an extreme blaze of hotness making night feel like day and very uncomfortable. But nevertheless where he was going a stupid heat wave won’t stop him.

Taking his time he walked to her apartment so he wouldn’t make himself sweat on the way. Finally in view Naruto sped up to her stairs, jogging up them and stopping in front of her door he waited patiently on how to approach this.

Taking a deep breath he knocked on her door waiting for her to respond.

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Naruto hard fuck busty Tsunade

Sakura Haruno Hentai

Hentai Picture: Naruto hard fuck busty Tsunade
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