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Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Four

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods – Chapter Four

Naruto walked up to his door and slowly opened it feeling the strong, cold, morning breeze brush up on his face as he exited his room. He felt clean and fresh after taking a nice cold shower to calm the body down. He walked down stairs and made his way out of the hot springs entrance but stopped at the front desk to talk to the old lady.

“Excuse me granny, but do you where I can get a hold of Shion, the priestess of this country?” He said saying it slowly and clear for the lady to hear him good.

“Ahhh! You mean ‘The Fortune Teller’?” She said correcting him.

“Sure if that’s what they call her nowadays.” He said.

“Well looka here sonny…” She said pointing at him to come closer to her. “… It’s hard to get a reach of her but I’ll tell ya anyways. In the middle of this small country, there is a big building structure and at the very top level is the office of the secretary and her assistant. That is where ya have to go to get in touch with her.” She said.

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